What is a story that helps us to think introspectively on patience and maintaining our appreciation in a matter that is common to all of us. Appreciating Your Golden Eggs and The Goose.

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Our homestead guard goose has a wing deformity called "Angel Wing". Will I be able to help him?

Angel Wing is a condition that sometimes affects young ducks and geese and it can cripple them for a lifetime. Also known as an airplane or slipped wing, the last joint of the wing develops a twist with the end pointing out to the side. Males are usually the ones that show the condition and it also most often affects the left wing for unknown reasons, although sometimes, as in my goose Flipper’s case, it can involve both wings.

The jury is still out as to the cause of the condition. It may be genetics, a vitamin deficiency, or a diet with too much protein? What we DO know is that with treatment the condition can sometimes be reversed… as Flipper and I will show you.

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This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - Spring 2017
Canada goose eating from some cracked corn and bread when some turtles stop by for a bite.

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Non-YouTube version of this ultimate series on Masonry.

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Killred40 and Oringalblue discuss the dead trend titled: Untitled Goose Game.

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Goose Pond. A really cool area.

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