Check out my book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09P5CFJ9K
G.M.F.V uses Product Integral raised to the geometric mean root vs A.A.F.V. uses Riemann Integral divided the length of function
Songs by @elvismade_:

3 hours ago

Spontaneous mix of the Downloads folder.... Dingen die we weten in vormen gieten. Https://shahecstatic.webflow.io new site
Download this set: https://spiritalive.bandcamp.com/track/dj-mix-01-hip-hop-i-want-peace-free-download TRACKLIST:
Shah Ecstatic - Matriks 528Hz
SHoRTY - I Want Peace (music video)
TY Media - Bounce
Shah Ecstatic - Torie 528Hz

Shah Ecstatic - DJ Mix #01 Hip Hop S.E. ft SHoRTY & Ty Media
20220519 virtual dj try out

DL Matriks Song only: https://spiritalive.bandcamp.com/track/matriks
DL Torie Song only: https://spiritalive.bandcamp.com/track/torie-nederlands-english-jibberish-frysk
VIDEOCLIP Torie @ bitchute.com/SpiritOfLoveNL

I want peace

Die Shah ecstatic spit die bars

ik weet je bent aan t zweten

Zo van ik gaf toch wel een fok om t leven

Dingen die we weten in vormen gieten.

20220519 virtual dj try out recording shah ecstatic shorty tymedia hip hop

13 hours ago

Detroit rap hiphop horrorcore 303 RLP inspired wicket shit instrumental

4 days, 17 hours ago

Detroit hip hop legends

4 days, 20 hours ago

This is a stream of one of my favorite albums. I used to listen to this EVERY DAY back in High School, it brings back lots of amazing memories (Mainly of the summer before high school & the entire 10th grade).

It is also my favorite Dot Dot Curve album & one of my introductions to J Bigga (who features on tracks 7 & 10). It was a big influence on me, and I even got the SAME HAIRSTYLE that Spanky has on the art back when I was in 10th grade.

It's a fun album. It's one of those albums that you have to listen to from start to finish if you ever play it.

01 - Yur Kidding [Intro] (00:00)
02 - We Nice (01:16)
03 - Koolaide (04:38)
04 - Fruit Rolled Up (08:03)
05 - What The Future Holds (12:37)
06 - Titty Milk [Interlude] (15:21)
07 - Shake Your Titties (17:05)
08 - Gigga Dee (20:20)
09 - Stop, Drop, & Roll (24:09)
10 - I'm Weird (26:54)
11 - Take A Nap (31:04)
12 - YCB Notes [Freestyle] (35:01)
13 - You're Snoring ZZZ [Outro] (37:35)

1 week ago

A full stream of the latest Atmosphere album.

Believe it or not. Despite being a fan of Atmosphere for so long, I haven't listened to ANYTHING of theirs newer than 2011. 'The Family Sign' was the last album of theirs I really listened to.

I've been jamming to their 1997 - 2011 era lately. And when I was walking at the music store, I came across an LP press of their newest album. I LOVE this artwork (I'm a sucker for graffiti art). So, I went to listen to it & ended up loving it.

Hard to believe that even after nearly 30 years, they're still killing it in the music industry.

This album definitely surpassed my expectations.

01 - Fleetwood (00:00)
02 - Something (03:21)
03 - Crumbs (06:41)
04 - Woes (10:44)
05 - Strung (14:11)
06 - Clocked (17:28)
07 - Sleepless (20:44)
08 - Distances (24:58)
09 - Carousel (27:26)
10 - Vanish (31:03)
11 - Pressed (32:55)
12 - Skull (37:15)
13 - Nekst (40:58)
14 - Barcade (44:18)

1 week ago

When you look back in time and you realize that all of those in the union are in the same brotherly club. Commercial music. Commercial anything is tied to protocol. Procedure. Policy. The furthest from Organic Down to Earth Blue collar working class.
I am and this is... for you and us. Blue Collar Working Class.
The bottom of the barrel misfits and those who have something to say and should be heard.
Word is no bird but a dead turd.
Keep it hot. Keep them burned.

