May 6, 2021, Angel Orb Celestial Activity Part 2 using my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500

Music by:
Toby Mac
"Lose My Soul" (Afterparty Interlude) [feat. Kirk Franklin & Mandisa]
Album: Portable Sounds 2007


Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

2 days, 11 hours ago

Ghost f*cks with gamer.

6 days, 4 hours ago

April 2021 Rainy Night Orb Activity
"Pops", Swirls, Color, Twin Souls, Etc.

3 weeks, 2 days ago

April 2021 Rainy Night Orb Activity, Shape Matching - I did something new with this clip, shape matching per entity appearance versus splitting them into two different nights (April 11 & April 12).

This is Part 1, infrared. Part 2 will be more swirls, what I call soul-pops, and will be in color, well mostly color. Thank you for watching! Love & Light!

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

3 weeks, 4 days ago

Night visitors...good thing it didn't knock.

If you have a paranormal experience you would like me to feature on an upcoming cup, email me at:

[email protected]

Be sure to include in your email that you give me permission to use your story for a video. Please don't use the names of real people involved; we aren't trying to embarrass anyone and discussions of the paranormal can be 'triggering'. I hate the word 'triggering' so much.
Please understand that I reserve the right to edit content provided in an email for the purposes of time and decency.

Don't be sending me no nasty ghost stories!

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March 31st Night Rain Orbs & Spirits - Full Video. North NJ.
19 min. running time.
13 mins. is the rainbow orb.

Music clip by: Filip Lackovic Celtic Fantasy Music "Siren"

The rest of the other two clips are AudioBlocks.
Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

1 month ago

Truth About Ghosts - Amazing Facts

1 month, 1 week ago

Are ghosts real? In this episode, Arthur C. Clarke reports on his experiences with ghosts and apparitions. Ghosts of Roman soldiers, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, a phantom hitch-hiker and a faceless monk are just a few of the spine-chilling sightings investigated in this episode.

1 month, 1 week ago

March 31, 2021 Orbs & More Orbs! Quick Clip
Stay tuned, working on a new video. I've got some amazing footage from this night!

Music by: Toby Mac, "The Elements" from the album The Elements 2018 https://tobymac.com

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, North NJ

1 month, 1 week ago

Probably the cheesiest, most bizarre, and scatter-brained of the paranormal documentaries from the 70s. A lot of hop-scotching around from one subject to the next, lots of inaccuracies and misinformation, and not much to do with ghosts even. Great sound effects and groovy music though, so smoke em if ya got em. In the so-bad-it's-good category.

1 month, 1 week ago

NuFriend's Skype Share. Jan 23 2021
Jeremy shares a Real Side Experience...
1. Finding himself in a house with curiously vanishing doors, he queries this conundrum with another individual featuring in the experience, a woman who stands approximately 18 feet in height. On exiting the house he discovers it is a part of a series of houses, surrounded by barbed wire and looking very much like prisons.
2. Jeremy speaks of his Real life encounters with a ghost on the physical level that is rather an aggressive addition to his house.
*Duane provides a Vu

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An Official NuPresentation Club is now available, the NuAwarenISSS Club. Membership to which is 1 dollar per month through paypal. Click on the NuAwarenISSS WebSite link below, and from there navigate to the forum site.

The Dream Arena.
A U.K based dream forum, for dream sharing and interpretation. The chance for regular skype dream meetings and a bigger step and opportunity beyond that.

Nubooks 2 and 6 (free downloads)... ​ https://ufile.io/1g16afg0
​The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume one... https://ufile.io/obamzyqv
​The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume two.. https://ufile.io/7w92xo2z
​The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume three.. https://ufile.io/vso21flh
​Kevin's book of Real Side Dream Experiences(free Download) ... https://ufile.io/k3y2d854
​Kevin's book of Real Side Experiences Book 3 (free Download)... https://ufile.io/5w3jsedn

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March 20-22, 2021, Spring Angel Orb Activity, It's Fairy-Time!
Here is the link for the Angel Orb UFO type craft video mentioned: https://youtu.be/CRzO-dV8U_s

Music by:
Switchfoot "Dare You To Move" from The Beautiful Letdown album (2013) https://switchfoot.com/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE-Krlqi4fk

Toby Mac "I Just Need U" from I Just Need U album (2018) https://tobymac.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNpOeakhEM

