This has to be the scariest time in history. We have Socialist Globalist Agenda being Pushed Through By a Plandemic. Where and when do we stop rolling over? Are we just going to wait for them to stop us from assembly again, freedom of movement is already here, just need a way to track you. And people need to oppose this whole heartedly. We have to stand up to Tyrannical orders pushed under a fake Emergency. Pushing a "VaXXXine" that kills your red blood cells, myocarditis, blood clots, seizures, and of course 14000+ deaths in the USA and 20000 Deaths in Europe. Now the UK announced its a problem in the "House" https://shtf.tv/uk-vaxx-deaths/

2 hours ago

You must plugin into your inner consciousness and discover this in house knowledge, this intelligence is silently waiting for you to connect to it more, you are always connected without you realising it, unless you understand what your emotions are telling you.

2 days, 2 hours ago

Until or unless you begin to know or have knowledge of the existence of the inner part of you of which is your spiritualised energy of which man calls God, this God/Spiritualised Consciousness resides in everyone, you are all of that, and is your guidance system to all things.

2 days, 2 hours ago

Adult Material; Nonviolent Healing. Jesus, Women’s Oppression, Homophobia, Racism, The All of The Law, First Commandment, Law of Moses, John the Baptist, Burning Bush, False Prophets, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, First & Second Greatest Commandments, Great Awakening, Great Reset, Last Trump, False Prophet Media, Technocracy, Corporatocracy. (Excerpt from Video: “Mel Gibson: The Jews Did Not Kill Jesus…”)

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Vincent James: "I believe a Great Awakening is coming. And if you think that Trump was Far-Right, Right-Wing, Hardcore or had balls...Just wait to see what Right-Wing Person is going to be in power soon"


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I Meme-It is a slideshow of Q memes.

Q posts questions.
Anons research the questions,
Then turn them into memes.
Memes are story-boarded here for
Your Intellectual enjoyment.

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If you spend time online pushing back against the radical left & their shills then you’ve probably got some people who fight along side you. We’ve got to jump in the trenches & become digital soldiers like General Flynn has encouraged. So Rise Up! And pushback on the stupidity & lies of the losers out there actively working to destroy our country!

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Too many of these posts to count & definitely not anecdotal. Biden is the left’s red pill gift that keeps on giving. Even though things may be rough right now, we’re heading towards something amazing.

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🎬 weather manipulation: sun simulators, HAARP & patents

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The awakening is happening everywhere.

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Joe Biden & the corrupt, Marxist Tyrants are red pilling the masses & there is a swinging of the pendulum to support freedom in ALL forms. Can you see the left being a minority & essentially having to keep their ideas a secret or go “underground”? I do. Drop your comments below. Help the Channel Grow by chipping in what you can my friends! Venmo: @AZCountryPatriot

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It’s tough to depend on God when we’ve lost faith. You may need to consider asking if there’s something more that can be done to prepare for his blessings? He didn’t bring you this far to let you fail my friends! Clip from “Facing the Giants”. Help the Channel Grow by chipping in what you can my friends! Venmo: @AZCountryPatriot

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A Classic sermon by Anchored in Faith founding pastor, the Late Rev. John Honn. Pastor John preaches "Who is this Jesus?".

Pastor John attempts to shatter our mental image of Jesus and show you who Jesus really is!

Recorded at Anchored in Faith Gospel Church on October 23, 2005.

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I Meme-It is a slideshow of Q memes.

Q posts questions.
Anons research the questions,
Then turn them into memes.
Memes are story-boarded here for
Your Intellectual enjoyment.

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