A young seemingly earnest White girl was fired for looking at a black chick?

She claimed all she had done was replied when asked a question while moving a clothing rack,

Are employers so AFRAID of the racism card coming upon them that they will wrongfully terminate someone?

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below. YouTube have been banning and sticking my channel so feel free to use alt tech

Keep safe and connected :)

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In this video I tell you guys what it was like being an associate of Best Buy for 21 years, what's good and bad about Best Buy, and how I feel about being let go after 21 years.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Ben Swann, February 12, 2021

Mandalorian Star Gina Carano FIRED For Speaking Out Against Hate, RFK Jr. / Del Big Tree Banned From Instagram


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Lucasfilm is completely mischaracterizing what her tweets said..

2 months ago

Jan 7, 2021

The Alex Jones Show

Reports are coming out of the Capitol that a woman has been shot by Capitol Police and is in critical condition.

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Dec 10, 2020

2020 Election Countdown Take Back America

Nurse Gets Fired After Her TikTok Video Calling Masks And Covid Rules Ridiculous

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The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Fired Mark Esper: They Can Stop the State Recounts (This Just Got Much Bigger)
Saturday, November 14, 2020 17:35

If you want to find out what the heck is going with the Dominion Voting Sysyems fiasco all you have to is head on over to / and you will see what is going on. Several of their researchers are reporting on this latest news of which you will not see on MSM. In September 2018 President Donald Trump quietly signed an Executive Order pertaining to ‘Foreign Interference’ in general elections on United States soil and it looks as though a big Trump spider web has entraped Internet ALPHABET Gangs and Big Tech Giants. Trump’s silence appears to be Golden.

Tägliche politische und Geoengineering-Nachrichten:

Meine Kanäle:

5 months ago

The New Yorker has fired Jeff Toobin after an investigation found that he was cranking it on a live zoom call. What will CNN do? Is Jeffrey Toobin going to be cancelled?

#jeffreytoobin #cnn #newyorker


5 months ago

Marshall Brumley Fired from TCSD for Conduct Unbecoming, due to his domestic battery against Shelly Brumley.

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8 months, 1 week ago

Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference

Doctor Fired After Appearing In Viral Video: We've Hired Lin Wood To Represent Us
Dr. Simone Gold is one of the doctors who appeared in the viral video censored by tech platforms for disagreeing with the World Health Organization about the coronavirus. She told FNC's Tucker Carlson on Thursday that since appearing in the photo op, she has been fired from her job.

"It seems like five minutes ago I was considered a hero," she said. "My own website was taken down and it has been interesting since."

"A lot of people are saying negative things about me," she said. "We've hired Lin Wood to represent us in this matter, and I hope that puts to rest anything people might want to say that is defamatory."

8 months, 2 weeks ago

A recording of my very first live lecture. It was held in January 2012 at the David Icke Discussion Group in London. It was a report on my discharge from hospital portering.
See here for background: http://hpanwo-hpwa.blogspot.com/2013/01/one-year-on.html.

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#alllivesmatter #clairajanover #tiktok #donaldtrump #fired #internship #gofundme #supporters #deloitte

In this crazy cancel culture world we live in, when you are a person who is out there, most likely, trying to hate on people and get them cancelled, often, karma comes back on you. I'm not going to act like I know Claira Janover is part of that species of sub-humans that participates in it, but, as someone who seems like a far leftist, it wouldn't surprise me.

The sad thing of all of this is you can tell that she just doesn't get it, she blames others for something that she caused, will she grow up, will she ever get it, or, will she just continue to be a gross and hateful person the rest of her life.

That said, she ended up coming out ahead it looks like, in the short run at least. The Gofundme's set up by her and her friends have raised over $13,000 at the time I looked in the early morning hours of July 4th. In the end, it looks like she won, she made far more off of this than she would have at her internship and her narcissistic side is being fed with all of this attention she is getting.

Archived source: archive.ph/uvm1X

Youtube: youtu.be/OGE816N3wcA
Bitchute: bitchute.com/video/5CPqyKHiR5bO/
Daily Motion: https://dai.ly/x7utiyv

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Taking my first crack at Bitchute. What led me here? What do I do for a living? Let's talk about that, shall we?

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Today we deleted a scammer’s files and get him FIRED!

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In this video, I'll give you the details about the controversial firing of legendary actress Faye Dunaway from the play Tea-At-Five. What're your reactions? Tip or Pledge through my PayPal today (it's in my Mom's Name): https://www.paypal.me/KarterFiles Or click on the circle with the dollar sign next to the subscribe button, click on the PayPal logo, Tip or Pledge today, thanks!

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The consequences of Bernie's malicious actions sink into Sam and Peg's head. In Chapter 7 of American Shutdown, Cry for Help, Sam attempts to get his bearings. He and Peg contemplate what happened to them, Jermaine and the rest of the M-Mtek staff. It didn't look good.

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Cultural appropriation and political correctness run amok. Give them an inch, and they take a mile.

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Stop telling people who to fuck and stop trying to get people fired for their opinions. Don't be like this. Be better. #BeMoreHuman.

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