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3 months, 2 weeks ago

We take a look at the new Retro GP430, a Raspberry Pi CM3 handheld with the ability to emulate your old games, but is it worth $170?
WHERE TO BUY: https://bit.ly/2Dmyjz8

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 First Look
01:40 Externals
05:24 User Interface
06:21 Dreamcast Emulation
07:06 PS1 Emulation
07:56 N64 Emulation
08:50 Mega Drive Emulation
09:50 Final Thoughts

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7 months ago

This is the all-new KinHank GP430 Retro emulation handheld console. With a 4.3 inch IPS screen and powered by the Raspberry Pi CM3 Lite this is looking like a pretty awesome handheld but the price is a bit steep going in at $160-180 depending on where you pick it up from.
In this video, we do an unboxing, too over the specs test out some games from N64, PSP, Dreamcast, GBA, and even Sega CD, and finally, we do a quick tear down to see what’s inside!
Should you buy the GP430? Let's find out!


Learn More Or Buy it Here: https://bit.ly/32jIcYa

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9 months, 1 week ago

Today we have Fatal Craft, which is my favorite game (so far) on Watara Supervision. Supervision intended to outdo Nintendo's Game Boy with a lower price and added features.

Fatal Craft is a side-scrolling shmup and was Supervision's answer to Nemesis/Gradius on Game Boy. It plays largely similarly, but there are no shortage of differences. One big difference is that Fatal Craft is really, really hard. So hard, that I made this entire game review but cannot clear level 1. Junk games journalism for sure!

So if you've seen level 2, give me a hint at what's there. Also, my high score is 14,100, so let me know when you beat it. Despite my limited experience with the game, I'm rather confident that I'm one of the top 10 Fatal Craft players of this millennium. ;)

2 years, 7 months ago