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5 days ago

Dancing in connection is easier when the partner named “follower” starts with the leading role.
Until the leader takes over, as soon as everything runs smooth enough.

Connecting while both moving to the music is an illusion.
Just like being equal is an illusion in a hierarchie.

Try letting yourself be moved by the movement of your partner.
Or try moving the legs of your partner to the rhythm of the music.
Using the connection your partner is providing for that.

The difficult part of that is not the movement or your repertoire,
but rather, maintaining to be yourself without wanting to change the other,
or wanting to live up to expectations yourself or admitting to fears.
Wanting to anticipate or helping the other with his task.
Difficulties with not being good at it already.
Difficulties with giving away control.

Practicing not to react to movements from the leader, can be a way to maintain being yourself,
until you feel enough pressure to provide the counter-pressure needed to let yourself be moved.
Or even to stop the leader from moving.
Or let him stop you from moving.

So he can fasten your shoe laces, for example.

If the leader feels your counter-pressure as a reaction to the pressure he’s providing,
He can make a step with your leg and put his foot in the space that is created.
By clearly moving his weight from left to right, he can also move your weight from left to right,
so he can feel which leg he can move.

And before the walking would get boring, new possibilities to move her will start to exist.
As long as she will provide counterpressure as a reaction to the pressure she receives,
you move like one body on four legs.
And come to a halt like one body on four legs.

This way you can play with the pressure and counter-pressure you receive.

During this play, you will get to know the personality of your partner.
But moreover your own personality and how you can handle the one of your partner,
and how useless it is to blame anyone/anything except yourself for any failure.

You learn to handle rejection, setback, arrogance and shame.
But also attention, affection, intimacy and teamwork.
The power to develop yourself in any social field.

With old friends but also with complete strangers.
Spontaneous and for anyone available.

Independent from money, authorities, rules or regulations.

Because what is it what you are looking for when you…
When you supposedly “go out, chill out, or going out for a drink”...?

Searching for sexuality as a result of a shortage of social contact?
Social contact, a good conversation, affection, humanity?


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3 months, 3 weeks ago

For the first time in 23 years dancing tango, a dance teacher was interested in finding out how I can dance with beginners and literally form one body on 4 legs, instead of just looking like one, like it's being taught in their lessons.

Like most other dancers, she is used to the idea that we both create a connection but, when I tell her that if she takes full responsibility for this connection,
I can focus on moving her weight to 1 leg so I can move her other leg into a step, putting my leg in the place where her leg used to be.

So after having had several dances struggling to find her connection, we decided to give it another try.
Now we miraculously melt together, as she stops moving trying to follow me and starts letting my movement move her.

What a wonderful experience! Even better when she even thanks me for sharing this.

Did you find out by now that being yourself, is the only requirement for being able to be 1 body on 4 legs,
and that, keeping up appearances like looking like 1 body on 4 legs, will keep you from understanding reality?

6 months, 1 week ago

When I visit events with other dance styles than tango, the participants seem to feel more need for sexually oriented activity.

I think because the intimacy during tango is so high, that it's already satisfying enough.
Especially for women.

On the other hand, the more women tend to be focused on "unpleasant" behavior of men, the more they seem to be unaware of showing the same behavior themselves.

For example rules to avoid unpleasant situations usually include the prohibition to start hanging the follower upside down too early or to "teach" the partner what to do during the dance. Or the option to stop dancing if the leader is pushing you around.

While after that being said, several women tend to throw themselves backward before I do anything in order to hang them upside down, tend to teach me steps, without any request for that from me,
and all tend to push and pull me around themselves, probably hoping it's what I wanted to lead them in.

This connects with everyday life trying to change others, that usually doesn't work.

Translated to dancing,
if you feel being pushed around by your leader and you try to stop your leader from pushing, by pushing back, he most probably will feel this counter-pressure as an invitation to push harder.

If you simply disconnect, there will be nothing left for pushing against.

6 months, 2 weeks ago

I believe that one of the most effective ways how we enslaved ourselves to the system, is by exploiting the free pleasures of life.

The best example is prostitution.
Making money with, for many, the biggest pleasure in life.

Unless a prostitute invites me clearly for paid sex, her intention will most probably be to trick me.

Also in Tangoland, some people who get paid for offering a free pleasure of life, tend to trick people into signing in before revealing a price.

I would prefer exchanging free experience, offering paid service or classes as an option.

A woman that showed interest in my free Acroplay gatherings, reminded me how easily I can be fooled by this system.

She wrote why, and how much pleasure it gave her to massage people.
That she would like to do it for everyone, every day.
It seemed to teach her about herself and everyday life, like dancing in connection or Acroplay does for me.

As she didn't seem to be ready to accept my invitations for Acroplay,
I decided to accept her invitation to do a massage session.

Planned well in advance, a week later she sends me a link to her website, asking me to check it out in order to prepare myself.

So I did, but mostly to find out, why this need for massaging people, suddenly seems to be turning into a professional need to make money.
And yes, in the end indicated a price of €50 per hour.

I can imagine that most people would feel stupid about themselves, that they should have known that this lady is a professional and all these virtues about connectivity between people is forgotten.

So the lesson I learned was not to depend on money for getting what I need the most in life.

Find more videos with this kind of stories on:

6 months, 3 weeks ago

I always experienced traditional tango like a load of fun playing with the connection together.

But once I got the hold of it, I noticed that most advanced dancers only seem to enjoy dancing with dancers of the same level,
or only with specific dancers that learned to get to know their movements
or simply give them full control in return for a VIP treatment.

Although the tango community is the most peaceful loving community I ever experienced,
also in this community, people are being divided by rules, sequences, poses and basic steps that determine how we can dance with others of the same level.

Unless we find out and practice how to move the legs of our partner into any sequence, using our torso,
our partner has practiced to maintain a connection, making the movement of our torso move her legs.

This way we don't need to worry about the level of experience of our partner anymore and we can enjoy dancing with anyone we feel comfortable with and eventually even with anyone we don't feel comfortable with.

We learn to cooperate with others in many different ways and most of all, we learn to know ourselves.
Our limits, our hidden capacities, our weaknesses and our skills.

Imagine how this world would look like if we all would know ourselves in detail, how to cooperate with others and how to achieve mutual goals without depending on regulations and rules anymore.

MORE INFO: http://fpww.nl

7 months ago