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“I believe that creativeness is .Today's Evolutionizer!”

That's why I'm on a personal quest to help you Express your higher A-Wear-ness and to reconnect with your divine origin-ality, with aligned personal style as a side effect.

I’d love to inspire you to build a conscious and sustainable wardrobe that keeps on giving astonishing outfits, show you how to shop shame free and from your heart, while cleaning up the planet.

On this channel expect vintage outfit inspiration, tricks and hacks to get the most out of your wardrobe, (thrift)shopping tips and more to the future life and style that represents everything you stand for in life!
As a Conscious Life and Fashion Stylist I help bring awareness around the importance of focusing on the elements that make us incredibly unique individuals, and yet integral pieces of a beautiful complete whole.

I believe we were meant to express our deepest truths in and through everything we do and love, with a "true to you personal style" as a side effect.
...But we might have forgotten what our deepest truths really are... Through the creative energies of conscious and sustainable fashion I'd love to inspire people to get back in touch with their higher selves, elevate personal vibration and add to the collective consciousness shift.

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1 month, 2 weeks ago

This conscious and sustainable styling video was totally inspired by the beautiful Dior Resort Collection for Fall 2019.

As you may know by now: I'm a huge fan of tutu's, petticoats and all things tulle, and it just so happens the House of Dior is too!
Normally I'm wearing my petticoats underneath a skirt or dress, and sometimes on top of another skirt, but never before did I think of wearing one as a single layer, see-through skirt. These Dior Fall '19 looks made me realize that this was hoewever an amazing idea to wear them in a fresh new way!

The blazers are all pieces I already owned and have loved for a lifetime.
I didn't wear them for several years, but the cut and fit are just too fine to ever get rid of them.

Patiently hanging in my attic to be rediscovered again.The camel blazer is from 1998, the black is easily 15 years old. The straw hat dates back to 2001.

No new items were bought for this shoot...#stylingnotshopping at its finest!
Hope this video inspires you to climb your attic and check if there are any items you can revive, and maybe even do designer look remake with items you already own (and please...share your results with me!)

All my love and thanks to the lovely friends that helped make this video possible:
@milan_stricevic, @esmee.bos.9
We had soooo much fun!

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3 months, 1 week ago

"You see a skirt, I see possibilities"
...Ready for some Shape Shifting inspiration?
Forget "function", set aside the concept of "size", refuse to accept there's even such a thing as a "fashion rule" and rethink the way you wore your button down skirts till now!
Watch how I bend and reshape reality, with this magnificent silk, #vintagefinds Escada skirt. "Button down skirts or dresses equal possibilities", is what I say!

Button down pieces grant unlimited styling options and so much creative freedom.

In this #sustainablestyling video I serve you 2 "reasonably normal" looks (look 1 and 2) and 5, somewhat atypical, out of line ways to wear a skirt.

How do you come up with these ideas? They really happen spontaneously, quite frankly. I don't create the looks upfront...they show up on the spot. I only think of what starter piece I'd like to use, and then I let the piece guide me... I know, that might sound a bit floaty, but that's how it goes: I let the fabric, the texture, color, prints, shape or silhouttes talk to my soul, I open up to the exchange of energy, and let the creative, inspired vibes flow.

Many times I'm surprised myself what unfolds, to be honest. That's what I Iike most about styling: the unfolding, the free flowing creative process...
Okay, listen up: there's a real important purpose behind me sharing all this inspiration: I'd really like to help you move towards a more conscious and creative relationship with your wardrobe.

Being inspired is great, but taking inspired action, that's when you create change!
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9 months, 3 weeks ago

Unarmed, not dangerous and the only ammunition I'll fire at you is a good old Style Bomb, some Feathered Cannonballs and a couple of Laced Grenades.
The sustainability factor is to be found in "wear more of what you own". By stretching or even ignoring the original function of an item, you increase its wearability immensely:

Layer a lace bralette top with a cropped shrug from the lingerie department, team them up with a camo print combat pants. Guaranteed you'll not only easily pass those #30wears, you'll also turn the enemies into allies.

No need to camouflage: The exquisite, feathered #harness corset certainly deserves much more exposure then when just worn underneath, do we agree?
I invite you to join my "army of conscious style". We're not fighting against "the bad", nor combat fast fashion. But we peacefully inspire to review your relationship with clothes, promote #wearthechange and get your creative style juices flowing.
Corset: birthday present from @moniquehxxx
by @marliesdekkersofficial

9 months, 3 weeks ago