Glenn Hobbs is a former practitioner turned Christian (allegedly). He throws a masonic hand signal early on, but regardless of his real nature, everything he says here is truth about what goes on in cult families and activity around their pagan holidays. Mirrored from KFrost™ Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xg2NQgqZtHNK/

3 days, 19 hours ago

Ephesians 5:11-16 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,

16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

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TransWorld’s Halloween & Attraction Show [Official Website]
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#Mistermetokur #ArchivingChudbuds #MorningsWithMetokur
Notes: Building up the Archive here on Bitchute and Odysee! Since youtube dosn't want us chudbuds. The rules on that site is getting worse and worse. Soon you wont be able to put up any edgy content cause apperently you are only allowed to do that if you are a news org or a million + youtuber. Anyway f*ck that site!!
Be sure to check out my Odysee and Bitchute chan swhere i can post all the content, even the content that will get you a strike on youtube. check it out here: https://odysee.com/@Crt:4
I'm trying to build an Archive with all my favourite content creators like Mister Metokur , Rogue , Mad at the Internet , Kumite , Kino Casino and much more.n
By: Mister Metokur
From: 2022-10-29
I Really hope you recover and get better Jim
Thank You for Watching! ⚡⚡
This Video is for educational and scientific purposes.
My Odysee chan: https://odysee.com/@Crt:4
Jim's Odysee account: odysee.com/@morningswithmetokur
My Bitchute chan: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ArchivingChudbuds/
My Poast account: https://poa.st/@Crt
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/chris778778
My Poast account: https://poa.st/@Crt
My Chudbuds account: https://chudbuds.lol/@Cr

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Hello I am Blood Finger I’m new on this account

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Haunting at the Ridge is a Haunt Unlike Any Other [Horror Buzz]
Haunting at the Ridge at the Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort in Middlefield, CT may be Connecticut’s newest haunted attraction, but it is brought to us by Graveyard Productions, the same team that has been putting on haunts in this area since 1991. The folks at Graveyard Productions are practiced at their craft and they have leveraged that experience into an ambitious new haunt that is unlike any other we have seen.


3 weeks, 3 days ago

This was one of my first edit jobs back in October. I cleaned it up, retracked better quality audio, and took off all the damned watermarks. Figured I may as well polish up all the archives.

4 weeks ago

Some innocent trick or treaters come face to face with the horrors of life.

1 month ago

Former Satanist gives first hand account of the significance of Halloween and what takes place in the rituals.

1 month ago

Many urban legends suggest that children are in danger of receiving apples full of razor blades; a vile Satanist may lurk behind every mailbox; and all unfamiliar-looking candy is likely ecstasy, apparently handed out by some poor soul overburdened with too much MDMA lying around. In reality, of course, reported cases of tainted Halloween candy are next to nothing, and the chances you will become a victim of human sacrifice is roughly the same as being slain by a meteorite...

Follow all the madness on social media!

Support us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/strangebrewpodcast


Strange brew's INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/strangebrew...​

Strange brew's FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/strangebrewpod

TOMCAT- https://www.instagram.com/tomcathipho...​

BILLY KIRBY- https://www.instagram.com/billehk

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Halloween came early at New york comic con 2022 this year .... This guy was grade A in method acting. One of my all-time highlights going to cons for sure.






1 month ago

Come join us through a bizarre mixture of Christmas cheer and Halloween fear!

Our fearless (or fearful?) host is alone on Christmas Eve and needs to record a special holiday podcast but with no guests in sight!

So he does what any of us sensible folk would do, he eats some “special” mistletoe berries from the local vermin hanging out in front of the “Gas & Go”….

Almost immediately, Graves enters a weird world made up of Christmas / Halloween hybrid creatures & beings. The names have been changed to protect the

guilty. Enjoy at your own risk!

