6 Keto-Friendly Meals
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If you want to take all the guesswork out of your diet and follow a guaranteed-to-work plan, then you'll love my brand-new custom keto meal plan service.

For the last few years, I’ve united leading nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs to develop custom keto meal plans that are effective, convenient, cost-effective, and (most importantly) enjoyable.

And when I say "custom" meal plan, I mean it. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, “here are some recipes pulled together from random blogs” meal plans many nutrition “gurus” sell for way too much money.

Instead, we tailor your entire meal plan to your own unique situation, needs, goals, and dietary preferences to ensure you experience optimal progress and follow a diet you enjoy.

In other words, your days of suffering on ineffective and overly-restrictive diets are finally over. It's time to start working based on a method that's best for you.

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Increases fat-burning

Decreases hunger

Helps with blood sugar control

Increases weight loss

Increases longevity

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PETER KWONG has been a martial arts practitioner for more than 25 years. His background in martial arts started in northern California studying Hung Kuen Sil Lum from Sifu Y.C. Wong. Peter then moved to southern California and studied Yau Kung Mon Sil Lum under Sifu Richard Van for several years. Finally, Peter studied with Sifu Johnny So under the Northern Shaolin Style.

It is through a seventeen-year practice of Northern Shaolin, with fellow senior classmates, that eventually led to the study of Tai-Chi Chuan and Chi Kung meditation. It is his hope to share this knowledge with those who have the desire to learn and benefit from Tai-Chi Chuan.

According to Peter, "Tai-Chi is based on the principles of I Ching (Book of Changes) and the Philosophy of Yin and Yang, which means maintaining a balanced way of life.
Tai-Chi is actually a martial art based on the development and circulation of one’s internal energy or vital force of life - the "Chi", which is the basis of the Chinese health system."

Peter's career as a full time actor has led him to be in more than 80 stage, television, and feature film roles. You may recognize him from "Big Trouble in Little China", "Golden Child", "The Presidio", Gleaming the Cube", TV's "My Wife and Kids", "The District", "King Of The Hill", just to name a few. He served on the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. And he is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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