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Hex Community Price Speculations

Crediting Original Source |

It's never been easier to learn quickly about #HEX!

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|•∞ HEX Resources ∞•|

HEX Financial Audit : Financial Analysis of Stakes by CoinFabrik
"We were able to verify that longer stakes pay better than short re-compounding stakes."

HEX Contract in Layman's Terms / Whitepaper

Hexican Blogs : Information About HEX Cryptocurrency

The Most Intelligent and Beautiful Charts Displaying Every Imaginable Aspect of the HEX System

Other Excellent Sites
https://Hex.vision | https://Hex.live | https://Hexinfo.io

Live Price Chart for HEX/USDC Pair

8 months, 3 weeks ago

There is a misconception in investing whether it’s crypto or stocks that something of high value must only be a high value because it’s successful and thus legitimate. I want to break down why this is absolutely not the case.

Whether we look at Hertz swinging with crazy volatility as it goes bankrupt or SushiSwap going up to $10 right away and now down to $1, we know that high value doesn’t mean stable or legitimate.

What’s more important though is when we have projects with high market caps on the verge of basically scamming people. Now while I’m not accusing any of these projects of being scams, they all have many red flags that one could then lead to that conclusion themselves upon verifying.

I’ve covered this all before but never touched HEX on video, so here we go. We will be looking again at Theta, DLive, and now HEX too. The reasons being that: 1. These are some of my most watched and hated videos 2. People believe that value proves legitimacy using value as evidence and that needs debunking.

This breaks down a bunch of projects you should avoid too in one video plus several others, but today we will focus on three big projects. - https://lbry.tv/@ScottCBusiness:4/Blockchain-Social-Platforms-You-Should-Really-Avoid:7

Interestingly enough, if you watch along in my videos and or read the blogs attached check out the previous ones which I will link below, you will see all of the information and evidence yourself. Funnily enough, the day I reviewed this Samsung dropped out of its partnership with Theta. People keep telling me I was wrong because the price went up. It’s funny because it’s only gotten worse, but I never said the price wouldn’t go up. Not enough people have seen my video, they’re working with previous co-founders from YouTube and Twitch so I’m unsurprised they can pull off big partnerships. While the nodes may do well, the platform is a money suck and I’m surprised anyone’s patronizing it (though few are). Most people who are happy right now are just the node owners, not the users or creators (except for those are being paid on the side)

DLive is also very bad, but you can after tremendous effort get your money out. It’s continuing to favor partner streamers heavily over regular users in every aspect and they even lost PewDiePie. Another platform Justin Sun has ruined. I don’t have to go into much about this, I’ve covered it so many times.

Lastly, we have HEX which I originally wrote a long blog article on which go into great depth and detail on why I sold mine after seeing all the sketchy stuff going on.
You can read all about that here: https://read.cash/@scottcbusiness/why-i-sold-all-my-hex-8b609671

I know people get tribal about protecting their investments, but there are some projects that are not going down the right path. Please do let me know if there’s anything that must be corrected. Simply saying that I was wrong because the price went up isn’t an argument, and that’s what I’ve been trying to explain with all of this.

What do you think though? Is it hard to get the truth out about things like these when people need to protect their investments? What do you think about all this? Will you still invest in these projects? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe as well!

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The HEX War for Crypto Truth. The On-Chain Truth Engine. By Any Means Necessary! We will get the Truth Out!
Simply put #HEX is being gate kept. We need to get the truth out! #ETH #BTC #crypto #HEX #HEXcrypto.

