As of today, January 12, 2021 I am in day six of my COVID19 virus. I wanted to record this video to educate and inform the general public about this Bioweapon that is COVID19, not only here in America - but worldwide, what the "real" COVID19 is versus the Politicalized weaponized COVID19. As I state in the video, when you contract this COVID19 virus, immediately you know it is a Bioweapon to depopulate. Immediately, this COVID19 virus attacks the brain functions and suppresses the ability to process thoughts. As well as controlling and shutting down basic functions. This is nothing remotely related to a flu virus. I don't believe that the mass numbers of people being reported as having COVID19, I believe these numbers are inflated, as I believe we would be hearing about the brain function issues being addresses, above all else of the information being put out there.

1 month, 3 weeks ago