In this videos,I have shown ancient architecture that are very beautiful and wonderful

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attention, specifically fame, is a negative currency

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Old clip of Anna Nicole Smith, who seems to be in quite bad mental state, at the moment of recording.

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You Don’t Want to be Internet Famous & Why Do You Care ? - Wild Smile

Wild Smile talks to chat about current IBS drama on a quick channel update stream.

Origin Stream;
👉 https://invidio.us/vGTkRiFRusg

Wild Smile will be live soon 👇
👉 https://invidio.us/uVvv2huGI08


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Unser Anliegen ist die Erlangung von Weltfrieden:
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Nur mit Weltfrieden ist ein lebenswertes Leben für alle Menschen und Geschöpfe der Erde zu erzielen. Dies zu fördern, zu begleiten und zu erlangen ist unsere Intention. Dazu bedarf es jedoch Unterstützung im hohen und flächendeckenden Maße.

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Money, Success, Fame and yet you still feel empty or somethings missing... Why? Why would that be even after all you have? Could it be that you got it wrong? That eveything you believed would fulfil you're life is wrong?.....

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John 3:16 from John's Gospel is almost universally regarded as the formula for how to inherit eternal life.
However a deception in the Church has led people to consistently and almost universally misread this verse.
Do you really believe in Jesus Christ? What, exactly, does that mean? This video may give you a whole new
understanding, based on this most famous Bible verse, of what the conditions are for inheriting eternal life.

CREDITS Music: http://www.purple-planet.com - "Far and Wide" Images: https://commons.wikimedia.org -
"Camp Worship" by Paul M. Walsh (https://goo.gl/ABR7iR) CC BY https://www.flickr.com/ -"Christ as Judge"
by Waiting for the Word (https://goo.gl/eL9mLp) CC BY 2.0 -"Jesus_teaching_prayer" by Waiting For The
Word (https://goo.gl/AL8bzx) CC BY 2.0 -"Jesus ascension to Heaven 39" by Waiting For The Word
(https://goo.gl/v0XptE) CC BY 2.0 -"Congregation" by Ian Buck (https://goo.gl/HvrIHz) CC BY 2.0 -"The
Promise of The Holy Spirit" by Waiting For The Word (Bernard Plockhorst)(https://goo.gl/yab1eF) CC BY 2.0 -
"The Last Supper 28" by Waiting For the Word (https://goo.gl/50Aj3H) CC BY 2 -"Cloud 9" by Matthew
(https://goo.gl/1WV07z) CC BY 2.0 -"Jesus Ascension to Heaven 69" by Waiting for the Word
(https://goo.gl/8uqhiN) CC BY 2.0 - "Billy Graham" by Richard Bromley (https://goo.gl/09Jq0C) CC BY 2.0 -
"Believers Voice of Victory Television" by Daniel Lobo (https://goo.gl/jgKw6b) CC BY 2.0
http://www.youtube.com/ -"sermon on the mount treasures in heaven 720p eng" by Wendy Leversee
(https://goo.gl/QN4Dxt) CC BY -"Magnificent Prophetic Praise and Worship Session at ECG Sunday Service,
Prophet Bushiri" by ECG Prophetic TV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5CRJ...) CC BY - "Sand blows
on the Great Sand Dunes" by Kelly Kochanski Creative Commons (reuse allowed) SFX: https://freesound.org
-"Bells and Whistles - Slide Whistle down" by FreqMan (https://goo.gl/2p9nKm) CC BY 3 -"record sounds -
record scratch" by luffy (https://goo.gl/QDFnkl) CC BY 3.0

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Gem Sisters, Mia's Life, and Dancers to dazzle the mind ;)

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DISCLAIMER **I am not the official Dr. Kent Hovind of Dinosaur Adventure Land** These uploads are NOT for monetary gain or notoriety. I do not represent Kent Hovind of DAL nor will I engage in any kind of dialect or discourse with anyone over these videos. I'm only uploading these videos here because no one else has and I want to help spread the message that evolution is a lie & God's plan of salvation for you on the cross by Jesus Christ. If asked by Dr. Kent Hovind to remove this channel or these videos I will oblige.

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All Independent Talk Music and Comedy
classic cars, family, travel, technology, music showcase
Broadcasting from Whitby Shores Ontario Canada
free photo and video hosting

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