After almost 18 months, have the people of this world opened their eyes to breathe in the the fresh air…Or has the PLANNED Agenda exceeded expectations?

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WANT SOME SHORT TASTERS (update: & episode list) OF RED ICE?: Check the links below.
If you don't already know Red Ice Tv, you MUST check it out! It's a truly fair, free-thinking station.
There's a free section, and a members-paying section. The archives go back to 2006.

Red Ice Tv, Tasters, Part 1: bitchute.com/hashtag/rediceclips
Red Ice Tv, part 2: bitchute.com/hashtag/icccrediceclips2
part 3: bitchute.com/hashtag/icccrediceclips3
4: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpredice4
5: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpredice5

EPISODE LINKS: Many clips are only labeled by episode, like this:
Flashback Friday: 'riffep'+episode number (e.g. 'riffep78');
No-Go Zone: 'ngzep' or 'ringzep' + episode no. (e.g. 'ngzep02' & 'ringzep16'), OR date. (eg. 'ringzep20-12-09(or '9')' for Dec 9, 2020).
UPDATE: EPISODE LIST (Starting in April 2021, but maybe previously released clips can be added to the list later):

For MORE Episode links (once too many for this page), start HERE: bitchute.com/video/S9wZzQCeq6Hj

21-5-13: bitchute.com/hashtag/ri21-5-13 (KMN,Dave Reilly)
20-11-5: bitchute.com/hashtag/red-ice-post-election-chaos
20-10-17: bitchute.com/hashtag/ri-20-10-17 (Oz lockdown)
19-2-1: bitchute.com/hashtag/ri19-2-1 (F.Midjord)

21-6-11: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep124
21-6-4: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep123 (UFO, w/ T.Murdoch)
21-5-14: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep120
21-4-30: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep118
21-4-9: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep115
21-4-2: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep114
21-2-26: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep110
20-12-11: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep104 (w/ Adam Green)
20-12-4: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep103
20-11-27 (102): bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep102
20-11-20: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep101
20-8-7: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep88
20-7-31: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep87
20-5-1: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpiceage-farmer (ep.74)

(For OLDER episodes, see 'Taster Clips' above; some exceptions, though the links below won't include all clips taken):
18-11-10: bitchute.com/hashtag/riffep4

21-5-19: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep21-5-19
21-4-28: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep21-4-28
21-4-21: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep21-4-21
20-12-16: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep20-12-16 (Scary tech)
20-12-9: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep20-12-09 (Important: Psycho-Neurobiology)
20-12-2: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep20-12-02
20-11-25: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep20-11-25
20-11-18: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep20-11-18
2020-8-5 (ep.22): bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep20-8-5
20-6-10: bitchute.com/hashtag/ringzep16

VIDEO SOURCE: The start of this Sept.2014 show: https://redice.tv/red-ice-radio/yazidis-world-war-ii-untangled-and-degeneracy-of-the-west

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Hazardous Broadcasts
...via Sutter Media.

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Creativity is a virtue, it is not a negative quality. Being creative is a positive quality that should be respected and not be looked down upon. The luxuries that we take for granted today such as household appliances all the way up to modern medicine wouldn't exist without the minds of people who thought differently from the herd.

[NOTE: Forgive me for how I talk and sound in this video. I recorded this audio secretly while I was at work.]

References and Sources:

1. Jordan Peterson - The Curse of Creativity [Video] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocDli45faiw&t=143s
2. The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful [Video] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVME_l4IwII&t=53s
3. Proof of Real-Life Non-Player Characters [Video] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lki2FlXX64
4. Don't be an NPC [Video] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgIc7vc4LB4

5. NPCs & The Asch Conformity Experiment by Sunu Akkad (a.k.a. David Burt) [Essay] - https://www.minds.com/SunuAkkad/blog/npcs-the-asch-conformity-experiment-by-sunu-akkad-a-k-a-davi-914744325716754432

5% Nation Doctrine:

1. Five-Percent Nation [Wikipedia] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five-Percent_Nation
2. Who are the 85%, 10% and 5%? [Video] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVeL_LqbTZs

You can follow Sunu Akkad at:

1. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/sunuakkad/
2. Twitter - https://twitter.com/SunnuAkkad
3. Minds - https://www.minds.com/SunuAkkad
4. Gab - https://gab.com/SunuAkkad
5. Spreely - https://www.spreely.com/31927

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