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These are 2 very common Russian/Soviet manufactured grenades found in use around the world. They must be prepped before use unlike US grenades.
F1 Practice Grenade, Bulgarian https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1365910
Bulgarian RGD-5 Practice Grenade https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1366360

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Mortars are guerilla fighter artillery. Light weight compared to artillery pieces. And wherever the guerilla goes the mortar can go too. This video covers the current US doctrinal organization for mortar teams. It also mentions Russian team size and some WW2 German mortar team tactics. In the militia we should have captured 60mm mortars with each Rifle Platoon and 81mm and larger mortars in a heavy weapons platoon with the Rifle Company.

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What do light infantry use instead of a sleeping bag? They use their poncho and woobi aka poncho liner. Some have them sewn together as a sleeping bag.

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Party Ponies Posses Parallels to Military Planning. Part deux

Part 1 linked here:https://youtu.be/Y8cLgMdMl3M and in an annotation at the beginning of the video.

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