if West Taiwan mass produced housing and limited babies and did 0 trade I be scared...why trade? waste of time
West Taiwan not dumb! LOL
https://www.bitchute.com/video/Leih88ZEiVdd/ Latina University a good degree!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/euGBTzhn5npb/ Kirk Sorensen on safe atomic power
https://www.bitchute.com/video/0VhGmcCzy8wz/ 8,000 sq ft house for $35k
https://www.bitchute.com/video/zxytCI9osdqx/ 30k year old bosnian mountain pyramid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34ja6bUmKHM warehouse assembled in few days way house should be
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMJkQGvE8c0 78,000 sq ft warehouse
remember all succesfull states were built as mercantilist ethnostates
capitalism and democracy didn't do anything both are usury
ayn rand is to disarm group action against usury
diversity is antiwhite racism

High up in the Syndic Building, F. W. Taylor—Uncle Frank to Charles—was giving a terrific tongue-lashing to a big, stooped old man. Thornberry, president of the Chase National Bank, had pulled a butch and F. W. Taylor was blazing mad about it.

He snarled: "One more like this, Thornberry, and you are out on your padded can. When a respectable member of the Syndic chooses to come to you for a line of credit, you will in the future give it without any tom-fool quibbling about security. You bankers seem to think this is the middle ages and that your bits of paper still have their old black magic.

"Disabuse yourself of the notion. Nobody except you believes in it. The Inexorable Laws of Economics are as dead as Dagon and Ishtar, and for the same reason. No more worshippers. You bankers can't shove anybody around any more. You're just a convenience, like the non-playing banker in a card game.

"What's real now is the Syndic. What's real about the Syndic is its own morale and the public's faith in it. Is that clear?"

Thornberry brokenly mumbled something about supply and demand.

Taylor sneered. "Supply and demand. Urim and Thummim. Show me a supply, Thornberry, show me a—oh, hell. I haven't time to waste re-educating you. Remember what I told you and don't argue. Unlimited credit to Syndic members. If they overdo it, we'll rectify the situation. Now, get out." And Thornberry did, with senile tears in his eyes.

Links: Education system gives female +minorities easy A while penalizing better performing male. Cancel University and school. Have housing department train its own same as energy dept etc.
personal castles for all with money printed by government
https://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/02/the-boys-at-the-back/ "Teachers of classes as early as kindergarten factor good behavior into grades"
Chinese sue Harvard because admissions commies are giving them low score on subjective non math part of admissions
https://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-harvard-race-admissions-20180830-story.html some are given 100% on subjective inteview and verbal part of admission which is where the corruption usury lies!
degree is worthless due to usury corruption


Tons of suppressed tidbits you will rarely see!
Feudalism is good! If Monarchy we would all be infinitely richer now! -Hans Hermann Hoppe 3rd best economist in world after Vox Day and Ian Fletcher(Free trade doesn't work)
Role playing games awesome!
I will always try to bring you the best stuff that usury bankers might not want people to read/see!
I am appalled that I never heard of AE Van Vogt and Jack Vance until my 30s
Culture of scif novel fell off cliff 1989 same as NBA and sports and movies I don't know if it's anti male anti white racism or forced diversity and anti monarchy feudalism or what.
top 4 Authors
Michael Moorcock when he's on Elric Corum Hawkmoon
Robert E Howard conan Kull much more hey hes no1 after 100 years eh?
Jack Vance Dying Earth and scifi liek Demon princes tons more inspired D&D
A.E. Van Vogt maybe best ever inspired Star Trek and Alien and tons more
I collect all above novels.
Also good Glen cook Black Company 1-3 and The silver Spike
Lawrence Watt-Evans Lure of the Basilisk
Robert Shea Quest for Simbilis and Yana Touch of the undying haven't read all of his stuff
Vox Day Throne Bones have to finish it
L Neil Smith good idea hokkey writing like B movie or zombie movie fun but bad
HP Lovecraft Cthulhu

cheap castles for all
end trade and banking and landlording
no assets owned by anyone outside country
boot h1bvisa
baby license
thorium safe clean atomic power
cancel non productive non engineering jobs
end welfare
problem creators pay for fix
no offshore work


3 months, 4 weeks ago

Australian mainstream media outlets are now colluding with the medicines regulator, the TGA, to hide blood clots from the Australian public. Every week the TGA produces a vaccine adverse events report which it makes public and every week since the vaccine rollout began the media have reported on that update, focusing their reporting on new cases of blood clots. That is, until last week.

