Global Calamities on the Increase August 2021
I am a sinner and admit I need a redeemer. It is self evident that divine judgement is falling upon earth. Who will join me in an urgent
call to repentance? Jesus is LORD!!!
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The act of breathing involves bringing oxygen into the body, a necessary step in keeping our major organs functioning as they should. An individual who fails to receive sufficient oxygen is bound to suffer a range of significant health problems, including serious respiratory illnesses and heart disease.

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In the past satanic rituals took place but they were done in secret. Today it is all out in the open.

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In your charity, please consider a donation: https://www.paypal.me/ourladyofmountcarmel

Please offer a decade of the Rosary for the Priests and Seminarians at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boston, KY, USA

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An eighth of the world's countries are under US sanctions. How does this complicate Washington's cooperation with these countries in battling the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic? Former UK MP George Galloway joins Rick Sanchez to weigh in. He calls it "sadistic" for the US State Dept.to increase sanctions on Iran as the latter struggles against the deadly pandemic.

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Zolna Report June 6, 2018
So where is Jonathan Gruber, one of the key architects of Obamacare?

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