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The Up Escalator (May 23, 1980)
by Graham Parker and The Rumour

Who is the most underrated rock and roll singer-songwriter the last forty plus years? With his wondrously wide variety of musical styles, thought-provoking lyrics and heartfelt, soulful, punk-rock raspy voice, its Graham Parker. For more than forty years, Graham Parker has delivered musical and lyrical masterpieces time and time again. There isn't a singer-songwriter more deserving than Graham Parker to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you agree, email and tell them: [email protected].

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Mark John Robert David Elsis
by Mark R. Elsis

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Creepy Joe’s Jewish Family And Cabinet
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Worldwide Excess Mortality Rate In 2020
Contrary to what most people believe because of the non-stop media brainwashing,
2020 had a proportionately normal year-over-year increase in the excess mortality rate.
by Mark R. Elsis

There Will Be 72,556 Extra Suicides This Year In The United States Because Of The Massive Unemployment
As of May 3, 2020, the cold hard facts are there will be 72,556 extra suicides this year because of the massive unemployment caused by the unprecedented crisis.
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The Most Comprehensive Timeline On John Fitzgerald Kennedy
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Thursday, June 6, 1968
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American Exceptionalism
Fifty Ways The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare
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For Our Future Generations
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144 Poems
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2 months, 3 weeks ago

She Wants So Many Things 6:08
They Murdered The Clown 3:54
Strong Winds 3:52
The Kid With The Butterfly Net 3:53
And It Shook Me 3:42
Wrapping Paper 3:38
That's Where She Ends Up 3:10
A Brand New Book 3:28
Weeping Statues 3:21
Guardian Angel 3:24
Children And Dogs 3:50
Over The Border (To America) 3:08
When I Was King 4:18
Ten Girls Ago 3:28
The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again

3 months ago

A1 Discovering Japan 3:30
A2 Local Girls 3:44
A3 Nobody Hurts You 3:40
A4 You Can't Be Too Strong 3:24
A5 Passion Is No Ordinary Word 4:25
B1 Saturday Nite Is Dead 3:15
B2 Love Gets You Twisted 3:00
B3 Protection 3:55
B4 Waiting For The UFO's 3:09
B5 Don't Get Excited

1 year, 1 month ago