Credits:Written by Chris Graves & Six

Produced by Six

Music / Sound Effects / Editing by Six


Chris Graves – Chris Graves

Six – Narrator / Peter Krampy Black / Keanu the Pink Mistletoe Camel / Ghastly the Abominable Snowman of Woonsocket R.I. / Nick Cringle Nice Guy / The Ghost of Mandela Effected Xmas

Chris Graves:


Get Mad Archives:

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Gore Galore [Official Website]
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Our products for are for Queue-line entertainment or within a scene at haunted attractions, theme parks, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and family fun centers. We do everything from haunted house props, halloween decorations, photo ops, oversized professional costumes, barrel toppers, gore piles, handheld actor weapons, haunted house scene packages, Scream Cube, My Pet Zombies, Halloween Music, and scary sound effects.
Our exclusive line is made entirely by hand in OUR US based studio. Honesty is our best policy…..We work very hard to keep the promises we make.
Delivering the “WOW” since 1998.


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If you scroll through my videos, you will see the complete version of this, this is just the KISS parts.
This was seemingly in better resolution, despite the obvious flaw...
Since it was edited down, I figured I would upload it again.

1 month ago

Well November is long over, but like I said at very the start, between Family, Work and Community commitments, I just didn’t have the time to get this video out for Halloween... there just never seems to be enough hours in the day... Happy Solstice to any weirdo witchypoos that might be watching ...and to everyone else, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Nollaig Shona agus Athbhlian faoi Mhaise daoibh.... until then.... be seeing you.

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THE PRISONER, Episode 1: “Arrival” https://youtu.be/osNmf_zmSyE

NOTE TO WITCHES: if you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this video, then please visit the following link:
And if you've been really upset by it then this may be more useful link to follow:

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Halloween, Sorcery, Ecology

1 month, 1 week ago

Tickets available at https://www.ghostsofstaunton.com
90 minute - Staunton, Virginia haunted depot station where numerous deaths have occurred over the years. Join us as we share data with you captured at the station as well perform a Spirit Box session (audio communication) with those on the other side that you participate in.


1 month, 1 week ago

...and what takes place in the rituals.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

James special guest appearance on the This Week in Geek podcast, discussing Stephen King movies.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Halloween Day Of The Dead, Exposed Come Out Of Her My People.

2 months ago

2 Dolla Dug drops top HALLOWEEN hits in his own particular vocal style! Join us for some fun and laughs for the whole spooky gang! Special guewsts and more! ENTER IF YOU DARE! Stop on by and enjoy a tune. 2 Dolla Dug likes it best if you scream out in agony along real loud!!!

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This Halloween Could Be Your Last Halloween. 🎃
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Halloween has it’s origins in the ancient Celtic holiday called “Samhain.” Samhain was originally a fall festival, which marked the end of the harvest and the beginning of the dark half of the year. It was believed that on the night of October 31st, the veil between the realm of the living and that of the dead would weaken, and the dead would return to the world of the living. The Catholic Church made attempts to sanitize or erase Samhain, which resulted in it’s morphing into Halloween and appealing to a wider range of people.







Stingy Jack - https://www.history.com/news/history-of-the-jack-o-lantern-irish-origins







Halloween Comes to America (p664) https://books.google.com/books?id=GYFPAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA664&dq=history+of+halloween++pope+boniface&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiG8ong1rLsAhWLhHIEHSqgDcYQ6AEwCXoECAkQAg#v=onepage&q=history%20of%20halloween%20%20pope%20boniface&f=false

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celebrities are freaky? Did i mention santanic aswell? THE SIMPSONS COME IN 2 VERSIONS A VERSION FOR THOSE WHO SEE & A VERSION FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT: FIND OUT MORE CLICK LINK https://meditationforfreedom.co.uk/simpsons-predictive-programming/

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Halloween Phenomena sync.

2 months, 1 week ago

We went out drinking during Halloween this year and dressed up as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar from the SNL skit and movie, Wayne’s World, We got absolutely hammered and had a night for the record books. Complete with ruining the vision of Wayne and Garth for a drunk that saw Garth (Jenn) grinding into Wayne’s (Ian’s) crotch, and puking a homeless man’s “home”.

