Inhumanoids tells the story of the scientist-hero group, Earth Corps, as they battle a trio of subterranean monsters called the Inhumanoids with the aid of elemental beings, the Mutores. The story begins with the discovery of a monstrous creature encased in an amber monolith buried in Big Sur national park, that is recovered by Earth Corps, a government-funded geological sciences research team. The finding spurs Blackthorne Shore, a corrupt industrialist, to clandestinely uncover and release a second monster buried elsewhere—a giant vine-like creature called Tendril, who attacks the amber block's public unveiling in San Francisco to release the macabre colossus trapped within, D'Compose. They rampage through city streets before fleeing into the watery darkness of the bay. The Earth Corps member code-named Liquidator returns to Big Sur in search of further clues to the origin of these monsters, whereupon he discovers a race of sentient tree-beings, the Redwoods, who explain that they are part of a race of subterranean creatures known as Mutores, and that their kind sealed the evil Inhumanoids Tendril and D'Compose beneath the Earth ages ago. The malevolent Inhumanoid leader, Metlar, remains imprisoned below the surface, paralyzed by the magnetic field of a Mutore duo named Magnokor. A nocturnal assault by Tendril demolishes the Earth Corps base, prompting a chase into the depths of the Earth, but even with the help of another Mutore species, the rock-bodied Granites, they are forced to retreat back to the surface. When their budget is summarily cut by Senator Masterson, a crooked politician in Blackthorne Shore's shady pocket, they are approached by Sandra Shore, Blackthorne's sister, who has learned of her brother's sinister plot to liberate Metlar. Funded by Sandra, the team constructs new vehicles and embarks back below the Earth's surface, tracking D'Compose and Tendril to the city of the Granites, where an ensuing battle frees Metlar from Magnokor's hold. Having pilfered the Earth Corps's engineering schematics via his ties to Masterson, Blackthorne joins the fray, now equipped with his own battle-suit whose magnetic powers he wields against Metlar, only to be derailed by Tendril's interference while Sandra falls victim to the mutative touch of D'Compose. Earth Corps manages to escape and forms an alliance with the Granites. Herc accompanies them to D'Compose's domain of Skellweb while Auger and Liquidator venture into Metlar's kingdom of Infernac, and Bright convinces the Redwoods to help defend the surface world against attempts by the Inhumanoids to acquire sources of power. Herc and the Granites are able to defeat D'Compose's reanimated soldiers and restore Sandra to normal. Blackthorne pursues Auger and Liquidator to Infernac and tries to use his magnetic powers on Metlar once again but is foiled by Magnokor and taken captive by Metlar.

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GIJoe and Cobra battle with their new weapon the Mass Device that can send and receive anything from anywhere fueled by three elements the race is on from either side to save the world or destroy it.

1 day, 19 hours ago

Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) is stranded on an alien world with a Cylon Centurion and a mysterious pregnant woman as his only companions.

1 day, 21 hours ago

The Galactica finds a derelict ship floating is space with adults and children from a planet called Terra being pursued by a malevolent force called the Alliance.

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On Cybertron, many millions of years ago, the Autobots are on the verge of extinction. Eons of war with the Decepticons, their bitter enemies, have drained the planet's once plentiful resources. Four million years pass. It is the year 1984, and volcanic activity stirs the half-buried ship, awakening the computer systems aboard. Teletraan I sends out a Sky Spy satellite to reconnoiter this new world, and scans examples of terrestrial machinery in order to reformat the Transformers into new alt modes. The Decepticon Skywarp happens to be the one who is in the path of the repair beam, and thus is awakened first. He revives Megatron, and the other Decepticons follow. Leaving the Autobot ship, Megatron observes that much time has passed since the crash but declares their mission to find energy is unchanged.

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Remember the cartoons from the early days of the internet? They were great. I wanted to bring back that feel, while poking fun at this new attempt at making member berry TV.

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Think of the Crossover Potential. This is some cool news, if Robert Kirkman is able to make this deal happen, then people may actually start getting quality GI Joe and Transformers stories in their comics.

Read more about it here: https://www.cbr.com/skybound-robert-kirkman-gi-joe-transformers-negotiations/
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What you see in this video is BEYOND AWESOME!!

The only thing surpassing it is our RUCKCAM 82nd Airborne jump at the end of our Delta Weapons Company video--BEFORE THERE WERE GO PROS!


John 3:16
Semper Airborne!
James Bond is REAL.

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The ear square tab could very well be an editing mistake. I can't find it in any live shots.

No harm meant to anyone. Just comedic relief! Just had to have a little fun with this. Since you haven't seen it heard enough...from Joey.

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How's everyone been? I know this was supposed to be done two weeks ago but some stuff happend, but nevermind that, cause today me and a few friends are gonna take a look at the martial arts driven origin story to a fan favorite from G.I. Joe. so sit down, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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This is a parody satire. I am not connected with anyone who has the rights to these characters.

6 months ago

The new teaser and featurette for the upcoming Snake Eyes - G.I Joe Origins starring Henry Golding.


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GI Joe PSA Parodys +

10 months ago

Sunny Days Military Toy Line Elite Force buy on Amazon Humvee 3 75 1 18 3 3/4 action figure line

1 year ago

Military Toys that are great for 3 3/4 1:18 action figures

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cool vehicles for you 1:18 3 3/4 collection

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Ballad of GIJOE - adultswim and art by DUKES

1 year, 3 months ago

Storm Shadow schools us on how to treat Honorable Enemies

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On this episode of Bad Comic Reviews: We're looking at Snake Eyes: Deadgame issue 1. This 6-issue mini-series is from IDW in 2020. Snake Eyes discovers that an old myth might be real as he comes face-to-face with The Grave Master. Can he stop a supernatural threat? What is his role in the myth of the Deadgame?

Written by Chad Bowers, art by Rob Liefeld, additional inks by Adelso Corona, colors by Federico Blee, with letters by Andworld Design. Cover by Rob Liefeld with colors by Federico Blee.

Is this issue worth picking up? Find out in this episode!

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Mashup up of the Talking Heads and GI Joe

Shipwreck awakens to find himself suffering from amnesia and in a battle to determine what is real and what isn't.

I've seen this song used in countless movie trailers, but never the actual movie. A great song by the Talking Heads and a great video in its own right, this song just pops in my head when I think of the classic Shipwreck two-parter spotlight from the original GI Joe cartoon.

Originally produced March 2020
Programs used: Windows Move Maker, Corel VisualStudio 2018

GI Joe characters created by Hasbro
GI Joe characters developed by Larry Hama
GI Joe cartoon produced by Marvel/Sunbow Productions
Once in a Lifetime from the 1980 Talking Heads album Remain in Light

Clips taken from the following GI Joe episodes Memories of Mara and There's No Place Like Springfield Parts I and II.

1 year, 7 months ago

History of GI Joe

1 year, 8 months ago

GI Joe is a go!
source: https://news.hisstank.com/2020/02/18/first-look-at-g-i-joe-classified-series-snake-eyes-67771
The Otakuverse rises in 2020!
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A GI Joe fan edit that combines the Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes sequences and storylines from both live-action feature films.

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The GI Joe toyline is coming back hopefully the rumored relaunch by Jazwares and Hasbro line of 4 inch and 6 inch action figures!
Article that inspired the rant: https://news.hisstank.com/2020/01/05/jazwares-acquires-hasbro-g-i-joe-license-67547

The Otakuverse rises in 2020!
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First video learning and experimenting with GoPro and Adobe Premiere. Song is from my first band.

2 years, 1 month ago