Hate Speech is a code phrase on YouTube for "We can't allow people to know this". The same YouTube that sends awards to pedophiles after they openly threaten to rape the children other YouTubers. The same YouTube where I can watch a Haitians burned to a char and paraded down the street. The same YouTube where I can watch ISIS chew on the heart of a Syrian rebel. That's the YouTube that initiated punishments for sharing this information with you. Now you have more evidence that YouTube lied when they were questioned about their abuses of U.S. citizens for CCP allied governments. YouTube will soon be known for actively participating in genocide. I can fill this playlist up with several banned videos to show how they lied about their concern over offensive material. No! YouTube is an foreign entity. A Communist regime planted on US soil. They are behind enemy lines and we cannot allow them to abuse us at home. We must defend ourselves against the CCP and its allies. They've initiated acts of war on the U.S. and there is a rising death toll die as a result. The CEO is a Polish citizen, Socialist Party affiliate, who poses a danger to our safety in America. CCP and YouTube are two different names for the same Socialist agenda. Peace.

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Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Radio invited me and Alfred Schafer on his show on March 7, 2016. In the summer of 2018 Alfred Schaefer was imprisoned in Germany for 4 years, 8 months for inciting hatred by denying the Holocaust.

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In this video the narrator explains Hitler's views on everything from politics, education to boxing. Adolf Hitler was a wealth of information and knowledge and he explains these opinions so eloquently. Adolf Hitler was and still is a truly fascinating figure the world has ever known. One of my personal favourites, I hope you enjoy it also. 💞

All quotes again from:
Mein Kampf
Hitler's Table Talk
Hitlers Second Book

Mein Kampf: mp3

Hitler's Second Book: pdf

Hitler's Table Talk: pdf


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I noticed that after a certain amount of time (over half a year later) posted videos become non-playable.
It happens completely at random. - For me it is a reason to repuload them, as they have to be watched
as much as possible. This is the reupload of the complete "The Greatest Story Never Told" series in HD
Happy watching. Please download and share...

If i told you this....

Once upon a time there was a CHRISTIAN country,
Where there was
NO Usury
NO Unemployment
NO Pornography,
NO Freemasonry,
NO Zionism,
(almost) NO CRIME
Where workers were payed DECENT wages
Where VACATIONS were payed by the STATE
As were MORTGAGES (Almost everybody could afford to buy a house, and for EVERY CHILD - up to 4 - 25% of that mortgage was fortfeited per child) - In those days Germany had the highest birth rate in the world. Not a generation later, in the 1960's Germany had the LOWEST birth rate in the world. Jeee, I wonder WHY!
Where NO ANIMALS were tortured; It was even legislated!
Where the leader of that country had an approval rate of over 98% by the people of that country
Where there was NO HUNGER
Where men were MEN and women were WOMEN.

After TWELVE YEARS OF DEVASTATION that man was given a DELIBERATE RUINED and BANKRUPTED nation, with MILLIONS of unemployed citizens. Hunger was sweeping through the land, thousands starved and froze to death. It had become the cesspit of a continent in complete and utter decay.

WITHIN THREE YEARS he made all of the above possible by throwing out the vultures and making its citizens proud again of their country and their heritage.

Sounds like a fairy tale doesn't it....
Believe me... Search for yourself...

It is the UTTER TRUTH!
Even the Vatican made its army THE LAST TRUE HOLY CHRISTIAN ARMY in the history of Christianity!

10 months ago