From #79: PARTY ON, WAYNE! 1st LIVESTREAM - Halloween '22/Our Anniversary | Til Death Podcast | 11.12.22

IG/Twitter: @tildeathpdcst

The Whiskey Capitalist:
Twitter: @WhiskeyCapPod

All content Produced/Recorded by:
Ian and Jennifer Avina
Produced/Edited/Mixed/Mastered By:
Ian Avina of Til Death Studios

Intro Music:

Violent Vibe Tribe:


Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, teaching, education, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by the copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

#WaynesWorld #Halloween #PartyOn

#Livestream #WayneCampbell #GarthAlgar #Drunk #Party #SNL #MikeMyers #DanaCarvey #Homeless #Chiropractor #ViralVideos #News #Podcast #Controversial #Culture #DIY #Irreverent #Marriage #Husband #Wife

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Halloween, Party Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine, AGPTEK Fog Machine with 13 Colorful LED Lights Effect, 500W and 2000CFM Fog with 1 Wired Receiver and 2 Wireless Remote Controls, Perfect for Wedding, Halloween, Party and Stage Effect

Order Now : https://amzn.to/3EB49Fc

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Just thought it was cool enough to share. I had alot of fun making that music lol and the stable diffusion animation. I feel like a nasa astronaut

2 months, 2 weeks ago

You get to see what upset Frankenstein https://cutt.ly/6MWqTGe

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Halloween: Resurrection is a 2002 American slasher film directed by Rick Rosenthal, who had also directed Halloween II in 1981. Larry Brand and Sean Hood devised the screenplay. The film is a direct sequel to Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and the eighth installment overall in the Halloween franchise. It stars Busta Rhymes, Bianca Kajlich, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Merriman, Sean Patrick Thomas, Tyra Banks and Jamie Lee Curtis, with Brad Loree as the primary villain Michael Myers. This was the final installment of the H20 timeline of the Halloween franchise, which had just been rebooted with the previous movie in 1998, before it was rebooted again in 2007 and again in 2018. The film follows Myers continuing his murderous rampage in his hometown of Haddonfield when his childhood house is used for a live internet horror show.

The writers of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later were left with a dilemma when Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to end the series, but Moustapha Akkad had a clause that legally wouldn't allow the writers to kill Michael Myers off. According to the Blu-ray released by Scream Factory, Curtis almost left the project just weeks before filming, until Kevin Williamson came up with the paramedic story line and presented it to Akkad. Curtis finally agreed to be a part of the film under the condition that no footage hinting toward a sequel would be presented by the film, and that the audience would believe that Michael was dead until the inevitable sequel was announced. Resurrection's first shot of Michael in the paramedic uniform was filmed the day after H20's principal photography ended, according to H20's editor, Patrick Lussier. Daniel Farrands, screenwriter of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, unsuccessfully proposed Halloween 8: Lord of the Dead, which would have featured Laurie Strode as the main antagonist.

Both Whitney Ransick and Dwight H. Little were approached to direct the film but turned it down. Later Rick Rosenthal, the director of Halloween II, was chosen to direct. During the casting period of the film, producers considered Danielle Harris (who played Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers) for a role in the film. Bianca Kajlich's screams had to be dubbed in postproduction because of her inability to scream. The film's trailer was delivered on April 26, 2002, with the release of Jason X. Principal photography began in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 14, 2001 with the opening scene filmed at Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, BC.

Originally known as Halloween: Homecoming, Halloween H2K, and Halloween: MichaelMyers.com before the producers chose the final title as they wanted one that let audiences know Michael Myers was alive.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

You are Jimmy, on Halloween day your mom goes shopping in the middle of the night leaving you and your brother Jeffrey alone at home.

- Game by Spring Rabbit

Get the Game: https://spring-rabbit.itch.io/jimmys-halloween

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Lemax Spooky Town [Official Website]
Welcome to Spooky Town, the world's most frightfully fun Halloween Village. We've gathered a "spooktacular" collection of finely crafted lighted buildings, animated accessories, detailed / landscaping and ghoulish figurines to help you celebrate this popular holiday.


