Ray Dalio has spent the last few years studying economic cycles and the rise and fall of various civilizations. He's combed through all the economic data and essentially presented via social media in a series of posts called 'The Changing World Order'. In today's video we are going to focus on one particular portion of his series, a portion he labels as 'The Classic Toxic Mix' - What this mix is and what it will lead to. That is the question we are after, and using reliable data we look to extract from history where this is all heading. Embedded deep in this long post is the magical portion that theorises what factors bring down countries and great economies like the US. The first being the country and their people being in bad financial shape leading to a horrible market crash and economic ruin.

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3 weeks ago

$GME Gamestop captivated the nation for the last week, as Wall Street bats riders drove the price into the stratosphere. What will be the ultimate outcome of these actions that were taken, both by the retail investor, as well as the large hedge funds, like Melvin Capital + Citadel Who is stand to make or lose a tremendous amount on GME outcome.
The shorting of stocks will be explained, as well as the psychology of the response, and the attempted dousing of the fire by prohibiting buy orders on the app RobinHood.

#GME #RobinHood #hedgefunds
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So we all saw Gamestop stock on the rise this week due to redditers banning together. Now the 1 percenters are freaking out trying to ban/limit what you can do with apps like robinhood, webull, etrade, etc. we hope you guys enjoy, and don't forget to follow and rate.

Episode 21- Reddit Vs Hedge Funds (Gamestop).

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3 months, 2 weeks ago

The conflict around the #Gamestop​ stock started with hedge funds shorting a stock, then into retail traders investing which overturned the actions of the hedge funds.

This led to an SEC investigation into the retail traders, and a flurry of news articles and social media posts.

The conflict later led to investment app Robinhood blocking select investments on its app, and users have now responded with a class-action lawsuit against it.

To learn more about what's happening, Joshua Philipp speaks with Charles Mizrahi, Host of The Charles Mizrahi Show, who also runs the Alpha Investor newsletter.

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3 months, 2 weeks ago

A bunch of people on Reddit realized that GameStop's stock was being shorted by Wall Street's hedge funds, so they decided to act.

They started buying GameStop's stock as billionaire hedge funds were attacking its stock to destroy the company and force it into bankruptcy.

As a result, GameStop's stock skyrocketed straight up, and the attack on it by the Wall street mafia failed, leading to losses in the billions for the hedge funds.

As a retaliation, Wall Street shut down trading, and Big Tech is now deleting comments and reviews to censor reality in favor of a fairy tale that they'll invent later to protect their interests.

#GameStop #WallStreet #HedgeFunds #HedgeFund #Reddit #Robinhood #WallStreetHedgeFunds #WallStreetHedgeFund #ShortingStock


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3 months, 2 weeks ago

1) Robinhood stopped allowing people to BUY $GME.
2) Robinhood has a business relationship with the firm that has a 2+ billion dollar relationship with the hedge fund that was shorting $GME.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

By blocking purchases of GameStop, AMC, Nokia, and Blackberry, Robinhood betrays their purpose. Instead of helping normal people invest and gain wealth, they decided to side with the elites at the expense of the poor.

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