1 week, 2 days ago

A classic [1993] banger by 'Blood of Abraham' on Ruthless Records, featuring Eazy-E and the first appearance of Will.i.am (willonex) this song is described on Wikipedia as "an irreverent call for black–Jewish unity in the face of shared struggle against bigotry."
I didn't make this video. Just reposting; not sure where I got it

1 week, 2 days ago

A wise man once said: Be the glitch you wish to see in the matrix.. take it back to the basics, to mentalism- break outta the mental prison and master yourself like that’s why you were born to be livin’.. but that ain’t the only reason we're given- however, it's your choice with what you do with your life.. ever asked if it's for the highest good?

This mix is not all about physical maneuvers- far from it.. the emotional intelligence, intuition, mentality, spiritual compass- best calibrated to cosmic law..

we're gettin' alil cyber punkish with this one in regards to the quadruply, which should've stayed as a triology that completed the trinity.. Always bringing that abstract hip hop and plenty of conscious lyrics to inspire spirits.. some of it'll kinda harken to those

You’ll need more than just your third eye to manuver thru this reality.. unscathed? Ha, highly unlikely, especially if you’re spirited.. even those on the highest path have most likely had some kind of hardship in their life.. this mix is kinda about rolling with the punches, but also being able to rise above adversity or avoid it all together with either cunning intelligence or spiritual discernment and foreseeing/ jedi mind skillz..

what’s the deal with neo anyway? Neo means one of course, like thee one.. as in there’s only a single human being that could’ve broken the matrix code and become more powerful than any agent.. why can’t nearly everybody have the capacity to do the same? Of course this is just a movie plot line about neo being the singular anomaly to the architect's algorithms, altho the allegories and foreshadowing are off the charts on so many levels in this movie series..

peep mark passio’s decryption of the matrix quadruply.. Brendon Martin released a similar presentation as well. It’ll blow your lid with esoteric & spiritual insight to say the least..

going over how this mix would play out, i found it too easy to fall too much into the movie matrix lore with all the grandioso fight scenes, dystopian displacement and simulated AI reality, but i had to throw some references in there among other appropriate themes.. pretty satisfied with this overall after shifting so many sounds in this project.. I know i'm missing some perfect matrix inspired tracks that are out there, i just haven't taken the time to search for music outside of what i currently have in my possession.. i have boughten a few dozen albums in recent times and have found some great gems from some artists i'm new to and others i should've incorporated more than before, which has given me some motivation and ideas for future works, so stay tuned and check out these mixes on other platforms since youtube isn't my go-to anymore, despite this channel having more subscribers than all other of my channels on other platforms combined.. the copyrights have been a big thorn on the side what i've established on whotube.. anywho, i didn't see the 4th matrix movie until after i made this.. was a good one no?

1 week, 3 days ago

Detroit rapper Mac Nifty.
albums: https://macnifty.bandcamp.com
youtube with 4k plus videos I loaded up over there for years since they started shop: https://www.youtube.com/macnifty
414 more beats: https://www.soundclick.com/mindstaterecords
more beats: https://club8mile.bandcamp.com

1 week, 3 days ago

Here's a little something I made for the summer

1 week, 4 days ago

Original Detroit 8 Mile Recording Artist Mac Nifty
Freestyle rap off the top of the head. This is not prewritten.
So if you have trash to talk. Learn to walk before you think you can rap anything even close and not be a commercial artist with a team of punch plugs.

I just make my own stuff and if you like Richie From Boston than you might like this.
If you used to like Dahboo.. you might like this.
If you used to like Trump. you might like this.
If you used to like Jesse Ventura. You might like this.
If you think suckers join the military in fear of being drafted are suckers. You might like this.
If you think following all laws and all orders is the way to go... well then again...
"as I digress!"... "You like it or you don't." "What can I do for you today?"