2 months, 3 weeks ago

In this video we look back at this years never before seen Halloween festivals being celebrated publicly in the city of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. We discuss why it is unacceptable and some of the hadith relating to end times.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

A re-upload of the original video, which was uploaded to YouTube on October 31'rd, 2022.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

A re-upload of the original video, which was uploaded to YouTube on October 28'th, 2022.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Ghoulish Productions [Official Website]
Thanks to you, we are celebrating 70 years of producing the first commercial mask of our founder Rafael Esponda Vila (REV).
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Both a harvesting fest?

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Elon Musk - Satanistyczny kostium halloweenowy z Bafometem

Sources: / Źródła:

All-seeing eye, Lucifer, religions, astral vs spiritual world, energy, vibrations ENG/PL:

Satanic concert - Satanistyczny koncert - Astroworld Scott Travis 11.2021 ENG:

Lil Masti - ILLUMINATI 2019 PL + d. ENG:

Queen Elizabeth II lights platinum jubilee beacon at Buckingham Palace 06.2022 ENG/PL:

Satanic fashion show at London Cathedral - Satanistyczny pokaz mody w londyńskiej katedrze 09.2017:

American Stonehenge - Georgia Guidestones 04.2021 ENG/PL:

Szwajcaria: satanistyczno-okultystyczne otwarcie tunelu Św. Gotarda 06.2016 PL + d. ENG:

NASA lies - Are space travels fake? Czy podróże kosmiczne, to ściema? 03.2019 ENG:

Australia - The push to have satanism taught in Brisbane state schools | 7NEWS:

Australia - New York Post - satanic ritual accidentally appeared in the news 08.2021:

Golden Globes 01.2019 Christian Bale "Thank you to satan for giving me inpiration" ENG/PL:

USA Detroit unveiling of the statue of satan - odsłonięcie pomnika szatana 27.07.2015 ENG/PL:

Satanic invocation meeting Pensacola, Florida city council 07.2016:

Zena LaVey, Nickolas - illuminati in the music industry / w przemyśle muzycznym 1988 ENG/PL:

Satanic ritual by Capitol / satanistyczny rytuał przy Kapitolu USA 03.2020:

Satanic ritual in Capitol / satanistyczny rytuał w Kapitolu USA 03.2020:

Satanic educational book for children / satanistyczna edukacyjna książka dla dzieci 10.2015 ENG/PL:

Celine Dion starts weird demonic clothing line for kids 11.2018 ENG:

W bardzo dużym skrócie / In a very big short:
satanizm = masoni = illuminati = syjoniści = NWO = szatan = zło = kabała = złe rasy kosmiczne
satanism = masons = illuminati = zionists = NWO = satan = evil = cabal = evil space races

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Memories of Halloween 2022 from all around the grid in Secondlife.
Music: Devious Little Smile by Godmode via YouTube Audio Library
Photos by: Shumani Aeon
#secondlife #secondlifedestinations #halloween

For entertainment only ~ No copyright infringement intended ~ these are just my memories of a good time, kept in a safe place x

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Waking The Future - 31st October 2022

Big thanks to Waking The Future, originally aired on Halloween 2022.
http://awakened-attire.com/ - Keep warm and toasty this winter with a hoody from Awakened Attire, keep warm, wake people up and support ya boys at WtF.



Contact: [email protected]

2 months, 4 weeks ago

In this clip Number Six and John Henry along with TNP Contributor Chris Graves talk about how Paul Pelosi likes to celebrate Halloween.
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2 months, 4 weeks ago

We got trivia, strange facts, newspaper clippings from 100 years ago, Vintage Postcards, & MORE!!!!!!!!!

You'd be a dummy not to watch.

Merry Thanksgiving.