Twitter @WatcherOrb
Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2021, N

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Few humans have lived as monstrous of a life as Madame Delphine LaLaurie. This serial killer of slaves left behind a legacy of suffering and evil. Yet, a painting of the Madame may somehow exude supernatural energy of her malevolence, or be a doorway entities channel themselves through. Whether it is a demon, ghost, or the accumulation of negative energy she created taking form, the Delphine Painting is a notorious haunted artifact in paranormal lore.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Three sisters get more than they bargained for when they decide to take photos in a graveyard at night. Then, a young family's day hike turns into a nightmare when they are terrorized by an unknown creature in the woods.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Bill and Charisse purchase a little cabin in the middle of a national forest. But their idyllic retirement home quickly turns into their worst nightmare as Bill and Charisse are tormented by a paranormal spirit that once called their cabin home.

1 month, 4 weeks ago

A fishing trip changed David's life forever when he and his grandfather found themselves under attack by an unknown creature. Then, Zac and Lesla come across a cave in the woods and decide to head into the darkness where they encounter a violent entity.

2 months ago

New channel name, dark winter ending (March 6, 2021). Seasons change, tides turn, brighter days ahead.

2 months, 1 week ago

February 7 & 18, 2021 Snowy Night Orb Activity
North NJ

Note: I splurged on another Arlo camera since it went on sale, and should be here in a week. Two cameras have fallen off that second-story ledge window way too many times. Yep, money wasted but it's for a good cause, so it's all good. "Keep Calm & Angel On" is my motto.

Special prayers for Texas.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

I do not own this movie.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MljxvHP2BIU3/

In Brazil, elevators have been known to be inhabited by ghosts who strike fear to those who dare to ride them... Best way to fight fear is to face it and become fearless, as the alternative is running scared for the rest of your life like a chicken, afraid of little girls with dolls :-)

#Brazil #Elevator #Ghosts #ElevatorGhost #Haunted #HauntedElevator #Scary #Funny #Gag

3 months ago

Cars safety sensors detect ghost in graveyard.

3 months ago

A psychological thriller about a woman who takes a governess job for two orphans in a Victorian home. She begins to see what she believes are ghosts and suspects the children's bizarre behavior is the result of supernatural powers.

3 months ago

Dark ambient album from Cities Last Broadcast about summoning the dead.

Ghost summoning rituals are older than history, but they enjoyed a particular popularity during the late 19th and early 20th century. Many prominent persons, such as Mary Todd Lincoln, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Queen Victoria herself displayed a willingness to believe that spirits could send messages to those they'd left behind with the help of mediums who acted as intermediaries between the living and the dead. Séances (from the French word for "sitting") were conducted in studios and parlors, all in the hope of establishing contact with the dead.
Because strong light is said to hinder communication, a séance usually takes place in darkness or subdued light. It generally involves six or eight persons, who normally form a circle and hold hands. Believers assert that communication has been established when a disembodied voice is heard, or a voice speaks through the medium, or a ghostly apparition appears. Sometimes music of unknown source seems to fill the room, objects appear to move for unnatural reasons, or a hand, a limb, or an entire body may take shape from ectoplasm (a peculiar viscous substance said to issue from the medium's body). Other alleged means of communication include automatic writing, trance speaking, or a ouija board or planchette.

00:00 Lights Out
01:52 The Sitting
08:56 Glossolalia
15:42 Fourth Floor
21:04 Anomaly
23:07 Centennial
28:27 Electricity
34:58 Kathedra

3 months ago

If you want me to rehttps://www.bitchute.cact to a video, put the name of the video in the comment section.
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The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room:

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January 15, 2021, Rainy Night Orb Activity (North NJ) Music by King & Country: "Joy" & "Steady"

3 months, 1 week ago

Have you ever heard a noise but are alone in the house? Do your doors suddenly open or close on their own? Do you see shadows out of the corner of your eye? If so then these could be signs your house is haunted, of course there can be other explanations for it but if you have done all the right checks and still cant find what is causing it then it could be something paranormal

3 months, 1 week ago

Not sure if the term 'extended family' includes ghosts.

If you have a paranormal experience you would like me to feature on an upcoming cup, email me at:

[email protected]

Be sure to include in your email that you give me permission to use your story for a video. Please don't use the names of real people involved; we aren't trying to embarrass anyone and discussions of the paranormal can be 'triggering'. I hate the word 'triggering' so much.
Please understand that I reserve the right to edit content provided in an email for the purposes of time and decency.
Don't be sending me no nasty ghost stories!