I will put my most riskay tracks on this website. All the ones that youtube struck me time and time over the years I have had over 25 strikes in all. It's true you can accumulate or lose over time... strikes you did have at one time. They will fall off annually just like any other insurance or attendance disciplinary program with your employer's HR for instance.

Get with real blue collar rappers like me. You might have someone you fan and stan but get real with it will you. Do not false flag and tell me your favorite rapper is real like me. I am 100% all from scratch. No beat maker.. I'm the fkn beat maker. No producer or editor or anything. I write it I do it. DONE DEAL ENTERTAINMENT
MindState Records Detroit Michigan.
Midwest Finest in Underground Bunker Recordings.
Raw Real and Official because I SAID SO!
#bluecollarrap #bluecollarhiphop

1 week, 4 days ago

You can download the full album @ ekathemadsamplist.bandcamp.com for free/pay what you want.

1 week, 5 days ago

Song: Shake Ya Tailfeather
Artist/Band: Murphy Lee (featuring Nelly, P. Diddy)
Genre: Hip-Hop
Source: Bacomusic [from youtube]

1 week, 5 days ago

Straight edge juggalo rap song about Edgar Allan Poe
Baltimore Ravens that's my team

1 week, 6 days ago

Instagram video meme ofwgkta odd future ace the creator Earl sweatshirt horrorcore

2 weeks ago

Song: So What'Cha Want
Artist/Band: Beastie Boys
Album: Check Your Head
Year: 1992
Genre: Hip-Hop
Source: Duke Dierling [from youtube]

2 weeks, 1 day ago

May the 4th be with you happy star wars day

2 weeks, 1 day ago

Free domain- not free dumb.. I'm sure y'all heard the phrase "freedom is just a state of mind".. let's examine that and make it more empowering.. Since all is mind going back to the first Cosmic Law Principle of Mentalism, yes of course freedom has to be the foundational state of mind for one to live free, but the actions have to be aligned.. There needs to be proper knowledge to attain a sovereign state of mind. One has to know what their rights are as a sovereign multidimensional non-dualistic being to actually navigate the paths of freedom in this fallen time matrix. we are already slaves to the system and its insidious manipulations intricately woven throughout the fabric of society, and on a multi-dimensional level, we are cut off from our true connection to source and our souls.

Btw, I recently had a heartbreaking event where my freedoms were trampled on by order following authorities and my life has been flipped upside down due to it all.. In short, I've been trying to get into Canada to be with the woman i love and y'all know the borders have tightened up big time- that's an infringement on people's freedom to travel regardless of anything and from any fake ass jurisdiction behind whatever fake ass invisible lines we call borders.. I was able to get an exemption to get in, but when i flew into vancouver, i got interrogated by customs/border agency because of my petty criminal record from over 15yrs ago.. as if that shit is relevant today and they see me as a threat to canadians.. it's beyond absurd and i've been going thru tons of legal research since, where i've found some more fucked up issues.. my records haven't been updated with correct info on the federal database for a long long time and y'alll know what gets restricted if u got a felony on your record, let alone 2.. So that's why I left france and now i'm back on the west coast..

The simple Law of Freedom goes like this: the higher the level of morality of any given society, the higher the level of freedom

I've also noticed a lot of "truthers" or whatever are caught up in too much minusha and distractions.. It happens, it's by design, altho too many folks ain't got their priorities straight, where freedom is #1.. argue about the shape of the earth all y'all want, like countless others before you since antiquity.. The earth has become a prison beyond what most can even fathom- it's not about the shape of the prison, but liberating ourselves and the earth from it on a multidimensional level.. got it?