2 months, 4 weeks ago

BYD LIVE takes about getting attacked, recapping Halloween, How to Cheat and Pishadoo of The Week

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers is a 1995 American slasher film directed by Joe Chappelle and written by Daniel Farrands. The film stars Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd and Marianne Hagan. It is the sixth installment in the Halloween film series, and concludes the Jamie Lloyd story arc established in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. Set six years after the events of Halloween 5, the plot follows Michael Myers as he stalks the Strode family (Laurie Strode's uncle and the latter's wife, daughter and grandson), in order to kill his last surviving relatives while Dr. Sam Loomis pursues him once more. The film also reveals the source of Michael's immortality and his drive to kill.

Shot in Salt Lake City in the fall of 1994, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers had a reported troubled production. Its original cut performed poorly with test audiences, leading to the film undergoing a series of reshoots and edits. The finished film was distributed by Dimension Films, who would go on to distribute the rest of the series until 2018's Halloween. It was released on September 29, 1995, grossing $15.1 million at the domestic box office on a budget of $5 million, and was panned by critics upon release. Donald Pleasence died on February 2, 1995, nearly eight months before the film was released. The film was dedicated to his memory.

After the film's home media release, the original workprint of the film, which featured 45 minutes of alternative footage and a different ending, was discovered by fans of the series. This version, dubbed the Producer's Cut, developed a cult following, with bootleg DVD copies sold on eBay and online petitions targeting for an official release of it. In 2014, the Producer's Cut was officially released on Blu-ray.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was followed by Halloween H20: 20 Years Later in 1998, which does not contain any references to Jamie Lloyd storyline of the prior three films (although they were featured in the original script and comic book tie-ins published by Chaos! Comics), instead serving as a direct sequel to Halloween II (1981).

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Bugs Bunny stopped by on Halloween and kicked Ernie out of the bathroom.

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Waarom is het één schokkend en het andere entertainment? Kinderen zijn nog niet in staat dat verschil te (h)erkennen!

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers is a 1989 American slasher film co-written and directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard, and starring Donald Pleasence and Danielle Harris. The fifth installment in the Halloween series, it follows serial killer Michael Myers who again returns to the town of Haddonfield to murder his niece, Jamie Lloyd, who, traumatized from his previous attack on her, has been institutionalized following her attempt to murder her foster mother.

After the success of the previous installment, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers was rushed into production by executive producer Moustapha Akkad. The original screenplay, which was still under revision at the time filming began, introduced elements of supernatural horror, including Jamie possessing a telepathic link to Michael Myers, as well as a storied subplot in which Myers, under the influence of a cult centered around the ancient rune of Thorn, is driven to kill his bloodline. While the final cut of the film features a mysterious "Man in Black" character, the "Curse of Thorn" subplot was largely minimized, resulting in audiences and critics expressing some confusion, though it was expanded upon in the following film, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

Filmed in Salt Lake City in mid-1989, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers was released theatrically in North America in October of that year by the independent studio Galaxy Releasing.

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***This Halloween, I thought it would be fun to throw on some hats and become Hatzoff2candles again- plus I wanted to wear a cute hat. Crowns can get boring. YT I am still behind in posting videos so as far as u know, I haven't ascended to Queen yet. Sorry for the confusion.***

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Carving Candle Review:

This is not your ordinary Pumpkin candle. This is Pumpkin elevated. Halloween clearance is happening now and I suggest u pick up this candle. There is a chai note here that's TO DIE FOR.

Grade: B+ - the scent itself gets an A, but the candle burned unevenly

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Hey, we have election season and Holiday season all wrapped up together in 2022!!
So, I decided to make a video to cheer you up. Comment down below on my talent for spreading joy.

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is a 1988 American slasher film directed by Dwight H. Little, written by Alan B. McElroy, and starring Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell, Danielle Harris in her film debut, and Michael Pataki. The fourth installment in the Halloween franchise, it follows Michael Myers returning to Haddonfield after being in a coma to kill his niece Jamie Lloyd, the daughter of Laurie Strode, with his former psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis again pursuing him.

As its title suggests, the film marks the return of Michael Myers after his absence in Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). It is a direct sequel to Halloween II (1981), ignoring the events of Season of the Witch, which took place in a different continuity from the first two films. Initially, John Carpenter and co-producer Debra Hill intended to create an anthology series, with only the first two films being connected. Halloween 4 was originally intended to be a ghost story, but after the poor reception of Halloween III due to not being a continuation of Michael's story, the film reintroduced him, and he has remained the main antagonist of the series ever since.

