Join me for a trip into the forest to acquire some leaves and
leaf “black gold.”
Remember that God never gave Adam and Eve a refrigerator!!
Hello and welcome To “The Impatient Gardner.”
This channel is primarily going to focus on Gardening, both regular dirt, hydroponics and my new venture of Back To Eden episodes.
Look for me on Bitchute and down the road BrandNewTube, Rumble, Lbry.
So when I get to that part I will post the links below.
I am a nobody just trying to garden and show others how to do it and be part of the "Team grow!"
So whoever you are just start small but do start! Don't be a procrastinator like me.
I also wanted to mention that if you look at a forest it is usually always green.
No one ever waters it, fertilizes it or tills it so what I am trying to do basically is
to re-create a forest floor, start your forest today and grow food.

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2 months, 1 week ago

My dad has been gardening in Montana for over 40 years. This information will mainly be pertinent to people who live in a similar climate with similar soil (alkaline), but is generally good information for anyone who wants to get into gardening or get more out of their garden.
If you have any question, post them in the comments and we will address those questions next week.
Here are the links to seed and gardening stores that we use and have found to be reliable:
The flats referred to in the video are here (https://territorialseed.com/products/flat-insert-utility-flat)
Lettuce, carrots, beats, ad peas are the first to be planted outside. Here is an example of row cover (https://www.harrisseeds.com/products/41535-row-cover-agribon-ag-30-83in-x-50ft), we never use support hoops.

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