2nd project focusing on freedom, the first one is more about freeing the mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvXcM5mctmU&t=364s
If any were wondering where my mix titled Rebel Music went, it's copyright blocked here, but i uploaded it on my channels on other platforms

Holistic Logistics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8xEtxQtSM-iqaB6Dyy9ZQ
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/AwakenYaMind/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/awakenyamind

2 weeks, 1 day ago

DJ Ouija's Remix of "X Gonna Give It To Ya" by DMX
Download MP3: https://audius.co/ouija/x-godzilla-to-ya-remix

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Raising Awareness - Dean Marroni (2020) ⚠️😝🎧
https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ne8JAC5woKIOsFJQ9JGNA Produced by Leroy Lupton

#uk #ukhiphop #ukrap #newmusic #independentartist

2 weeks, 5 days ago

#addiction is a subject close to my heart. if I can help one person struggling like I did it's all worth it. #alcoholism #addicpersonaity #trending #hiphop #dubhop #dannyfly #vicesandverses #vices #ukhiphopartist #ukaccent

3 weeks ago

Song: Soul Food
Artist/Band: Logic
Album: Under Pressure
Year: 2014
Genre: Hip-Hop
Source: Visionary Music Group

3 weeks, 1 day ago

a song about boris the liar and his gangbanger crew remove the elite

3 weeks, 1 day ago

hope you enjoy

3 weeks, 2 days ago

music is about passion not the pay check :)

3 weeks, 3 days ago

new track hope you all enjoy

3 weeks, 3 days ago

new track i just got done recording hope you enjoy

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Original Official 8 Mile Detroit Michigan USA Gangster Thug Rebel Vigilante Freestyle UnderWorld Music
Check out thousands more of my work here:
Full albums here: https://MacNifty.Bandcamp.com
1st gen MindState Records pre 2009 beats https://www.soundclick.com

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Prod. Newarra

3 weeks, 4 days ago

The Trials and Tribulations of Ray Betz LP (2005)

Album artwork by syngeman

3 weeks, 4 days ago

My 1st upload on this network and I can be free and with vulgarity so I'm going to put my raw content on here and make content specific for this network.
This will be the best music I can make will be able to be hosted here.
Right now I am banned and blocked on YouTube for miss information.
So i'm here.

Before you say I'm trying to copy M and MU better check your facts.
Before you say I'm like ICP you better check your facts.
I am independent I'm not commercial I'm not in there network of uniand there are network of Union and television I am the underground mystic. You will never find me and those fancy televisions. Because they will never nominate me or invite me. I never signed up to the club.
This is our club the streets club this is the most official hip hop that exists that I know of everything else is a joke and working only for a dollar and not for the music and with for any Passion.
If you rap right edit composite compose it and think you can help out somehow hit me up. I'm building the team. People who agree with each other and want to see the same things happen in hip hop that hasn't happened yet.
When you realize that the Beastie Boys were beasts and they were boys for the beast the same as run DMC and LL Cool J iced tea and ice cube all of the grapes they're all in the same club working for the wrong people they're not working for us they never did they always lied and acted.

This is real hip hop. Looking for real people who are looking for the same real thing to relate to.

3 weeks, 5 days ago

Brutal horrorcore Gorerap wicked shit acid rap collab track

3 weeks, 6 days ago


AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY NOW -https://open.spotify.com/track/7wUczdkoB7DAu6s5m9xObc?autoplay=true

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/shawteere
TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@shawteere
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/shawteere/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/shawteere

4 weeks ago

Burden, March 4, 2022


Yeah, welcome to real life, get out your feelin's
I talk all my shit on these beats and I kill it
Everybody fuck with me 'cause they know that I'm the realest (I'm the realest)
I don't want to hang out or waste time chillin' (Waste time chillin')
I ain't ever tryna go broke
I wish a bitch would try me, I want smoke
Banger in the couch, take his head off his throat
Now I'm ready to go, yeah, I'm ready to go (Come on)

