#ShadowGate #ObamaGate #FISAGate Thanks to Millie Weaver for putting this all together and Tore Says on YouTube for uploading this when Millie got arrested. #FreeMillieWeaver

8 months ago

The release of Peter Strzok's newly declassified notes from the infamous January 5, 2017 White House meeting reveal that Biden initiated Logan Act angle, while Obama instructed Comey to put the right people on it.

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9 months, 2 weeks ago

Spygate The Movie (Parts 1 and 2) explains how Spygate / #Spygate is the term used to describe the fact that members of the Obama administration spied on a rival political campaign. The fact that spying occurred isn't up for debate. The only questions left are was it legal, was it justified and how far up the chain did it go. The #Spygate or #FISAgate controversy refers to several scandals during President Barack Obama tenure, notably the misuse of government agencies, media manipulation, illegal wiretaping, and domestic spying on American citizens to harass political opponents and critics. By the election year of 2016, Obama officials vastly expanded the use of the foreign intelligence gathering apparatus as a weapon against domestic political opponents. In 2013, there were 9,600 FISA search queries involving 195 Americans. But in 2016, there are 30,355 searches of 5,288 Americans.With the release of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz's first installment report, it became abundantly clear the Obama intelligence community attempted to whitewash crimes Hillary Clinton was accused of and to meddle in the outcome of America's democratic processes.

11 months, 1 week ago

My two cents worth for today as the FISA Report release will ruin many leftists holiday season. Electronic voting machine flipping votes. And my two cents worth on Google!

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"… once you prove that some of these people that reached out to you were actually assets of the FBI, of the State Department, of the CIA, that blows-up the whole idea that these were just coincidences. I'm talking about people like Stefan Halper … Steven Schrage … he invited you to that Cambridge Conference, didn't he?” - Maria Bartiromo

“Yes, I've admitted that in various testimonies, both to the Grand Jury as well as in Congress... The Democrats in Congress, and the Democrats in this fake Mueller commission were sort of pushing this false narrative. And every time we talked about anything Dossier-related, or anything U.S. Intelligence Assets coming after us-related, they immediately tried to shift the subject.” - Carter Page

1 year, 10 months ago

What's up Jeb ... Bad News? Jetzt, da die russische Absprache eine bewiesene Lüge ist, wann beginnen die Prozesse für Verrat? Deklassifiziert FISA! Vertraut dem Plan. Es ist Zeit für Gerechtigkeit.

Quelle: Wahrheitsbewegung -https://www.youtube.com/user/Wahrheitsbewegung/videos

2 years, 4 months ago

Authorities as a weapon against Trump - In the documentary Spygate we discuss how America's most powerful institutions were used as a weapon against US President Donald Trump in a conspiracy initiated by senior officials of the Obama administration. In this episode of Declassified, we explain the background to the SpyGate scandal and which parties are involved.

Behörden als Waffe gegen Trump - In der Doku Spygate besprechen wir, wie Amerikas mächtigste Institutionen als Waffe gegen US-Präsident Donald Trump in einer Verschwörung verwendet wurden, welche von ranghohen Beamten der Obama-Administration initiiert wurde. In dieser Episode von Declassified erklären wir die Hintergründe des SpyGate-Skandals und welche Parteien daran beteiligt sind.

Quelle: Wahrheitsbewegung - https://www.youtube.com/user/Wahrheitsbewegung/videos

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American Intelligence Media
Published on Jan 22, 2018

Douglas Gabriel and Betsy

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American Intelligence Media
Published on Jan 9, 2018

Douglas Gabriel and Betsy

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