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Video Description:
This is a talk from Canada from a meeting held by Paul Fromm in 2010. Paul explains the role of Jews in creating the anti-White garbage known as Political Correctness.

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2 months ago

In honour of the late Doug Christie, Canada's greatest warrior for Freedom of Speech

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Paul Fromm recommends that Canadians vote for Maxime Bernier in the federal election Sept. 20th, 2021. Maxime is the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). All the other parties have very much the same wrong views on major issues such as mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports, global warming, immigration, etc.

The Paul Fromm playlist of videos is https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/6XqCiP6tg2lC/

Paul Fromm has been the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression since 1983. CAFE is dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity. The website can be found at cafe.nfshost.com
Paul is also the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at:
Paul lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and you can contact him at
[email protected] .
He has been an active leader on the Canadian right for 50 years and has a steel trap memory so he is a treasure and resource of information and history.

1 year ago

Erich Fromm 1977 - Passend zu unserer Zeit - Erinnert an die "Taubheit" vieler Menschen,
die das verursachte Leiden durch die Unmenschlichkeit der Corona Massnahmen überhaupt nicht wahrnehmen
Fortschreitende Entfremdung des Menschen, von dem was ihn umgibt, ist bereits seit mind zwei Jahrhunderten ein Thema
Derzeit erleben wir den Gipfel.

1 year ago

Paul talks about a plan to replace with people around the world with non-whites promoted by a man named Coudenhove Kalergi.

1 year, 4 months ago

On Jan. 10, 2021 Paul Fromm talks with Brian Ruhe about how the Liberal government in Canada wants to bring back censorship legislation to punish those who they deem use "hate speech".

Paul Fromm has been the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression since 1983. CAFE is dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity. The website can be found at cafe.nfshost.com

1 year, 8 months ago

20061103 – MCP’s dog put to sleep, 9 Benjamin Freedman speech in The Barnes Review July 1999, 11 David Irving in Jail – letter, 28 Ezra Pound quote from Mussolini, sweetliberty.org Solomon Bush 1800s = jew, re Adolph Hitler’s relationship with the International Banksters, 41 the reason why the USA / jews hate Musollini & Hugo Chavez, Benjamin Freedman speeches – sweetliberty.org, Bush history = jewish,

20061102 repeat

20061101 guest Paul Fromm – Christopher Bollyn states that MCP has a homosexual jewish lover part of ADL, Paul Fromm, 18 JDL & ADL both controlled by Mossad, 37 jews confiscate Paul’s` laptop at airport

20061031 - callers

20061030 – 9 Holocaust denial is illegal in Switzerland, Congressman Doolittle scam to make money from fundraising, campaignmoney.com 35 most of the defence companies are owned by jews, 42 Zionism is only 100 years old from Russia jews = NWO

Each show is approximately 45 minutes long (after ads have been removed).

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The Barnes Review https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22The+Barnes+Review%22

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If my bitchute channel is deleted https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/vasili_5ef7fce4e56ab_5ef7fce6b1d78 & https://archive.org/details/@vasili1

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2 years ago

Paul Fromm joins Brian Ruhe once again. Paul's website is http://cafe.nfshost.com . Paul sent this letter:
Canadian Association for Free Expression
Box 332,
Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3
Ph: 905-289-674-4455; FAX: 289-674-4820;
Website http://cafe.nfshost.com

Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director

Dear Mr. Whitehead:

Today your slick householder arrived in the mail.

I was amazed to read your paragraph "Civil Discourse and Citizen Engagement." You stress the importance ensuring "respectful discourse as the order of the day." Fine ideals -- civil discourse, citizen engagement.

Why, then, did you, as my councillor, not support my request to appear as a delegation this month on the issue of freedom of speech. I have over 25 years involvement in freedom of speech issues, having appeared numerous times assisting people in court cases or before human rights tribunals.

Frankly, I was shocked City Council would instruct staff to look at ways to restrict demonstrations on public property by controversial groups. I wanted to point out the the right to "petition the King" or more broadly to peacefully demonstrate goes back to Magna Carta in 1215. It is also covered by the freedom of speech and freedom of association provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The apparently unanimous decision by Council NOT to hear a taxpayer, not to allow five minutes for "civil discourse" is disappointing. Equally so was the fact that I learned of the rejection within an hour from the mass media but did not have the courtesy of an e-mail from Council for 36 hours

I look forward to your reply.

Paul Fromm

3 years ago

Paul Fromm's website is paulfromm.com
The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents
Paul Fromm

Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression
Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994
Co-host of "The Trump Phenomenon" Radio Show on RBN (week nights, 9:00 p.m. EST)

Paul Fromm With YOUR WARD NEWS Publisher Leroy St. Germaine

Free Speech in Mortal Peril in Canada, the U.K. & Germany
*Updates on the Alison Chabloz, Jez Turner & Monika & Alfred Schaefer cases
* Updates on Canadian cases -- YOUR WARD NEWS, Bill Whatcott & others
* Protecting yourself in an era of tyranny

VANCOUVER.  Saturday, June 23, 2018. Grouse Inn (1633 Capilano, North Vancouver)

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