Come and journey into a mind that's one of a kind
Up late-night grindin', look at the time
I'm fuckin' bat-shit crazy, I just tell 'em I'm fine
So, while you claimin' the throne I came to take it as mine (came to take it as mine)
Why these boys think they heavy but they really ain't ready?
I'm bangin' their way and I'm aimin' it steady
I just kill 'em, I kill 'em, kill 'em again with a machete (Come on)
Yeah, you damn right I'm petty (Damn right I'm petty)
Look, y'all wanna see this and peep what a beast is
I'm a different creature, y'all bet' not repeat this (Bet' not repeat)
I hop on this beat, bitch, and leave 'em all speechless
Rappers too cheesy, you know the game need this (Know the game need this)
Run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up
Comin' up, I'da robbed a bitch for a hundred bucks (A hundred bucks)
Really from the trenches, stop playin' like you one of us
I ain't have a pot to piss in, we ain't know what money was (Money was)
I'm just tryna play the cards I was dealt (Cards I was dealt)
Only thing I'm relyin' on is God and myself (God and myself)
Y'all don't know a damn thing about the hardship I felt (Come on)
From the street, no food to eat, starvin' to death (Starvin' to death)
Me and you not the same, made a lot of money in the game
Then I used it to market my name (To market my)
Every day I had to walk through the rain with nothin' to lose
But a whole lot to gain, bitch, I'm just sayin' (Whole lot to gain)

Yeah, welcome to real life, get out your feelin's (Get out your feelin's)
I talk all this shit on these beats and I kill it (I kill it)
People fuck with me 'cause they know that I'm the realest (I'm the realest)
I don't want to hang out or waste time chillin' (Waste time chillin')
I ain't ever tryna go broke (Broke)
I wish a bitch would try me, I want smoke (Smoke)
Banger in the couch, take his head off his throat (Throat)
Now I'm ready to go, yeah, I'm ready to go (Go)

Don't get it mixed up or misunderstood (Misunderstood)
Your boy grew up in the hood, moved to the woods (Moved to the woods)
Had to get up out that life any way I could (Any way I could)
I ain't glorifyin' none of that, them days wasn't good
I am not known to get emotional, I'd rather get revenge
Read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and went and sold the Benz (Sold the Benz)
I keep it authentic, I don't know how to pretend
Where'd I go wrong? I don't know where to begin (Come on)
I ain't lookin' for no friend, man, they do ya dirty (Dirty)
I ain't lookin' for no girlfriend to come and hurt me
Got surveillance 'round the house for anybody lurkin'
I ain't never serve him, I feel like he workin', and I (I feel like he workin')
Put faith in no man or flesh (No man or flesh)
Get high to cope with the stress (Cope with the stress)
Love left this hole in my chest
Love left this hole in my chest (love left this hole in my)
I will never let nobody break me down again (Break me down again)
All that holdin' me back was gettin' out of hand (Gettin' out of hand)
All the lessons I learn make me a better man (Better man)
If you don't have one yet, it's time to get a plan
And you gotta do it with your head up, yup
Don't nobody care if you fed up, yup (Come on)
Keep applyin' pressure, don't let up, yup (Hey, hey)
Because this whole damn system was a setup, yup (Yuh)

Yeah, welcome to real life, get out your feelin's
I talk all my shit on these beats and I kill it
Everybody fuck with me 'cause they know that I'm the realest (I'm the realest)
I don't want to hang out or waste time chillin' (Waste time chillin')
I ain't ever tryna go broke
I wish a bitch would try me, I want smoke
Banger in the couch, take his head off his throat
Now I'm ready to go, yeah, I'm ready to go (Come on)
Yeah, welcome to real life, get out your feelin's (Get out your feelin's)
I talk all this shit on these beats and I kill it (I kill it)
People fuck with me 'cause they know that I'm the realest (I'm the realest)
I don't want to hang out or waste time chillin' (Waste time chillin')
I ain't ever tryna go broke (Broke)
I wish a bitch would try me, I want smoke (Smoke)
Banger in the couch, take his head off his throat (Throat)
Now I'm ready to go, yeah, I'm ready to go (Go)