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DO U S33? Star Trek: Voyager - Season 07 Episode 01 "Unimatrix Zero, Part II"
https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/de/wiki/Unimatrix_Zero / https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Unimatrix_Zero_(episode) / https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Unimatrix_Zero,_Part_II_(episode)
"You Will Love Me.You All Will.": The Mother Box Is The Kaʿba! -> ISLAM=SUBMISSION: bitchute.com/video/NkeCk9D0wSEH/

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HEX did 8x in 31 days. As of this vid it's up 7x vs BTC and 5x vs ETH! Pumpamentals.com and HEXdex.win. #116 marketcap on coinpaprika, in only 102 days! Stats: HEXinfo.io | HEX.live | HEX.vision | Trading: Uniswap.info | Pools.fyi

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HEX did 6.5x price in the last 30 days! http://Pumpamentals.com for a 10% bonus when you Free claim or Transform ETH into HEX. Claim free HEX tokens! The first high interest blockchain Certificate of Deposit (time deposit.) Programmed to pump. Over $1.5 Billion dollars of BTC have claimed their Free HEX! Stake it till you make it! Richard Heart: Cryptocurrency founder, Bitcoin thought leader, , author, serial entrepreneur. David can be found at https://davidgerard.co.uk/blockchain/

His book: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Attack_of_the_50_Foot_Blockchain/R7hEDwAAQBAJ?hl=is&gbpv=1&printsec=frontcover


00:03 Introduction
00:13 Wikipedia Editing / Spammers (in Crypto)
02:31 Attention Economy
04:23 Academic Washing
in Crypto
05:23 Reliable Sources on Wikipedia
06:44 Why Bitcoin Sucks
06:58 Bitcoin's Lack of Upgrades
08:06 Building on The Backs of Giants
09:02 Open-Source Won / Windows Dark Patterns
11:42 Benefitting from the System
12:21 Why Bitcoin Sucks (Richard)
16:36 Efficiency of Centralization (China)
17:35 Security Theatre (Mining)
21:04 Proof of Stake / Ethereum Upgrades
23:49 Getting Rid of Middlemen
24:38 Adoption of Crypto
25:35 HEX Price and Liquidity
28:17 Programmable Money with Ethereum (Uniswap / DAI)
30:17 Bitcoin VS Ethereum Upgrades
31:15 Lightning Network Criticism
31:56 ZK Roll Ups / Anonymity
34:26 Ross Ulbricht
35:51 Functional Anonymity
37:17 Progress in Crypto
38:03 Crypto Regulation (and Ponzis)
39:05 Fighting Scams (SEC)
45:52 Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
47:10 Nouriel Roubini
48:46 Fighting Scams
49:21 Dangers of Margin Trading
54:49 Starving Scams for Attention
01:01:02 Libra
01:02:02 Competition VS Bureaucracy
01:04:19 Conclusion of Interview
01:04:36 Summary of Interview

01:05:24 dydx Exchange
01:07:03 HEX Improvements
01:08:15 HEX Airdrop
01:09:03 HEX Whale Buy and Stake
01:13:11 HEX Price (3.8x)
01:18:08 Important HEX Links
01:19:00 Coronavirus
01:20:52 No Expectations of Future Work
01:21:07 Desktop Wallets
01:22:18 Multiple Stakes At Once
01:22:55 Calculating HEX Market Cap / Circulating Supply
01:35:41 HEX Liquidity / Volume
01:38:29 HEX VS ETH VS BTC Prices
01:40:12 HEX Success
01:41:58 AA Timing
01:43:58 Richard's Excitement / HEX Success
AA Ratio
01:51:41 Important HEX Links
01:55:53 HEX VS ETH VS BTC Prices
01:56:18 Gerard and Roubini
01:57:01 Conclusion

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Today, the six pointed star or hexagram is the most popular and universally recognized symbol of jewry however, it did not represent the jewish people until the 17th century.

1 year, 9 months ago

A HEX or a spell is placed on you in order to control your thoughts.

2 years ago


2 years, 8 months ago

The hex on Justice Kavanaugh, "Not in Vein" opiod documentary, Migrant update, Go BLUE!

Brooklyn Witches Put Hex on Trump, Kavanaugh — Burn Their Effigies in Ritual (VIDEO)

Mastrangelo: ‘Not in Vein’ Opioids Documentary Exposes the Need for Strong Border Security

Thousands of caravan migrants take shelter in southern Mexico

Trump: Democrats 'Want America to Become Venezuela'

Dodgers Power Past Brewers To Return To World Series

the Freep:
Michigan 21, Michigan State 7

2 years, 9 months ago