In the 1990's Sega and Howard Johnson's hotels teamed up for a weird promotion for the Game Gear. Kids could go "HoJo with Sega" during this summer promotion. Parents could rent a Game Gear the kids could play while on their vacation, or they could buy some of the Game Tips VHS tapes. These tapes are horrible, filled with basic walkthroughs, codes, and bull. They also have these wrap-around segments with a 90's surfer dude with a Foghorn Leghorn accent working at the Howard Johnson. He goes through almost every position on the hotel staff while making the life one of chubby businessman a living hell. The Nerd reviews this tape today and talks a little bit about the HoJo/Sega promotion.

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Meh, didn't really care for tabloids anyway.

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Originally composed by Tee Lopes
Sonic the Hedgehog (C) 1991-2021 SEGA
Sonic sprite in thumbnail made by Techokami (https://www.spriters-resource.com/master_system/sonicthehedgehog/sheet/5859/)
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Kuni-chan no Game Tengoku Part 2 (クニちゃんのゲーム天国PART2) is collection of mini-games developed and released by Sega. You play as Kuni-chan a.k.a. Kuniko Yamada (山田邦子), a popular Japanese entertainer. The game others four mini-games and two different modes. In story mode, the games are embedded into a little story and need to be finished successfully in a fixed order. The other mode lets you play the game of your choice. The games may differ depending on the mode. In story mode, the kart racing game lets you race against opponents, while the other mode only has racing against the time.

The other games are a bowling game, a puzzle game and an action game. The puzzle game consists of reassembling a picture which has broken into pieces. There is a time limit, and you also have to look out for a train which drives around the bottom of the screen. There is a balloon in the train's way, and you need to pick it up for a second when the train is about to hit it. If you loose too many balloons, it's game over.
Finally the action game requires you to bounce Kuni-chan in the air with a trampoline, while destroying paper lanterns with a katana. If Kuni-chan falls to the ground, you need to start again.

The Kuni-chan games where only released in Japan. Some of the mini-games from both titles where released as the Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 in Europe, albeit without the Kuni-chan character.

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Kishin Douji Zenki (鬼神童子 Zenki, "Demon God child Zenki) is a platformer based on the anime series of the same name.

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Featuring Mike

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Replacing Capacitors in a Sega GameGear

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Sega Game Gear Repair - Model VA1
Second Sega Game Gear purchased from Ebay with bad capacitors. New Capacitors also ordered new as a kit from Ebay for a few dollars.

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