Produced By Moty Man

Follow Burden

▶ Stream: https://ONErpm.lnk.to/BurdenOfficialID
▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burdenworld
▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burdenworld

4 weeks, 1 day ago

Title: Gangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.)
Artist: Coolio
Album: Gangsta's Paradise (1995)


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left
'Cause I've been blasting and laughing so long,
That even my mama thinks that my mind is gone
But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it
Me be treated like a punk you know that's unheard of
You better watch how you're talking and where you're walking
Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
I really hate to trip but I gotta loc
As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool
I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like
On my knees in the night saying prayers in the streetlight

Been spending most their lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Been spending most their lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise

Look at the situation they got me facin'
I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the street
So I gotta be down with the hood team
Too much television watching got me chasing dreams
I'm a educated fool with money on my mind
Got my ten in my hand and a gleam in my eye
I'm a loc'd out gangsta set trippin' banger
And my homies is down so don't arouse my anger,
Fool, death ain't nothing but a heart beat away,
I'm living life, do or die, what can I say?
I'm 23 now, but will I live to see 24
The way things is going I don't know

Tell me why are we so blind to see
That the ones we hurt are you and me?

Been spending most their lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Been spending most their lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise

Power and the money, money and the power
Minute after minute, hour after hour
Everybody's running, but half of them ain't looking
It's going on in the kitchen, but I don't know what's cookin'
They say I gotta learn, but nobody's here to teach me
If they can't understand it, how can they reach me
I guess they can't, I guess they won't
I guess they front, that's why I know my life is out of luck, fool

Been spending most their lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Been spending most their lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise

Tell me why are we so blind to see
That the ones we hurt are you and me?
Tell me why are we so blind to see
That the ones we hurt are you and me?
[Fade out]

4 weeks, 1 day ago

Rare Mac Miller video bootlegged n ripped from Dailymotion RIP MAC MILLER MOST DOPE FOREVER so happy the drug dealer that sold him the fentynal is dead

1 month ago

Ofwgkta goblin era type beat I made last year. Lil CBD in the pic. Prod. By DJ DETHSMOKE aka KANNIBAL KANNABIS

1 month ago

freedom isnt free we must fight for whats right #dannyfly #hiphop #dubhop #fire #ukhiphop

1 month ago

how it feels to loose control when overwhelmed by the world you don't fit into #autismrocks #difference #DannyFly

1 month ago

time we stood up to the lies of political figures #ukhiphop #ukhiphopartist #poverty #dannyfly

1 month ago

a song about the unfair society we have against difference #difference #disability_advocate #DannyFly

1 month ago

a song about the struggles of growing up autistic when you know your different. the damage it causes when your told your mentally ill when your just different. #diffrentbreed #autismrocks #costoflivingcrisis #DannyFly

1 month ago

That hit song or sold out show may not be what it seems. Digital trappers are manipulating streaming platforms to turn nobodies into somebodies.

1 month ago

The Real CEO x DarkNess - Bag (Prod. Alo D)

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3DBEpacKvX8qBMtQJ838RH

Producer: Alo D Music (@alo_d_music)
Cover Art: @mrcreative242
Mixing/Mastering Engineer: SkorpionMuzik (@skorpionmuzik)

Social Media:

Follow The Real CEO:
+ Instagram/ Facebook: @therealceo1987

Follow DarkNess:

+ Website: https://darkplugink.com/
+ Instagram: @jaigill3030

+ Twitter: @darkness09300

+ SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/darkness09300
+ Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCuBNfuhDE9NIYzOaaYHJ3Rg
+ BandCamp: darkness09300.bandcamp.com

Follow SkorpionMuzik:
+ Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @skorpionmuzik

Follow DarkPlugInk (Merch):

+ Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook: @skorpionmuzik

+ DarkNess Merch: https://darkplugink.com

#whoisdarkness #therealceo #skorpionmuzik #undergroundhiphop #hiphop #boombap #nba #nba2k22 #basketball #jordan #nba2k

