I destroy this bitch (Z4), he then rages like a little baby because he lost, too bad lol.
He then calls me a clown while he fought me dressed as a clown, lost dressed
like a clown,and bitched like a clown, lol too funny.

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A baseball hit directly at you causes you to instinctively move away

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This video illustrates all characters from the original Killer Instinct and how they've evolved between the Arcades, N64 and Xbox/PC versions, excluding the SNES, gameboy & gameboy color series.
This include small snipets of gameplay, but primarily showing how the graphics and "ultimate combos" have evolved from KI1, KI2/KIG, up to the Xbox/PC reboot of Killer Instinct.
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The natural acuteness and discernment that was commonplace in the past is almost gone in a lot of people. The natural street smarts, gut instinct, and mother wit that people had to help them navigate the world and society is becoming a relic of the bygone days.

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