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The Untold Truth about Satan & Fallen Angels - Since youth we're taught lies about Biblical characters and stories through the secular content in movies and TV. One of those lies is that Satan and his fallen angels live and rule in Hell beneath our feet. This video reveals the Biblical truth about Satan, where he dwells, how he operates, and how to defeat him.

All credit for this video goes to the AoC Network YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jclewis

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Video - Babylon is fallen - Jesuit priest says the Bible is wrong
Speaker - Follower of Christ 777
Music - Mossart Music

Genesis 24:27 "As for me, the Lord has guided me in the way."

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Zev Porat a True Born Again Brother in Our Lord Jesus Christ preaches the Good News of the Gospel to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

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Rayford reveals the shocking and radical Gospel message for the end times that gives hope even to those who have accepted the Mark of the Beast!!

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The Antichrist reveals himself to the Pope in this chilling chapter of Survivors, the apocalyptic end time novel that portrays the Pope and the Antichrist as two key end time figures.

See how the Pope succumbs to the demands of the Antichrist of the apocalypse as he discovers the true nature and identity of Dangchao, the United Nations Security Council leader.

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Now that they know who the Antichrist is, the radical movement of end time believers must decide whether or not to take matters into their own hands and assassinate the final world leader. Will they be able to uphold their principles in these testing times?

1 month, 1 week ago

Rayford confirms a suspicion he has had for the last three and a half years regarding the identity of the two witnesses of the apocalypse (Revelation 11), presumed to be end time prophets in the spirit of Moses and Elijah (or Enoc and Elijah). Watch how the fire breathing prophet is revealed just as the Great Tribulation kicks off!

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While Antichrists and False prophets promote peace and security on a global scale, the twelve tribes underground movement takes advantage and uses the opportunity to evangelize to the world. How long will it last?

1 month, 1 week ago

The twelve tribes learn how to survive without the microchip implant and refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast. This chapter of the radical apocalyptic novel Survivors will do much more than entertain you. It will give you an insight into the level of commitment that is needed to prepare now for the end times.

1 month, 1 week ago

In this chapter of this end time novel, construction work on the third temple in Jerusalem begins, and the twelve tribes receive another clue as to the identity of the Antichrist.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

In Soul Harvest, chapter 11 of Survivors, the end time audiobook based on the book of Revelation, the twelve tribes start gearing into action, attracting new members and carrying out a world wide outreach campaign.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Rayford has gained invaluable experience after several months of working with the Jesans in England, which has placed him in a leadership position within the tiny community. World events take a new turn, with plans being made to rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and six individuals from different Christian denominations are looking to Rayford for answers. But when they all come together at the flat in London, they quickly learn that those answers are much more different (and uncomfortable) than they expected.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

In Chapter 6 (Counting The Cost), Rayford meets with the rest of the Jesans in order to learn more about their predictions on world events. But he soon learns a lot more than he had expected, and these new revelations will be the beginning of a radical new life for him...if he chooses to accept it.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

In Chapter 4 (Searching), Rayford studies the pamphlet given to him by Reinhard at Heathrow Airport, and finds that it is lacking in answers...or is it? He contacts his daughter, Chloe, and learns that his wife and son have left the safety of their home to find Jesus, which is exactly what Reinhard said would happen. What else have the Jesans predicted?

1 month, 2 weeks ago

The new Jesan recruits are learning just how difficult overcoming our differences can be, but with God's help, they will soon become the leaders of the final worldwide movement of peace and love that will shock the world.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

In Chapter 5 (On The Road To Montana), Irene's faith in her pastor, Vernon Billings, begins to falter, as she witnesses his growing un-Christian attitude and behaviour. But Irene has always been a follower; how can she stand up to her spiritual leader? She will need to make a difficult choice to determine where her own faith lies. Will she put her faith in her pastor, or in God?

1 month, 2 weeks ago

In Chapter 7 (Refugees), Irene and Raymie begin to face the long, difficult trials of radiation sickness, but in the process, Raymie discovers a side of himself he never knew existed. Meanwhile, global politics begin to undergo the most radical changes in history. Will these changes bring true peace, or further destruction?

1 month, 2 weeks ago

In Chapter 8 (Reunion), Chloe and Rayford are finally reunited after a very difficult period of separation. Rayford has important things to tell his daughter about his radical life changes, but how will Chloe respond to Rayford's new way of life, which so much of the world simply cannot understand? Meanwhile, Irene and Raymie have been released from their camp in Canada, and are on their way to meet Rayford and Chloe in London.

