MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — A Montgomery County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man Saturday morning.

The man, identified as 52-year-old Kevin Costlow, of Laytonsville, struck the deputy with a large piece of wood in the area of Olney Laytonsville Road and Fieldcrest Road in Montgomery County, authorities said in a joint press conference.

The incident happened around 8 a.m. Saturday. Montgomery County police received several 911 calls Saturday morning that a man in a Volkswagen sedan was driving erratically in the 6000 block of Maryland Route 108 between Riggs Road and Fieldcrest Road. Police Chief Marcus Jones said two cars were struck by the driver before the deputy arrived on the scene.

When the deputy arrived, he saw Costlow approaching two people with a large wooden stick, according to Sheriff Darren Popkin. The deputy was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene. When the deputy intervened, the deputy and Costlow began fighting and he struck the deputy with a long piece of wood around the head and neck.

The deputy attempted to deploy his Taser, according to Popkin. When he wasn't successful, the deputy shot Costlow, the sheriff said.

During the encounter, the deputy called for backup, police said. Officers and Fire and Rescue personnel that were on their way to the incident arrived and attempted life-saving measures on Costlow.

Costlow was pronounced dead at the scene, and the deputy was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He's expected to be OK. Sheriff Popkin said he's expected to be released from the hospital Saturday.

The sheriff's deputy has not yet been identified by the sheriff's office. It's not clear yet what was causing the man to act erratically.

Montgomery County Police are handling the investigation. Sheriff Popkin said the deputy was wearing a body camera, but did not say whether it was recording at the time of the incident.

The deputy will be placed on administrative leave once he's released from the hospital while the investigation continues.

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Officer Involved in Shooting on Disorderly Person Call - At 5:45 a.m. this morning, October 25, 2019, Bossier City Police responded to a complaint of a disorderly person at 309 Preston Boulevard, the LaQuinta Inn. The responding officer encountered 45- year-old Shannon Rupert of Shreveport who was waving around a pair of scissors while on a phone in the lobby of the hotel. The officer gave multiple verbal commands to Rupert to put down the weapon. Rupert then aggressively approached the officer with scissors in hand. The officer fired two rounds from his department issued handgun striking Rupert in the upper torso. Rupert was transported to LSU Oschner where she was pronounced deceased. The officer was not injured. Rupert was staying at the inn at the time of the complaint. The investigation is ongoing.

DA Report: https://www.scribd.com/document/433020708/Letter-From-District-Attorney-Schuyler-Marvin#from_embed

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Holly Matkin

East Cleveland police shot an armed rapist on Tuesday who had been pistol-whipping his victim.

East Cleveland, OH – An alleged rape suspect was fatally shot by police on Tuesday as he pistol-whipped a frantic woman and pointed a handgun at her head (video below).

The incident began at approximately 3:40 p.m. on Nov. 5 when East Cleveland police received a report of a rape in progress at 13855 Superior Avenue, WOIO reported.

Officers were told that a male suspect had already shot a female victim in the arm, according to WKYC.

Cell phone footage showed the officers as they confronted the irate, shirtless suspect outside an apartment building.

The victim, who was wearing a blue shirt, was lying on the ground by the armed man’s feet.

One officer had parked his patrol vehicle on the apartment lawn, and he and his partner used the vehicle as partial coverage as they repeatedly ordered the suspect to drop his gun, bodycam footage showed.

But the gunman ignored their commands and began dragging the woman across the grass by her hair, the cell phone video showed.

She rose to a sitting position and appeared to cover her face with her arms, but she did not stand up.

The attacker then swung back, struck her in the face with his gun, and pointed the weapon at her head, the cell phone footage showed.

At the same moment, the officers opened fire on the suspect.

The frantic woman remained on the ground as she pushed herself back towards the patrol vehicle.

Despite having been shot several times, the gunman remained on his feet with the gun firmly gripped in his hand for another 14 seconds.

He stood over the victim once more and raised his arm as if to strike her again, but then fell backwards onto the grass, the cell phone video showed.

The woman was then able to get to her feet and ran to the opposite side of the patrol vehicle.

The gunman landed with his arms out to his sides, and did not appear to make any movements in the moments that followed.

The suspect was transported to University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Read more about this story here: https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/video-police-take-out-rapist-as-he-s-beating-victim-1W5X-NxsekCFqDYPHla11Q/

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