The TGA in their report on 27th May advised 9 new blood clot cases but the mainstream media failed to report this. This is how they are going to combat 'vaccine hesitancy' - by hiding information from the public.

See vaccines playlist: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/golNWO4xMVzg/

3 months, 4 weeks ago

only 30/10 like this should be on screen hide all the uglies
common sense pregnancy control
end university and school
king replaces capitalism and democracy failures
end banking
end trade
end most laws
burn all who talk of subgroups
rights as subject no others
boot foreigners and kids

4 months, 3 weeks ago

A saying from the Book of Proverbs. Narrated by Peter Fonteece.

6 months, 1 week ago

Geo-engineering and Bio-engineering were introduced with the purpose of creating artificial weather to cover up the collapse of natural precipitation and natural weather. The end result of geoengineering through Bio-engineering is the Trans-humanism agenda- synthetic biology (turn all living organisms into cyborgs). Besides all the mentioned above, there is another purpose of covering the skies with heavy chemtrails - to hide the planetary system of the Dark Sun or Dead Star- Nibiru/Hercolobus. There are multiple levels of control on Earth, and humans are not at the top. At the same time, there are things "cooking" behind the scenes that is hard to put all into words. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

7 months, 1 week ago

I'm not saying men are uncompassionate... I'm saying Matt Walsh is uncompassionate. lmfao
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7 months, 1 week ago

Hi gh guys!!! 2Pac warned that they don't care about us. Today we can confirm it. If you are a fan of LOST, then your aware of the kill grid plans. First, your quarantined. Second, you cannot go outside without a mask. Third, if your outside, you can only go so far before running into 5G towers. Fourth, if you wish to leave the island, then you will tracked and traced. Now you know the tricks being used. The doctor in here is a bit dry, but he is telling it like it is. No test can test for corona virus aka crown poison therefore we are being sold down a road. Failing to even isolate a virus i a huge depop clue. They plan on gaming us until we are gone as goners dont get to ask questions. So please stick with him, I cannot tell you about it, most have to hear it from an actual doctor. We also got a quote whistleblower from the NSA claiming a clear and present endgame planned. I have always maintained I do not trust anyone claiming to leave the agencies, however information on projected futures planned. There is now a high probability based on the information gathered from Hollywood to alphabets that they do not plan on us being around, #Georgiaguidestones. This is also likely why I never got anyone to answer the question: How exactly can an unvaxxed person harm a vaxxed person? How? Asking for 7 months straight now. Reminds me so much of the globetards that wanted me to believe in space travel yet cannot produce anything but nonense concerning electronic equipment in 'orbit'. After witnessing first hand the mapping of the American terrain in Jade Helm 15, I can safely say we are on the edge of mass death. I am a person whom embraced mathematics on levels most will never understand. Yet, that said, I too have to report the numbers conclusion regardless of personal wishes of love and life for all. A shame I couldn't get that asshat US general on here claiming to 'shoot' everyone in America in a one day period. Purge comes to mind. I will cover that on the next broadcast. Thank you everyone for your time. Stay YOU!
Semper Fi
Real Neo


10 months, 1 week ago

Hide & Seek - The Day Of Atonement - brother Aaron Earnest

Hide & Seek Powerpoint -

1 year, 2 months ago

Tom tries to hide Michael from his dad because he is worried that he will be kicked out

1 year, 9 months ago

- run and hide ;)

1 year, 10 months ago

this is just a quick demo of a batch file i made and a simple how to and yes you need winrar or 7zip to do this its pretty easy really just open up your terminal cd into the directory and then just type copy /b imageyouwanttouse.jpg + file.rar hiddenfile.jpg and if you want to open it just open it with 7zip or winrar

2 years, 6 months ago

my recommended site - http://bit.ly/2OCK4ly

How To Hide Your Profile On Plentyoffish. com / Plenty Of Fish / POF:

If you want to learn how to hide your dating profile on Plenty of Fish watch this video tutorial in the video I explain exactly how to hide your profile so other members of POF cannot see it.

3 years ago