Covid vaccination will destroy immune system and create super dangerous virus.

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Senior Australian Immunologist Robert Clancy speaks to ABC Newcastle in response to MP Craig Kelly claims on effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine on Covid 19.

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Interview with the microbiologist and epidemiologist Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. Dr. Bhakdi criticises the harsh measures during the corona-crisis. He also warns against the mRNA-vaccines.
German with english subs.

Youtube deleted Dr. Bhakdi's channel. The justification is that "Youtube doesn't allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authority or World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on social distancing and self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance."


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PANDA, November 1, 2020

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi is on PANDA's Scientific Advisory Council, but who is the man behind the formidable list of achievements? Heike Brunner hosts a virtual tea-party and a deep conversation. Immunology (6:01​), The Whole Secret to Thinking (13:15​), Covid-19 Vaccine (19:30​), pre-symptomatic transmission (23:15​) , masking healthy children (27:00​).


Sources for pre-symptomatic transmission:
(the only paper providing good evidence that pre-symptomatic individuals may spread the virus, but this never leads to severe illness)

(Critical review concludes that evidence for presymptomatic spread is weak overall)

(miniscule viral load in exhaled breath compared with swab)

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19320359/ (review of all studies led to conclusion that presymptomatic spread plays essentially no role in epidemiology of influenza)

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The Highwire w/ Del Bigtree (14/5/2020)
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Real Science on Masks with Immunologist Dolores Cahill, PhD.

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"I worry that the past two months of quarantine have given people the idea that way for humans to win our million-year war with microbes is to avoid them completely. And I'm here to tell you that you can't. The key to beating COVID isn't dining through glass or never going to a concert or a ball game again. It's your immune system. People say that COVID-19 is a new virus so the immune system doesn't know how to handle it. Bullshit, of course it does! That's why the vast majority of people who have had it have either recovered or didn't even know they had it. What do you think did that? The human immune system. There are people with immune systems that can't do the job and we should make it a priority to protect those people. But compulsively washing, being scared of your own hands? That can't become the new normal."

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Why and how this takeover of human rights is happening. This interview is so comprehensive and accurate. Cashless society, political control, exploitation of fear, free speech suppression, fake problems = fake solutions. Imuno-compromised people, ect. This is an excerpt for low data consumption.

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