What if the Roman Empire never existed and pretty much everything before the 1500s was a lie created by Roman Catholic Church?

Sounds crazy? Well it is...and it's also true.

Enjoy this old version of a sizzle reel for a TV series concept similar to Ancient Aliens.

**Note, nobody in this sizzle gave their permission to use these clips and, in some cases, were used outside of their original context. However, the premise and facts provided are true.

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Tóth Gyula's article about the ''Dark Ages'' and the Hungarian chronicles (2006)
(transaltion made by Zsarko Nora)
later he observed that the 532 Dionisian period is used for duplifications; for exp. 236 Huns in West in the time of pope Anterus and Cyriacus + 532 years = 768 Charles the Great is crowned on oct 9 feast day of Dionisius

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Anatoly Fomenko - New Chronology/Uj Kronologia
History ; Fiction or Science ?
Tortenelem ; Fikcio vagy Tudomany ?

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Anatoly Fomenko - New Chronology/Uj Kronologia
Anatoly Fomenko - Tortenelem; Fikcio vagy Tudomany? 3. Resz / Angol Felirattal (a 24 reszes Sorozatbol)
Deleted from Youtube in 2020 july 5
Torolve a Youtube-rol 2020 julius 5

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Anatoly Fomenko and many others including Newton have calculated our current history is nothing more than a sham of historical proportions.

This documentary length episode delves into the details of a series of deceptions that defy logic.

Most of us believe Pompeii was wiped out in 79AD when in fact it was not until 1631 this famous city went under the ash of Vesuvius.

We take a close look at the work of monasteries and fraudulent monks manuscripts, the fake dead sea scrolls and much more in this explosive episode of the observation deck.

1 year, 4 months ago

A re-upload of Observation Deck's discussion of World history, it's accuracy, and origins of the artifacts that define our understanding of it.

1 year, 5 months ago

The certified mathematical Russian genius, Anatoly Fomenko, and many others including Issac Newton have calculated our current history is nothing more than a sham of historical proportions.
This extensively researched documentary delves into the details of a series of deceptions that defy logic.
Dr Fomenko and his accredited team of forensic historians take us on a far reaching, exhaustively detailed, annotated and absolutely mind-blowing journey through our concocted past, an unquestioned "past" which was largely the work of cloistered monasteried monks cobbled together in the Middle Ages.
Complete and utter bullshit like....
Most of us believe the "ancient" classical Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were simultaneously obliterated over a thousand years ago, way back in 79AD, when in fact it was not until 1631 that these tragically famous cities were consumed by the explosive pyroclastic ash and lava flows of an erupting Mt. Vesuvius.
Did you know that Marco Polo, and any of the achievements attributed to his confabulated character, are total fiction? The Chinese were meticulous record keepers yet there is not one mention of this Westerners alleged presence or of his 17+ years of service he claims to have done in the employ of the Emperor as his roaming representative. Polo's "chronicles" also fail to mention things like uniqueness of the Chinese language, either in it's written or spoken form. A language so diametrically opposed to any of the classical European languages that this alone would surely deserve it's very own chapter in the "recountings" of his travels. He doesn't even mention the Great Wall!! Or gunpowder! This is just the explosive tip of the iceberg that Fomenko sinks his journey with.
So why would these elitist shits add on a thousand years of history figuring that the illiterate masses of their time would never catch up and catch on?
Religion, of course. Fukin organized religion.
In their zeal to prove the literal truth of their Holy Fukin Bible fantasies they had to make the Jesus Timeline fit in with their 6000 year old creationist view of history. Their still at it today.
Do your brain a favor for once and stop sheeping it out for others to gladly fill it up with their utter batshit crazy nonsense.
Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious.

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