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3 months, 2 weeks ago

*****Protect Your Hearing - Start Volume Lower***** Astonishingly quick and clear ghost box responses! Paranormal Investigation with the "Paranormal Soldiers" using a ghost box and full spectrum camcorder at Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria BC Canada on 19 Jan 2013. Looking back in hindsight many years later, that was a pretty special night of ghost hunting.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

*Better results with some of the replies if you wear headphones or ear buds* (PROTECT YOUR HEARING! start volume lower :)

I conducted a ghost box session at Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria BC around midnight on 13 May 2019. Google the Dunsmuir family and the castle. I had a list of names and dates etc., before starting the session. "Robert" can be heard a few times at least. My name and family names could also be heard.

I made a pronunciation error. It's a Scottish name and architecture. It's actually pronounced "Craig Derek".

3 months, 2 weeks ago

After 2012 hit I felt an urge to conduct a ghost box session to see if I could get any information from spirit about the mysterious year. I had a lot of clear voices come through. *****PLEASE LOWER YOUR VOLUME TO AVOID HEARING DAMAGE*****

3 months, 2 weeks ago

10th anniversary of my first posted YouTube video from 2009. I decided to make another video at the 10 year mark to really try to show people what I've always seen in this photo. Thank you for watching and supporting my channel!

3 months, 2 weeks ago

This video was originally posted on my YT channel in 2009 and has almost 5 million views. It clearly shows a face in an orb floating directly above my daughter after she was born. I made several other videos about this content that will also be on this channel and I recommend watching those as well.
I was demonetized and shadow banned over there. I intend to start creating new content here on BitChute asap. I'm excited about the future and am extremely happy that content creators have alternatives to YT.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

Well i decide to read a passage from my diary and it would seem that the ghost did not like that and came to have a wee munch on my Gibblet area

3 months, 4 weeks ago

Sallie's House is located in Atchison, Kansas; on the outside, it looks like a peaceful, 128-year-old house. During the day the house is also peaceful. But when night comes all hell comes loose. It is haunted by a female demon called Sallie. The previous home owners bought stuff for the demon, but it was not enough. Now the house is empty of life and all the possessions that the home owners bought for Sallie are packed away in the attic. Today the house sits abandoned because no one wants a haunted house.

4 months ago

Out of all the paranormal entities known as ghosts, which one is the highest tier? I know you've probably asked yourself that never. But in any case, here is the hierarchy on gauging the tiers of the various types of ghosts from paranormal lore. I hope you enjoy it to death...

1:20 Psychological Imprints
2:55 Dream Ghost
3:44 Orbs
4:29 Ecto Mist
5:35 Repeating Ghost
6:49 Inanimate Manifestations
7:50 Crisis Apparitions
8:35 Animal Manifestations
9:25 Possessed Astral Bodies
10:38 Haunted Objects
12:07 Hungry Ghosts
12:57 Living Ghost
14:20 Disembodied Spirits
15:52 Non-Human Manifestation
17:23 Poltergeists
19:25 Thoughtforms and Tulpas

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In this podcast episode, we will delve deep into some disturbing lore about death attributed to the paranormal. Buckle up because it’s time to get weird. The creep factor on this episode is high, this is your only warning. If you don't like dark stuff then scram coward... Cryptic Chronicles is only for those with guts and fortitude.

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But, if you think you got what it takes come on then coward.

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And whatever you do, don't die....

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Recorded on December 24, 2020, The Occult Files Christmas Special: Spirit Communication, Ghosts and the After-Life. Sophia talks about her experiences with ghosts, spirit communication, mediumship and the afterlife.

The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio Wordpress Blog: https://occultfilesofsophiadigregorio.wordpress.com

Free Ebook Download at Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0725pl6spmzvw/The_Occult_Files_of_Sophia_diGregorio_Bitcoin_and_Altcoins_Patronage_Program_Ebook

Copyright statement: Like the written material available from The Occult Files of Sophia diGregorio, all audio and video files are the property of Sophia diGregorio. Copyright © 2018-20 by Sophia diGregorio. All rights reserved.

