This is the 2nd classic interview from 2015 with Mark Passio by Freeman fly about Satanism...and what it actually is.
Yesterday's I met a friend for coffee explained to her about the vaccines.
I explained about:
* how it's made from a genetically modified kidney cell of a dead baby
*how the next generation of vaccine will be DNA...the danger of that possibly corrupting our DNA to the point where we may end up not even being a human anymore
*of how the vaccine passport will be used to force people in the future into to either having that vaccine or starve to death because they are shut out of being able to work
*and more
After explaining all that of that I asked her...
"If the next rounds of vaccine were the DNA vaccines would you have it?"
She answered without any hesitation :
"Yes...I would. I really think I would because I don't want to die of Covid or get Long Covid..."
My friend is a Satanist....and doesn't even know it. The only thing that is important to her is preserving her own life....no matter how destructive doing that is to the rest of humanity.
The first tenet of Satanism is Self Preservation....and self Preservation at all costs.
No matter who is destroyed or what is destroyed it is irrelevant because the priority is about saving ME.
If something is good for me then it's good end of discussion.
THAT is the real mentality of people who support the lockdowns no matter how destructive to others they are...
THAT is the mentality of those who want a vaccine even if it involves the death of a baby to get the ingredients for it...
THAT is the mentality of those who don't care that the vax could genetically alter humanity forever and
THAT is the mentality of those who are comfortable with others bring forced or coerced into having it or face economic destitution and starvation for lack of a job.
Anyone supporting that IS A SATANIST in the way that they think, feel and behave.
This is a great interview from 2015.
Visit Freeman Fly's website for more on his work: https://freemantv.com/

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Nox Mente, or *Night Mind* in Latin, is a weekly show where we interview people about their dreams. Join us as we mine the collective consciousness for truth.

### Tonight's guest is Freeman Fly
Freeman began his career discussing Illuminati social engineering through corporations and celebrity mind control. With predictions of 9/11 and the 10/13 bank crash and the Obama birth conspiracy, no one could deny Freeman's insight of the esoteric nature in world politics and Hollywood. Opening with an in-depth exploration of Illuminati Corporate Logos and America's goddess, Columbia, Freeman went on to become an Award-Winning television producer with the first-ever documentary on HAARP and he was first to televise a documentary on Chemtrails.
Freeman has been a pioneer in Talk Radio and continues to do so with The Free Zone.
### You can find Freeman here:
* Web http://freemantv.com/
* Twitter https://twitter.com/freemantv
* YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/Freemantv
Source: https://youtu.be/2yrkwgwHsx8

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