Released in the United States on October 21, 1988, Halloween 4 grossed $17.8 million domestically on a budget of $5 million, and received mostly negative reviews from critics. However, the film, much like the series in general, has developed a strong cult following since its release. The film begins the "Thorn Trilogy" story arc which would be continued in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

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Please find Adam's channel here:


I had a great chat with Adam from the Sugartree Truth channel about Halloween, Vibrational Realms, Black Goo, Dimensions and the future of Humanity.


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😈 Troll or Nod to Satan
👉 Courtesy: Lifesitenews

Elon Musk dresses up as ‘devil’s champion’ with baphomet image for Halloween

Many observers are concerned about the implications of Musk’s satanic costume, which they see as an intentional reflection of his beliefs and identity.
Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter and the richest man in the world, donned a “Devil’s Champion” costume to a Halloween bash on Monday evening, complete with a Baphomet icon and an upside-down cross.

Musk wore the red leather, gladiator-like costume from the shop Abracadabra NYC to model Heidi Klum’s 21st annual Halloween party at New York City’s Moxy Hotel, the Associated Press reported.

One Twitter user compared the costume’s insignia, which emblazoned a chest plate as well as two arm plates, to a satanic baphomet image that likewise sports an inverted cross, showing their close resemblance to each other.

While Musk is widely praised by conservatives for his free speech stance, his outfit immediately sparked concern, among Christians especially, over its blatantly satanic imagery.

“Musk’s take on free speech should be celebrated but as of right now it’s quite fair to question why the world’s richest man, who is also a major U.S. Defense contractor (SpaceX) and is the owner of [Neuralink], a company attempting to hook the human brain up to computers, is wearing the Baphomet coupled with inverted crosses as if it’s a badge of honor,” remarked Anthony Scott for the Gateway Pundit.

One of the most “liked” responses to Musk’s costume on Twitter was, “I love when they tell you exactly who they are like this. And then people think you’re crazy when you simply pay attention.”

While mainstream media commentators have disparaged apprehension over the costume as needless “obsession” over something “harmless,” the costume does call into question Musk’s beliefs, loyalties and spiritual practices, other remarks by Musk considered, since the satanic Baphomet image traditionally represents evil.

As Scott has suggested, his true beliefs are consequential not only because of his wealth and his popularity with the youth, but because of the potentially unprecedented human influence baked into a brain-computer interface (BCI) implant being developed by his company Neuralink.

Musk believes use of such BCIs will soon become commonplace and has predicted on a May 2020 Joe Rogan podcast that humans will “telepathically” communicate with each other within “five to 10 years” if progress goes smoothly.

Such technology raises hugely consequential ethical questions that can be approached in very different ways depending on one’s moral framework.
While Musk’s moral beliefs are unclear, his interviews and comments indicate that he rejects God and traditional religions. He shared in an interview earlier this year that he does not “worship” anything, but instead “devote[s]” himself “to the advancement of humanity.”

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I read most candy, especially gum, has Senomyx in it. Senomyx is a flavor enhancer made with aborted baby DNA. They're not required to list it as an ingredient. Also, most chocolate candy is not chocolate, but cocoa. Add to that jews owning all, or most, candy manufacturers and my enthusiasm for candy has dwindled. The best gift you can give people now is homemade candy, bread, etc. I've even searched online on how to order a cocoa pod. That's probably the only way you'll get real chocolate now (unless they're modified too).

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Deutschland Kurier 03.11.2022
Schon wieder kam es am vergangenen Halloween-Abend zu gewalttätigen Exzessen junger Migranten in deutschen und österreichischen Städten.

Ein Kommentar des Kreisvorsitzenden der AfD Mülheim an der Ruhr (NRW), Alexander von Wrese.