Music: “Unholy Knight” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech [dot] com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
http:// creativecommons [dot] org/licenses/by/3.0

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Welcome ….to…. Dweller of the Dark!

We are a channel honoring the yellowed and blackened bones of many prominent authors. We will be digging up several obscure, strange, and forgotten authors who influenced many of the great horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer’s today.

Comment below if you like. If you have authors that you’d like to see recognized list them in the comments or contact our author page.

SUBSCRIBE for more tales of the horrifying, obscure, strange, and forgotten. We’ll have quite a collection…climbing out of the tombs. If you like any of our tales, ring the bell and crush the like button below.

AUTHORS always looking for fresh blood. Subscribe and contact us for more information.

Check out our other stories on Rumble/ BitChute/YouTube and our websites.
Rumble/BitChute/YouTube: Dweller of the Dark

Official Website: DwelleroftheDark.com
Facebook: Jeffrey LeBlanc Horror Writer
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Children of horror, follow me as we cross the ghoul guarded gateways, the labyrinth of the lost, and the decrepit crypt into that cherished abyss that is moonlight, swamp, and darkest night. Forever are we outsiders to this world and the coil that is man. And, for that relish in the strange, the grotesque, and the unnerving as we push ever farther, without a torch, flashlight, or candle into shadowed waterways, fog-fetid bayous, and amongst moss-covered oaks. These truly are our home.

Our name is LEGION horror fans for we are many. My LEGION, walk the cobwebbed, cyclopean stairs with me. Climb the bat filled bell tower on the expanse of endless night wind. And fly through mists into ancient cypress as we learn the mysteries of creatures in the dark.

I promise, as we splash and lumber through the darkness, to protect you from the
ghastly ghouls within.


Civil War ghosts stalk silently through moonlit forests. A horrific creature attacks a man’s dead wife in the dark. And a soldier literally has his life pass before his eyes as he is hanged. These are just a few of the horrific stories by Ambrose Bierce.

Ambrose Bierce was an American short story writer, journalist, poet, and Civil War veteran. He is the author of the comedic “The Devil's Dictionary” which was named as one of "The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature" by the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration. Bierce’s most horrific and anthologized work, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", has been described as "one of the most famous and frequently anthologized stories in American literature".

His best short story collection by far though is Bierce’s “Tales of Soldiers and Civilians”. This horrific work was cited by the Grolier Club as one of the 100 most influential American books printed before 1900.

Bierce was regarded as one of the most influential journalists in the United States. He was a pioneer in realist fiction influencing such authors as Richard Matheson, Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft. And, just as Poe, Ambrose Bierce was considered an influential and feared literary critic.

Ambrose Bierce’s greatest story was his own. In December 1913, Bierce traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico, to gain first-hand experience of the Mexican Revolution. While traveling with rebel troops he disappeared. He was never seen again.

As we read tonight’s story, we look on the peaceful, fog filled forests and fields near Chickamauga Creek. Ancient cannon, monuments of stone, and looming graves stand as silent sentimental to a horrifying past of bloodshed and murder. A time when brother fought brother blinded by insanity. Hopefully, people are taught or remember the violent history of the Civil War. Unfortunately, after over a century, I see the demoniacal blood lust for a new civil war has reappeared. The lumbering possibility has oozed up once again in our current time.

Are we caged animals doomed never to learn peace and destined always to repeat our atrocities?

Chilled by icy, misted night…on this desolate field of Death… I wonder.

"Chickamauga" is a horror story written by Ambrose Bierce on January 20, 1889. It first appeared in the “San Francisco Examiner” and later in the collection “Tales of Soldiers and Civilians”.

The tale focuses on a child playing war in the woods. He strays off and becomes lost on the former battlefield of Chickamauga.

Can this little boy find his way home? Or will the child become another ghostly casualty to Chickamauga?--JL

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Благодарю вас за просмотр этого видео!
Николай Левашов отвечает на вопросы читателей "Что означает что люди во время сна видят умерших?"...

Это реальные вещи, не бред - во время сна наша сущность покидает тело и на других уровнях может повстречать умерших близких, которые могут специально приходить, чтобы передать какую-либо информацию и т.д...
Но Левашов предупреждает что в таких случаях необходимо быть осторожным, чтобы не попасть в ловушку астральных паразитов...

Что такое жизни и смерть, процессы как происходит рождение, сон и уход человека из жизни Николай Левашов описал к книге "Последнее обращение к человечеству".

