Not sure what's wrong with the people who voted this guy to lead them, again, especially that he spent more than a quarter of a century drawing the US policies that led to the current disasters the USAians live in!

On a side note: no honoring for the unarmed victim these heavily armed officers killed in cold blood inside her country's top 'democratic' institution? I know It's not like if they killed her in her country's consulate abroad, but still...

1 month, 1 week ago

Do you think Christianity is a universal practice? It would seem that there's at least many denominations, and in many countries the dominant Christianity is something carrying a distinct racial culture. The evidence is also in policy and the surrounding people. Religion is much less powerful than race in how a people form their environment. Such is the case here, come in and find some very interesting practices and personalities that might be unfamiliar. You'll be led by a mixed-race man (3/4 or less Ghana, 1/4 or more White) who received a wealthy English education and pampered stardom, but maybe you'll see a desire to connect to his roots. Perhaps this "English" guy is feeling the pull of a genetic mesh, and despite all that education and stardom he can quickly feel that he SHOULD act more like the full Africans/SHOULD be MORE black.

3 months, 1 week ago

Justin Trudeau responds to groping allegations from a female reporter.

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