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MM: Babylon [email protected]$e's Infanticide

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Video Upload 097

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Vorbereitungen auf den Zusammenbruch
von Torsten Donnerstein

Sicherung von:

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Nephilim means mutant, different, not fully human. This is understood to be part fallen Angel and human, their spirits are the Demons that haunt the world. They are part spirit and part soul, not quite either. Jesus Christ has no place for them, they are trapped here on the Earth in another Dimension and here. For a greater understanding of the true event pick up a book called a Bible, if it burns you don't touch it you reptilian you, if not you can find an account of why and how there. There are some traces in other cultures that talk about the flood and some guy when translated is called Noah in every language. Enjoy the rock formations, made by a petrification process possibly supernatural in nature, they are definitely not us, we are not them. So then that leads to speculation of a line of men descended from Cain. How that processes is speculation for you to decide for yourself.
Nephilim, in the Hebrew Bible, a group of mysterious beings or people of unusually large size and strength who lived both before and after the Flood. The Nephilim are referenced in Genesis and Numbers and are possibly referred to in Ezekiel. The Hebrew word nefilim is sometimes directly translated as “giants” or taken to mean “the fallen ones” (from the Hebrew naphal, “to fall”), but the identity of the Nephilim is debated by scholars.

Scriptural References

The Nephilim are mentioned just before the Flood account in Genesis 6:4, which states:
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.
They are mentioned again in Numbers 13:32–33 as the Israelites prepared to enter the land of Canaan:
So they brought to the Israelites an unfavorable report of the land that they had spied out, saying, “The land that we have gone through as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people that we saw in it are of great size. There we saw the Nephilim (the Anakites come from the Nephilim); and to ourselves we seemed like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”
Some scholars have argued that the “fallen mighty men” in Ezekiel 32:27 is an indirect reference to the Nephilim, as the phrase in Hebrew is somewhat ambiguous. The passage is part of a description of the pit of the grave and states:
And they do not lie with the fallen warriors of long ago who went down to Sheol with their weapons of war, whose swords were laid under their heads, and whose shields are upon their bones; for the terror of the warriors was in the land of the living.

6 months, 1 week ago

132,000 soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in the greatest amphibious and air invasion ever attempted in wartime.

The defenders, the Axis coalition was comprised of various European volunteers all over Europe including some outside of Europe such as Indians and a Korean division that attempted to halt the Allied invasion into Western Europe, mean while at the same time the Axis defending against the Bolshevik rampage in the east.

Remember the dead.

Axis soldiers death toll on D-Day approximately 4,000 to 9,000.

Allied soldier death toll on D-Day approximately 10,000.

Over 425,000 Allied and German troops were killed, wounded or went missing during the entirety of the Battle of Normandy. 50,000 French civilians would perish mostly under the weight of indiscriminate Allied bombing.

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When Will it Stop?

It has been steady,
This pain, it has endured,
You can't silence
All those that you've hurt.
And I-
I've tried to escape this
But the cut is too deep.
It is infected,
I'm so tormented,
I can't sleep,
It is infected,
I'm so tormented,
I can't sleep.

When will it stop
When will it end?
You've had enough fun.
I tried to live my life but I
Can't anymore.
You think you can do what you want,
You're just this Candy man.
You give away so much candy,
It has poison within.

The sad thing is that
you would smile if you knew,
About all the heartache,
That you put us through
And I-
I think that it is time
To be put in your place.
And when you sleep,
And when you sleep,
I hope you see my face,
And when you sleep,
And when you sleep,
I hope you see my face.

When will it stop
When will it end?
You've had enough fun,
I tried to live my life
But I can't anymore.
You think you can do what you want,
You're just this Candy man,
You give away so much candy,
It has poison within.

God save me,
This rage is eating me away
Way, way deep,
Way deep
For you to save, save me,
This rage is eating me away,
I'm waiting for that day,
I'm waiting for that day.

When will it stop?
When will it end?
You've had enough fun,
I tried to live my life
But I can't anymore!
You think you can do
What you want!
You're just this Candy man,
You give away so much candy,
It has poison within!
It has poison within!
It has poison within----

I want this out there so people can better understand what a victim of sexual abuse feels like, especially when they are blamed, looked down on, and they get no justice for what was done to them. I wish that no one else would ever have to feel this way again. I wish these things would never happen again. With that being said, we know that as long as there is evil in the world, sexual abuse will continue. If you are reading this, please consider advocating for legislation to be put in place that would ensure that all rapists, pedophiles, and sexual abusers would be put away or institutionalized for the rest of their lives without any chance of being released. They rarely regret what they do and the men who abused me went on to abuse others. They never stop.

No matter what we experience here, in the end, GOD WINS. Some people are not going to be too happy about that, but I will be. GOD WINS, Jesus is Lord.