Видео из выступления Николая Левашова перед читателями 08.11.2011 года.

Копии видео выложены здесь (сохрани ссылки на случай не предвиденных обстоятельств):
VK: https://vk.com/public184812603
ОК: https://ok.ru/group/56281454084201
Telegram: https://t.me/smpn7
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexs_rassen

║✔ Не забудь подписаться на канал: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrC0zZZ2x9wXwg1pXje5LQ?sub_confirmation=1
║✔ Плей-лист - не обычный взгляд на обычные вещи: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJhY-3mcORU&list=PLt-uq-L_nTbfsHFUMsH4yRyW3CzszaHmT
║✔ Лечебный сеанс Николая Левашова, включающий снятие блокировок, телегонии и т.п.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA09Ndzmnag&list=PLt-uq-L_nTbfsHFUMsH4yRyW3CzszaHmT&index=3
║✔ Ответ Левашова работают ли его сеансы в записи: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJhY-3mcORU&list=PLt-uq-L_nTbfsHFUMsH4yRyW3CzszaHmT&index=1

Всем РАзвития и добра!..)
#НиколайЛевашов #смерть #привидения #призраки #СущностьИРазум #Левашов #КнигиЛевашова


5 months ago

The team heads down to St. Francisville, Louisiana to investigate the Myrtles Plantations. Claims of paranormal activity and hauntings have been abundant here over the years with stories, legends and experiences from so many people. Haunts include that of several slaves, civil war soldiers and young children. February 2015

5 months ago

Join the team as they head to Spring City, Pennsylvania to investigate the very active Pennhurst Asylum just outside of Philadelphia.
Closed in 1988 because of patient overcrowding, abuse, neglect and death - it is no wonder it would be a place extremely haunted.
Tortured souls and individuals with a lasting imprint on this location. November 2019

5 months ago

Uforia Chronicles Featuring the One & Only Charilie Kundallini
Another 1st as Uforia Chronicles team member from Australia. Silvana Giacobbe Interviews Charlie with James doing colour commentary.
Locations= Australia,Toronto & the Greater Sudbury Region, Ontario, Canada
Timeline December 4th 2020
Charlie does his 2cd Feature on Uforia Chronicles
Charlies 1st feature can be found here
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The spirit world is real...real if you believe it,..... it's not real if you don't believe it.
That's how God, Jesus, and the spirit world works, when you abandon God, God abandons you.
It's simple really.

5 months, 1 week ago

Episode 80 - We discuss sex with ghosts and aliens.

Source -https://www.spreaker.com/episode/42226267

5 months, 2 weeks ago

My 4th video capture. This one happened October 30th 2020 1:43 A.M. I didn't want to edit the clip, so I kept the entire video in one shot. If you want to just see the movement you'll have to skip forward a little bit.

6 months, 2 weeks ago

A brief explanations on why a sceptical and suspicious SOB like myself believes in ghosts and the paranormal. It all comes down strange things I witnessed living in haunted houses and near forests one could only describe as cursed.

7 months, 1 week ago

I thought I would try something a little different from what I normally play and what other people are currently playing for the Halloween season.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

This is raw video from a trip to investigate the Preston Castle in Ione, CA. This trip was not done with the intent to film anything special but I did film those investigating with me that evening.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Demonic entity ruins little girl’s birthday party.

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Demonic entity in the Congress.

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Thanks for tuning into the very first episode of Dying 2 Live! Hope you enjoy