1 month ago

PART OF The Newarra & MC Bischoff Collection

Prod. MC Bischoff

Go peep his stuff



Newarra on the mix

Only on YouTube, SoundCloud, Odysee, CoutHub, Rumble, and BitChute

1 month, 1 week ago

We are on Spotify
Search for Kitty Roca on Apple Music and Amazon Music
Kitty Roca on SoundCloud
Kitty Roca on Rumble
Kitty Roca on Minds
Kitty Roca is on YouTube
Kitty Roca on Odysee

1 month, 1 week ago

FUNHOUSE PRODUCTIONS horrorcore Gorerap wicked shit acid rap dark trap ghetto metal gothic drill

1 month, 1 week ago

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht: 09. Mai 2021

SONG ZUM DOWNLOAD: https://bglstehtauf.de/dl/Die_Leute_-Frei_SEIN(Way_Back_Home_RMX_by_Mop).mp3

„Die Leute“ - The Next Episode!

Wir haben das erste „Statement-Video“ der „Leute“ mit der nach wie vor gewollten Botschaft, „wir werden uns nicht impfen lassen“ zu Beginn dieses Jahres veröffentlicht https://youtu.be/46h9YIASHIs . Damit unsere Entschlossenheit und Klarheit auch weiterhin nicht in Vergessenheit gerät, senden wir nun unseren nächsten Impuls in die Matrix.

Diesmal werden wir übrigens davon absehen, uns von irgendetwas oder irgendjemanden zu distanzieren. Es ist absolut überflüssig, denn wie wir bereits von so manchen Kommentatoren erfahren durften, brauchen wir uns in keiner Weise wundern, wenn wir in die rechte Ecke geschoben werden, oder sogar noch drastischer. Dies ist von uns nicht nachvollziehbar. Selbst wenn man das letzte auf Spontanität und Zufall basierende Video („Gesicht zeigen“) als unästhetisches Kasperletheater erachtet, taten wir damit nichts Böses, sondern teilten nur unsere Einstellung öffentlich. Uns ist längst bewusst geworden, dass uns diese Entscheidung, früher oder später, nicht so einfach möglich sein könnte. Es geht dabei nur darum Mut zu zeigen, für diejenigen, welche sich für den selben Weg entscheiden möchten. Freiheit ohne Spritzen, bis wir in die Kiste hüpfen!

Unser neuestes, bewegtes Bildmaterial, gelegt auf einen schwungvollen und sich positiv steigernden Rhythmus, zeigt einige Mitmenschen aus den verschiedensten Lebensbereichen mit Botschaften und Hinweisen auf eine extrem positive, MÖGLICHE Zukunft.
Wir sind der Meinung: Sobald nun der immer mehr an die Oberfläche kommende Dreck endlich Stück für Stück abgeschafft wird, steht einer grandiosen Zukunft der gesamten Menschenfamilie auf längere Sicht nichts mehr im Wege.

Viel Spaß, Zuversicht, Mut, Kraft und Liebe!

„Die Leute“

PS: Eines wollen wir bei der Gelegenheit doch noch in aller Deutlichkeit darstellen: Falls es am Ende so weit kommen sollte, wir uns in nicht allzu ferner Zukunft umschauen und schlagartig feststellen müssen, in welcher kranken, dystopischen Realität wir uns dann doch befinden, tragen WIR sicherlich nicht die Schuld daran.

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King Gordy 2009 horrorcore classic

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Bradster X and Coop -


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PART OF The Newarra & MC Bischoff Collection

Prod. MC Bischoff

Go peep his stuff



Newarra on the mix

Only on YouTube, SoundCloud, Odysee, CoutHub, Rumble, and BitChute

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On The Line (Prod. Kyma FauX) Kay Flock X DThang Hard Drill Type Beat 2022

💰 Download Link - https://www.beatstars.com/beat/111691...

