Here is an improvisation where I tested out my idiopan with bias fx 2. I just added a subtle hint of chorus and reverb and kept the original acoustic track pretty strong as the pickup of the idiopan is pretty weak.

Later I added some improvisation on my home-made partsocaster using bias fx as well.

For the background effects I took an old 3d animation I made and turned it into a kaleidoscope via after effects then layered in a fractal video on top of it to smooth it out a bit. All the layering creates a some interesting dimensional patters that seem to complement the music.

Thanks for listening :-)

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Here is an improvisation on my idiopan tank drum. Later I added a track of cello via my You Rock Midi Guitar and Miroslav Philharmonik. After that I added a few tracks of Indian drums and some Latin drums via my Roland Handsonic. The final track is an improvisation on my G&L Comanche using Bias FX. I kept is slow and bluesy to match the ambient sound of the idiopan.

Thanks for Listening :-)

9 months ago

Here is an improvisation that started out on my idiopan tank drum. Later I added a shaker, some tin pot sounds and an udu hand drum to complement the idiopan. With all the percussion in place I improvised a track on my Martic acoustic guitar tuned to dadgde with a capo at the e fret to bring it into tune with the open e tuning of the idiopan. I also duplicated the idiopan track and added some strange reverse pitch shifting effects via guitar rig six to make a hazy hallucinogenic background wash to the whole song. This lead to the title fever dreams as it kind of reminds me of the strange dreams that happen when you are sick with a fever and disoriented in the dreamworld.

Thanks for listening :-)

9 months, 3 weeks ago

Here is an improvisation on my Irish bouzouki. This is a custom made bouzouki by Herb Taylor a builder in Colorado. I have it tuned gdae and kind of riffed off the open g note to develop the improvisation.

Later I added four percussion tracks on my Roland Handsonic. There is also an idiopan track where I played the spaces between the tongue notes to get mor of a tank bell-like tone to add a bit of depth to the composition.

The final track is my G&L ASAT with an ebow riffing on the g string to harmonize with the bouzouki.

Overall this composition has a calm sort of vibe to it hence the name Peace and Harmony. Thanks for watching and listening :-)

1 year ago

Quick jam on my idiopan. I added a bit of reverb and delay to get subtle ambience. Fractals were created in jwildfire. Thanks for listening :-)

1 year, 7 months ago

Here's a song that started out as a jam on my idiopan. Later I added some slight percussion tracks and a couple guitar tracks. Thanks for listening :-) #tankdrum #originalmusic # guitar

1 year, 8 months ago

Here's an improvisation on my idiopan dominus. The fractal backfmground was greated in jwildfire. The sound kind of reminds me of the shorter days of the winter solstice. Thanks for listening :-)

1 year, 9 months ago

This started out as an idiopan beat i improvised. Later i started adding some idiopan harmonies as well as a couple hand drum tracks. After i let this project sit for a couple months i added a mason jar shaker, a jaw harp and banjo track. The fractal overlay was created in jwildfire. Thanks for listening :-) #idiopan #banjo #jawharp

2 years, 3 months ago

This started out as an improvisation on my idiopan tank drum recorded via my zoom h6. Later i added some grain delay and tone filters in guitar rig along with the original clean recording of the idiopan. I also recorded a couple subtle tracks on my meinl udu drum for a bit more rythym. #idiopan #udu

2 years, 7 months ago