9 months, 3 weeks ago

Track - Fallen From Heaven
Artist - Mossart Music
Speaker - Charles Lawson

Mossart is a unique sound for the soul. This is a collection of audio compositions from Mossart Music, with each work of art expressing a period out of real time. He uses very exclusive and meticulous sounds to create a type of emotion that in some way we can all feel. Mossart Music is created with the holy spirit and all glory goes to our father, God who art in Heaven. Think of this as a soundtrack to the end times, we are all witnessing here on earth. We must always remember to honor and obey God's laws, as well as keep our faith strong, to fight against temptations that arise on a daily basis.

Genesis 24:27 "As for me, the Lord has guided me in the way."

10 months, 3 weeks ago

The Statue of Liberty Was Built to Secretly Represent Lucifer Featuring Mark Dice

10 months, 4 weeks ago

The second trailer of the feature film sequel in theaters August 23, 2019.


11 months ago

Burzum - Fallen


1. Fra verdenstreet (From the World Tree)
2. Jeg faller (I Am Falling)
3. Valen (Fallen)
4. Vanvidd (Madness)
5. Enhver til sitt (Each Man to His Own)
6. Budstikken (The Message)
7. Til Hel og tilbake igjen (To Hell and Back Again)

All tracks created and owned by Varg Vikernes.

Varg's ThuleanPerspective channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/LeOgEMOhozqd/

1 year ago

The teaser trailer of the feature film sequel in theaters August 23, 2019.


1 year, 1 month ago

Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (Video)
Radioman's Radio Program Link

1 year, 3 months ago

So NOW we SEE that Genesis 1 CLEARLY shows the EXILE in in agreement with the other scriptures.. The Human host body is a REPRESENTATIVE FIGURE (((( ESPECIALLY AN IDOL)))))...This Is (((NOT))) the LORD GOD but ELOHYIM instead

Mirrored from theJonathanKleck's YouTube Channel, and made and owned by theJonathanKleck. I don't own anything: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheJonathankleck/videos

1 year, 9 months ago

These are pictures I took of the night sky for a full year after seeing things in one of the first pictures. This was South Porcupine, North Eastern Ontario Canada 2012-13 and what is revealed in the pictures is quite bizarre. They snapped be back to Jesus and a childhood memory. I have many more and am looking for someone who understands the Biblical Nephilim disembodied spirits unloosed and looking for host bodies (This is gold mining area as well) Some of the shots will appear black but are included because they are taken about 7 seconds apart so they matter in the time sequence. They show that one minute there is NOTHING and 7 seconds later there's SOMETHING huge or strangely beautiful. Please bear with these few moment throughout the video, because context is important for authentication. I have all the originals for examination.

Music with great appreciation provided by - Kevin MacLeod INCOMPETECHttps://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/?

1 year, 9 months ago

This is the deepest possible truth mankind can know - most do not. Now you will know, use it wisely to develop your relationship with God and spread the Gospel.

This is an update to “Bloodlines, Fallen Angels, and the Messianic Seed: A biblical documentary by Nick Garrett” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-JJ27SvcC8&t=1801s

List of Scriptures referenced in building this narrative.
Genesis 1:26-27, 2:21-22, 2:15-16, 3:1-3, 3:14-16, Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 6:1- 8, Gen 10, 11, 12, 13, 14:5
Genesis Chap 37-50 are about Joseph accept the one chapter about Judah in the middle of the story
Exodus Chapters 3 and 4, 19 and 20
Deuteronomy 1:28, 2:10-11, 2:20, 3:11, 9:2
Numbers 13:22, 13:28, 13:32, 13:33
Joshua 11:21, 13:12, 14:12, 14:15, 15:8 and 13-14, 17:15, 18:16
Judges 1:20
1 Samuel 17:4, 17:49-50
2 Samuel 5:18, 5:25, 21:16, 21:20
1 Chronicles 20:4, 20:6, 20:5, 11:23, 20:8
Isaiah 14:12-17, 17:5, 45:18
Jeremiah 4:23-26
Amos 2:9
John 1 1-1:2
John 3:1-6
Romans 3:23
Galatians 3
II Peter

Extra-Biblical references
Enoch 20:1-8
Jasher 2:7-9, 2:19-20, 4:17-19, 4:21
Book of Jubilees
Enuma Elish
The Epic of Gilgamesh
The book of Adam and Eve

1. For those who attempt to discredit the Fallen Angels in Gen 6 mating with earth women based on the verse that says “angels neither marry or are given in marriage,” please note it means permission, not allowed to do so, not a physical limitation. Jude verifies this by noting the “Angels that kept not their first estate.”

2. Galatians 3 is meant in reference to the Sons of God of old. In recent centuries it is believed the audience for this letter were the southern Galatians. Commentaries until the mid nineteenth century believed Paul to be referring to the large population of Nephilim descendant - Druids - in Northern Galatia.

3. The three references in the Old Testament to Bene Ha Elohim - Sons of God - reveal them to be the fallen angels. In the New Testament Jesus by his very mission is redefining what that..

2 years, 1 month ago