Amelia goes speculative. Although there are some hypocritical attempts to exploit animals to moan about the possible melting of the polar ice cap, nobody has yet gone all the way to claim that the melting of the arctic ice cap would put in jeopardy the animals who must hibernate, irrespective of the of the climate conditions or availability of food, as they will be vulnerable to the other animals. Amelia calls bullshit on this. watch the video!

OMG! We are going to die!

Climate graph. The last 65 million year edition!
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Bears do not hibernate if there is food around

Hunters need to conserve energy

Permafrost bad because CO2.

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We discuss how "but what about the Arctic animals?" is a load of BS. If anything they will be able to live all year round instead of being near dead 8 months a year. Granted, they may die sooner. BUT IF YOU MEASURE FOR HOW LONG A BEING HAS EXISTED FOR HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN AWARE OF ITS ENVIRONMENT AND DOING STUFF, THEN THEY WILL HAVE LIVED THE SAME TIME!!!!

For an example of people talking nonsense to try to make a point when you do not know what are they even saying....

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