Hey, hey, my beloveds…it’s that time of year again that we tip the scales from light to dark as the seasons shift to make way for the next natural cycle on planet earth.

Today marks the fall equinox which offers the perfect balance of light and dark with an equal number of hours of daylight as darkness, before shifting into the darker days of fall and winter in preparation for the inevitable and eventual return of spring.

How does this shift in light/dark affect us humans habiting the planet? That’s what I’m sharing in today’s video so you can begin to tap into a deeper understanding of how the energy around you is influencing your personal energy, mindset, and emotions. I find this perspective helps me to reduce the anxiety and overwhelm that life can bring my way, and I hope that it will do the same for you.

Have you ever noticed the energy shifts of the seasons? Do you do anything to celebrate the fall equinox? Share your thoughts and feedback below in the comments, and join us over in Holistic Restoration's community at bit.ly/holisticsupport

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