Besuchen Sie auch die DK-Seite im Netz: https://deutschlandkurier.de/

Bitte folgen Sie dem Deutschland-Kurier 🇩🇪 auch auf ➠

Telegram: https://t.me/DEKurier
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deutschlandkurier.
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@deutschland.kurier
Gettr: https://www.gettr.com/user/deu_kurier
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deu_Kurier
Telegram Video: https://t.me/DeutschlandKURIERVideo

#Halloween #Krawalle #Migrantengewalt
Aktuelle CHEMBUSTER Geoengineering Videos:
Hollands Wettermanipulationen & Haarp: Highway to Hell - 06.07.2022 -
Scheveningen - Pracht, Chemtrails, HAARP und schräge Kunst 05.07.2022
Den Haag Impressionen - garniert mit HAARP - 3. Juli 2022
malerisches Gouda - mehr HAARP als Käse!!! 02.07.2022
Kinderdijk Windmühlen - ein Chemtrail- und HAARP Paradies! 30.06.2022
Dunkle Wolken über Delft - Weltuntergangsstimmung und "Wiederauferstehung" - 27.06.2022
Eines der versteckten Ziele des Krieges in der Ukraine: die Zerstückelung und der Ruin Europas:

Meine Kanäle:

Mein Gruß an alle Partioten in der Welt:

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I always enjoy watching Bill Maher swallow another Red-Pill.

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😈 Look how Satan worship leads to the cold blooded murder and massacre.

💭 Two days before the fascist Galla-Oromo regime and its allies started an all-out Jihad against ancient Christians of Northern Ethiopia ( 3-4 November, 2020), at least 54 Christians were massacred on the 1st of November, 2020 by the Oromos in in an area of western Ethiopia known as Wollega. Victims mostly Christian Amhara women and children and elderly people. The Christians were dragged from their homes and taken to a school, where they were brutally massacred. Drunk with the blood of the Christians, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus, the Satan-worshiping Oromos went on slaughtering over a million Orthodox Christians across Tigray, historical northern Ethiopia.

☆ Halloween = Diwali = Islam = Oromo Ireecha = Thanksgiving (Blood sacrifice)
☆ ሃለዊን = ዲዋሊ = እስልምና = ኢሬቻ ምስጋና (ለደም ግብር)
👹 Halloween + Diwali = Hallowali

💭 South Korea Satanic HALLOWEEN Crush Kills 120, Injures 100

Celebrating Satanic Rituals in Saudi Arabia | Halloween = Diwali = Ireecha = Islam

💭 በሳውዲ አረቢያ የሰይጣን ስርአቶችን ማክበር | ሃሎዊን = ዲዋሊ = ኢሬቻ = ኢስልምና

💭 Apocalypse in India: People Are Suffocating | Terrible Dust Storm in Bollywood Mumbai

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A young trick-or-treater, donates some of her own candy upon finding an empty candy bowl. FOX9 Mpls 11/02/2022

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❗️ Starker Tobak zu Halloween. 🎃 🎃 🎃 Verbreiten Sie diese Sendung an alle Menschen, die Sie kennen, und sichern Sie diese auch auf Ihrem Rechner! Es kommt jetzt auf SIE an. 🙏 🙏 🙏

Halloween hat seinen Ursprung im Samhain-Fest, an dem Menschen geopfert wurden. Gibt es Menschenopfer noch heute? 27 Opfer und 27 Zeugen quer durch die ganze Welt bejahen dies und sagen Erschreckendes aus über eine „grausame Blutsekte“. Ihre Aussagen decken sich mit 100en von weiteren Opfern und Zeugenaussagen, die alle unabhängig voneinander dasselbe bezeugen. Schnallen Sie sich an und konfrontieren Sie sich mit diesen Aussagen. Verbreiten Sie diese Sendung.