7 months, 4 weeks ago

NuFriend's Skype Share. Aug 22 2020.
*Val's former wife shares a Real Side experience where she is witness to Val's mother's passing. How his mother wanted to remain in the house, but ultimately would move on, as a van came to collect her and take her to her next position.
*Val shares how this would occur later on the physical, as a van did indeed come to the house to collect his deceased mother.
*Val's former wife shares another Real side experience, where she encounters an individual who had passed on but didn't realize this was so.
Nubooks 2 and 6 (free downloads)... https://ufile.io/1g16afg0
The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume one... https://ufile.io/obamzyqv
The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume two.. https://ufile.io/7w92xo2z
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“DUANE THE GREAT WRITER has created over 2500 Facebook Groups and 400 Titles on LuLu.com
, and for One Reason Only... To Share 'What IS MoreReal' than anything in Creation! To the OneDimensionalized People of This Planet Earth, what DUANEVA 'IS' Presenting would 'seem' to be too farout, possibly fantasy, and even delusional. Fine. This 'IS' because with all those lifetimes (YOU & Everyone Here) of struggling, sacrifice, worshiping, praying, begging, working & slaving for the Reptilian Alien TapLinerS-RATS, most unaware people, even with all their 'spiritual' paths, gurus & masters, still have Not been able to Enter The ReALLL UNUversisss of RealFreedom, so they Cannot Seee 'What IS Always RealNow!' You have to Be a REBISAR RISKTAKER to SeeeBeyond what You have always known Here, or Stay Lost in the Reptilian Matrixxx Systems of TimeSpace Creation! The Technology of Today is Not an improvement, but a Deception to Continually EnSlave Everyone who Agrees with the Invented Systems of Demise by The World KONtrollers. REBISAR & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides StandReal with DUANEVA as they Present The NUNownisss ALLLifeIS Now. But, only for Those who can Seee IT! The 'literal' self-convinced paths, teachings, doctrines, indoctrinations, self-appointed authorities, kings, queens, presidents & diplomats, are all part of the Biggest Stage Play Ever for the unaware masses to Agree to! ALLLifeIS for ReALLL~RiskTakers Only! Those who want to Continually Compromise to Comfort and Agree to their own PersonalFatalness, have the right to do so. Only the Very Few who StepUP and Become REBISAR RISKTAKERS will SEEE what others will Not! ALLLife LUVS The Real RiskTaker! The 'passive' BabySitting Paths have saturated unaware people with 'pretty words & old wisdom' that are mainly emotional ideas that float thru the Limited Cause&Effect Atmosphere of Creation Only! Thoughts, ideas, conclusions, imagination, intuition & convictions are little creations that makeup the Collective Created Consciousness that is 'thought' to be a Reality moreso than The TruReality LifeIS. Beyond the SixLayered Bubble of This Creation 'IS' The ReALLL UNUversisss into an Endlisss Freeedom So Vast that no one in Creation can even consider What IT IS! Everything in ALLLife is for Everyone, and only when ALLLife can be Recogn'IS'e for What IT IS and for What IT IS Not! ~~~ Become a REBISAR RISKTAKER with US~UNUversal Survivors & Become MoreAware! This 'IS' One of the Many NUVUs of The NUPresentation Presented by DUANEVA NUUUMAN with 'REBISAR IS THE ANSWER' & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides & 'What 'IS' ReALLL Now!' SING 'NU~U~U~U' & SEEE FOR YOURSELF on The RealSide LifeIS & Learn to Earn Your RealFreedom Now with US!

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Painter in hallway near elevator doesn't respond when guests greet him. Smell of paint, everywhere. They go into their room and it's filled with smell of paint. They change rooms, no smell. Go past the elevator, painter is gone! He had no time to pack up everything; He's just gone! Whoa!

ghost story, paranormal, spooky, freaky, scary, halloween, ghost, time travel,

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HPANWO TV revisits a place where I had a very strange and ghostly encounter a few years ago. First in a series about ghostly goings-on and what they actually are.
(Background article: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2011/03/hospital-ghosts.html)

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Paranormal documentary series. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Night Soul & Angel Orbs, Twin Souls, Soulmates, Orb Strands, Jul-Aug 2020.

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In 1993, the Scole Experimental Group embarked on a five-year experiment using a revolutionary kind of ‘energy' to produce tangible objects from the spirit world. The scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing. These experiments may finally convince you there is life after death. The scientific team in change of overseeing these experiments include world renowned Cambridge Scientist – Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. David Fontana and Researcher Montague Keen who died during the filming of the scole experiments documentary.


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Still a little cockeyed from all of those Tropical Heat Wave drinks he had in Hawaii, Barkey Dog reviews a light comedy called "Ghost Writer" from 1989, starring the Landers Sisters.

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Segments of the classic British paranormal series. No copyright infringement is intended.

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A starlit meadow at the dead of night may seem like a good place to go ghost hunting, but is it? Is it any better than anywhere else? What is the truth about ghosts and what are the myths? What in fact are ghosts? And how do we find out?

Background articles: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/bedroom-ghost.html
And: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/ghosts-in-park.html
And: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/river-ghost.html

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