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P2: IQ is Genocide!: bitchute.com/video/LOgNBT2lTTDm
P3: Jews and the Left!: bitchute.com/video/dWlpZ7zZkxOw
P4: Freud and Psychoanalysis!: bitchute.com/video/8G4uGWA09mcB
P5: The Frankfurt School!: bitchute.com/video/IN6BtqDos5Hf
P6: Pathologizing Pride: bitchute.com/video/54QgB5OBCHtn
P7: Diversifying America: bitchute.com/video/mQgLWgvhBzRe

AUDIOBOOK by chapters: bitchute.com/video/HUxq66ZDXReO
The book can be bought here, for example: www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-culture-of-critique-kevin-macdonald/1113698168?ean=9780759672222

Originally published by 'The Leftovers' (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmzjD8K7LfpkYs-hs3fZP1w/videos) on November 5, 2017.
(EDIT: The Leftovers seem to have disappeared?!: https://www.altcensored.com/channel/UCmzjD8K7LfpkYs-hs3fZP1w )
This video covers the first half of chapter 5 of Kevin MacDonald's "The Culture of Critique" (BANNED by Amazon, but can be bought elsewhere).

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Clipped from "Millenniyule 2019: The Jolly Heretic": https://www.bitchute.com/video/cCFQG9sEF2A/ (Dec 22, 2019). Times: 26:43-37:19 & 42:13-45:55.
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