Shahrazad Ali joins me for a brief talk about feminism in the black community and the overall impact of it's negative effects...and Bill Cosby. (originally aired July 17th, 2017)

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H. A. Goodman is an author, columnist and journalist who studied International Relations at USC and worked for a brief stint at the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service Institute. He's been published in Salon.com, The Hill Contributors, The Baltimore Sun, The Jerusalem Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Hill Congress Blog, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Roanoke Times, and various other publications throughout the country. Goodman is also the author of Breaking the Devil's Heart and Logic of Demons, a widely acclaimed series of existential fantasy novels www.hagoodman.com

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Uncle Hotep is a conservative father, vlogger with several thousand followers and one of the best known people in the hotep movement. Hotep is an Egyptian word that roughly translates as "to be at peace."

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Chris Cantwell is back broadcasting with a caller proclaiming his kangz and Commander Anglin opens his doors to an unexpected set of visitors who have a revelation.

Over the seas the White Baron arrives in Kekstantinople to the astonishment of the surviving defenders, and Weev is concerned like never before!

It takes many weeks of effort to get each episode of Stormreich Antarctica any support is appreciated. I am working on getting the voices done to a higher standard.

Please support The White Baron and his ongoing projects here:


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