⚡Beat Catalog : https://www.kymafaux.com

🔥 Social links - https://linktr.ee/zerofawksgiven

Tap here to see how I made this beat! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwDCi...
▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00​ - Intro bars
0:12 - Pre Chorus 2 bars
0:23 - drop 4 bars
0:49 - verse 8 bars
1:33 - 2nd drop 4 bars
2:00 - Bridge / 2nd verse 6 bars
2:32 - 3rd Drop 4 bars


Got a suggestion for a new style beat or instrumental?
Post your suggestion in the comments and I'll decide what to make in FL Studio 20 next!

Appreciate everyone who likes, comments or subscribes to this channel! It really motivates me! 🌊
I would love to hear some feedback too, if you find the time.

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There are NO Exceptions.
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Thank You

Visual by DualVoidAnima

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Title: He's a Spider-Man
Artist: Daniel Baxter (video by DDSam)
Album: How It Should Have Ended (2007)


Spiderman, Spiderman
He's the man with the plan
Making out, upside down
Spinning webs, runnin' round all through town just 'cause he can
Thats why, that's why he's a Spiderman

Spiderman fought Harry's dad
Harry's dad is dead now Harry's mad
He's gonna stab you, if he can
But oh wait he can't, he can't hurt Spiderman, why's that
'Cause y'all are best friends
That's right he's, he's best friends with Spiderman

Spiiiderman delivered pizzza
Spiderman, Spiderman he stopped a train yeah, with his bare hands
Octavius causing the commotion
Spiderman stepped in now Doc's in the ocean

Then Spiderman 3 came
What happened Spiderman 3
We wanted Venom but instead we got more sand
And Peter Parker pelvic thrusts

Spiderman, Spiderman doing things that a spider can y'all
He made out with Gwen in front of his girl, thought she wouldn't care
But it wrecked her world, what's up
I thought you were smarter than that, Spiderman

I don't know what the big deal is, she's just a girl in my class. We only made out in front of like a thousand people in that special upside down way that only you and I've shared. Where you goin'? I haven't even shown you the engagement ring I got from my aunt. It didn't cost me a diiiiime. I'm Spiderman y'all.

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In this one, Barkey takes on a movie called "Krush Groove" (1985), which purports to loosely tell the story of the rise of Def-Jam Records. The cast is brimming over with rappers and hip-hop artists, such as Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys, Sheila E., and more. Blair Underwood stars in his film debut as the manager of RunDMC trying to help keep the underfunded Krush Groove Records afloat.

"Krush Groove" (1985) is available on VHS, DVD, and digitally from Amazon Prime.

Barkey's Wish List: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/J71035RIPU9U?ref_=wl_share

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Fresh def sounds Metal / Rock mixed with Hip-Hop / Rap
Look for SUPERFONZ on any online music stores and streaming platforms!!!
SUPERFONZ YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_uciWMEUH0Qo20Vrh7Svg

Bobby Taylor - vocals/drums/keyboards/DJ
John Paoline - vocals

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System Spit the Esoteric Militant ,Opening your mind stay Vigilant!

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"Ms. Jackson" is a song by American alternative hip hop duo OutKast, consisting of André 3000 and Big Boi. It was released on October 24, 2000, as the second single from OutKast's fourth album, Stankonia. It topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week on February 17, 2001, and also reached number one in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. In June 2011, Rolling Stone ranked it at number 55 on their "100 Best Songs of the 2000s" listing, and in October of the same year, NME placed it at number 81 on its list of the "150 Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years".
"Ms. Jackson" won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards. The music video, directed by F. Gary Gray, features animals nodding along to the song, won the BET Award for Video of the Year and MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video. The single helped sell the album following the commercial underperformance of the lead single, "B.O.B", which, despite near universal acclaim from critics, failed to chart on the Hot 100 and only reached number 69 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

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springtime's bringing a new project

Listen to more at http://www.jantblur.ink

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Produced by Dare2Funk
Lyrics by B Plan, Tys1 and Mira

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