00:51:31:08 Corona und Politik: Die Hintergründe werden verschwiegen – von Urs Hans SENDEREIHE 6/9
Urs Hans, Zürcher Kantonsrat und Präsident des Vereins „Public Eye on Science“ führte am 2. Oktober 2022 als Organisator durch die Corona-Kundgebung in Winterthur. Zum Thema Corona reichte er im Kantonsparlament von Zürich drei Standesinitiativen ein. An der Kundgebung berichtete er über eine weitere Standesinitiative, die er im Zusammenhang mit dem Krieg in der Ukraine eingereicht hat. Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, was diese Initiative bezwecken soll.

01:03:47:20 Erfolglose Medienhetze zum Reformationstag
Anlässlich des Reformationstages haben sich in der Lutherstadt Wittenberg verschiedenste Bündnisse und tausende Menschen aus ganz Deutschland versammelt - für Frieden, Freiheit und Souveränität. Ob die „rechte“ Medienhetze im Vorfeld berechtigt war und welche Konsequenzen die Gruppen aus den Spaltungsversuchen ziehen, zeigt nachfolgende Sendung.

01:18:37:00 Nullzinspolitik führt zur Zerstörung des Gemeinwohls
Die Nullzinspolitik verursacht eine schleichende Enteignung der Mittelschicht und schadet somit dem Gemeinwohl. Sie kommt den Vermögenden entgegen, während die Normalverdiener die Leidtragenden sind.

KlagemauerTV Folgt uns auf Telegram

Bitte abonnieren - folgen

#NWO #GreatReset #Blutsekte #Halloween #CoronaPolitik #WEF #KlausSchwab #Medienhetze #Reformationstag #Nullzinspolitik #Enteignung

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5th upload attempt.
Happy Halloween! It's the most spookiest time of the year, here are some things that go 'clout' in the night.. 🧟‍♂️

Wow, totally mysteriously my upload speed has totally diminished, funny how rando happenings seemingly by chance can interfere badly. Who needs A.I attacks when you've got the knee of "alt" media firmly on your neck anyway..



Contact: [email protected]

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Office Manager Killed in Halloween Party - Halloween Party Video. Lots of fun with horror.

We just created that video for the fun which was in my office. That video is not created to harm anyone. It was just fun together in the office and capturing funny moments. Hope you will love watching the video.

Halloween ki party ka arrangement office me kiya gaya and we just recorded some funny moment. We will share more videos which we will create in our office. So please like the video, share karo and subscribe krna na bhule.

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On the Halloween episode of GPS;

- Kevin showed up as himself
- What happened to Drew Carrey?
- Monks
- The Batman/Ben Affleck returning to the cape
- Affleck's acting in his own movies, and other people's movies
- Best Superman portrayal/ Best Batman portrayal
- Will Smith was supposed to be Neo!?!
- Shane's compliment
- Elon Musk and the sink
- Working from home
- The Transient
- Full Blown AIDS
- The significance of the upside down pineapple
- 4Chan
- Rings of Power showrunners sidelined for season 2
- Celebrity myths
- Mansplaining the Hun
- Women freeze one another's panties in Wyoming
- Conspiracy Corner: Denver International Airport
- Coffee Brand Coffee deal information

Opening Theme -
Title: Garage - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (No Copyright Music)
Video Link: https://youtu.be/JQMpl4Peln8
Genre Music: Rock - Country

Opening Video -
Dumpster fire Brighton Fire 04-18-13

Velvet Alley Designs -

Coffee Brand Coffee -
Use the coupon code: garbagepailskids to receive 5% off your purchase. You will be supporting an independent, growing company, as well as our show in the process!!

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Are all or most of these houses empty of residents!?! Sketchy multinational corporations are apparently buying up our US housing stock and only renting out to 3rd world hostile muslims, chinese, latinos aka "refugees, migrants, etc."

Karl Schwab warned the sheeple "You will own nothing and be happy".

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SchizoFRENnia Academia's Halloween Show 2021

Find Hab's Docs & All SA Episodes @ https://thatswhathappened.tv/habbeningnetnews/

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A little late but no one's paying me so whatever.

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My poor laptop couldn't handle the crazy.
Streamed on twitch.tv/thegreatratzu via OBS.
Recorded for upload via OBS. (11/01/22)

Accounts - https://linktr.ee/chatzu

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