The AntiChrist is coming, or is already here.
Do not worship him!
He will not be the Messiah!
The Tribulation is coming!
Globe earth DeCeption was created to introduce the idea that BigBang created the universe, to remove the proof of Creator God. It opened an alternative narrative pushed by Luciferian academia. They DeCeived the W_rld! They also opened the door to hide the Fallen Angels being introduced for 75yrs via Hollywood & NASA as Aliens.
Christians will be persecuted as scripture promises!
Jesus Christ will be with you, even until the end of the (flat & still) earth!
THEN the Second Coming, God Made Man, The King Returns!
Then the Wrath Of God Will Destroy The W_rld!

Then Judgement Day!

Then where will you spend eternity?

Got Jesus?

The Highwaymen! Live! #MadeInAmerica! #AllLivesMatter! #ChangeBackTheW_rld!
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