De gevaren van de digitale euro - Armoede als instrument - Politieke bubbels

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Die Drehleier / Zafona
wurde erstmals im 10. Jahrhundert als Organistrum erwähnt. Damals handelte es sich um ein Kircheninstrument, das von zwei Männern gespielt wurde, von denen einer die Tasten betätigte und der andere das Rad drehte. Weltliche Ein-Mann-Formen, Symphonia genannt, kamen im 13. Jahrhundert auf.

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brazilian sings instrument

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The market is primarily driven by the rising number of surgical procedures across the globe. In addition, the growing geriatric population with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), arthritis, cancer, and obesity represent another major growth-inducing factor.

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First experiments with the Rauschmaschiene, after having finished the building process, during a residency at NDSM-Treehouse.

More info: http://margrietkicks-ass.nl/sound-quaker.html

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In this set-up, called: Noise-Lab I am using a loudspeaker as instrument by playing with resonance. My starting point of this instrument was putting a question-mark at the objectivity of loudspeakers. In other words: What would happen if I gave a speaker a very subjective, and own specific sound, which had nothing to do anymore with the original sound signal it received. Like an analogue filter. So I used a former gas-heater, added a spring out of a truck to amplify its resonance, and made an iron frame, where all the elements were hanging like in a christmas tree, for maximum resonance. With a subwoofer the installation started to vibrate, which I expanded with sending feedback back into the system, which was picked up by microphones again.

At particular frequencies the iron started to quake and produced sounds (or noise), amplified my mics, and sometimes I added effects, to make the impact larger, controlled by self-built midifaders. With this laboratorium-like set-up (including white suit and sterile gloves) I express a sound research or a loudspeaker operation. This instrument was the forerunner of my later built "Rauschmachine".

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Article : Time to Unite as an Instrument of God - Par A. Freeman

Prions tous le Seigneur Jésus pour que tout soit connu. Pour que tout un chacun sache qui sont ces politiciens véritablement, et à quelles sociétés secrètes vouées à Lucifer, portent-ils allégeance.

Prions pour que les gens de nos grands médias qui servent le Nouvel Ordre Mondial luciférien puissent être vus et connus selon ce qu’ils sont véritablement.

Oui, il faut prier afin que la vérité sur tous ceux qui nous imposent ces aberrations soit démasquée au grand jour.

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Lin Wood warnt davor, dass diese Leute Ihnen Ihre Rechte wegnehmen und Ihre Verfassung aufheben wollen. "Lasst sie nicht damit durchkommen! Und lassen Sie Präsident Trump damit nicht alleine klarkommen!" Er warnte auch vor der möglichen Inhaftierung von Biden.
Er sagte auch, dass der derzeitige Wahlbetrug ein gut geplantes Unterfangen sei, das 20 Jahre lang im Gange sei. Die Mainstream-Medien wenden ihre übliche Taktik an, die Amerikaner zu belügen. Während Präsident Trump einem erdrutschartigen Sieg nahe war, erzählten die Medien das Gegenteil und erklärten den betrügerischen Sieg Bidens als Wahrheit.
Tägliche politische und Geoengineering-Nachrichten:

Meine Kanäle:

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Have you ever heard of this instrument??
It sounds like a woman's voice singing. Quite beautiful Amazing Instrument !!
Read the info below before watching the video I have never heard of this instrument before.

It is truly quite amazing...........an almost human like quality to its’ sound.
In this orchestra, a woman is playing an instrument called a Theremin: it is a quantum instrument that is played only with the energy of the hands.

Only three countries in the world have music schools that learn how to play the Theremin : Russia, Japan and Ireland.

Theremin was invented by Leon Theremin, a Russian in 1920. It is an instrument that forms a magnetic field and is played without being touched.
Helps people to understand how their aura works

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Kinder sehen die Welt mit anderen Augen und hinterfragen Dinge die für uns selbstverständlich sind.
Wir haben Kinder zwischen 7 und 12 Jahren gefragt "Was ist das für ein Zahnarzt Instrument?" Sehen Sie selbst welche Ideen Kinder dazu haben.
Doc Belsky klärt in dieser "Denta Beaute Kids" wofür die Instrumente wirklich gut sind.

Sie haben noch Fragen? Brauchen noch weitere Infos oder Entscheidungshilfen?

So können Sie uns erreichen:
- www.denta-beaute.com
- Instagram @dentabeaute
- Facebook @praxis.denta.beaute

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A 1997 RM Arts Arts Documentary narrated by Tim Hardy.

Episode 4: Tracing the organ’s development, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day, this episode visits France and Switzerland. The impact of changes in society, tastes and musical styles, as well as technological advances, are examined and illustrated with music by Charles-Marie Widor, Max Reger, Olivier Messiaen and Jehan Alain.

Organists: Marie-Claire Alain, René Saorgin, Louis Robilliard and Xavier Darasse

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A 1997 RM Arts Arts Documentary narrated by Tim Hardy.

Episode 3: This episode focuses on the first half of the 18th Century - the Golden Age of organ music.
The French and German school of organ production is presented and works by Marchand, Dandrieu and Johann Sebastian Bach will be played.

Featuring music by Louis Marchand, Johann Sebastian Bach and Jean-Francois Dandrieu. Organists: Xavier Darasse, André Isoir and Gustav Leonhardt

Episode 4: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6kU7uXDy8y2U/

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A 1997 RM Arts Arts Documentary narrated by Tim Hardy.

The organ is one of the oldest, most complex and most glorious musical instruments known to man.
The four-part series tells the history of this magnificent instrument, displaying the beauty of the sound it produces, the wealth of music written for it, the craftsmanship involved in building such a complicated and often ornate structure and the wonderful settings in which it has come to reside.

The journey takes us from Italy, Spain, Germany and France to discover and listen to the changes that make up the history of this wonderful instrument.

Episode 1: Starting out in the Verona workshop of Bartolomeo Formentelli, this episode travels through Italy, Spain and France to trace the origins, history and development of the organ. It encompasses the classical sobriety of the Italian style, the Golden Age of the organ in sixteenth-century Spain, and the French style of the eighteenth century.

Featuring music by Pierre Attaignant, Antonio de Cabezón, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Francisco Correa de Arauxo, François Couperin, Nicolas de Grigny and Louis-Claude Daquin

With thanks to MVGroup: https://docuwiki.net/index.php?title=A_History_of_the_Organ

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In God We Trust Satan's Instrument of Exchange.
july 5 2016, originally posted

Slap in the face, in god we trust hypocrisy of the illuminati eye
hypocritical statement as: honest lawyers, truthful politicians, Gov’t don’t lie.
a joke to US all

Slap in the face

you are using the satins money to buy your toys

You buy toys with Satan’s instrument of exchange that alienate you from your faith.
Don’t spend it on Satan’s vices Shame on those who drive by your self, and use no buses or public transportation.

You buy gas and oil, the devil’s blood for your car.

Protest and abolish the Federal reserve. Satan’s playground.

Audit satin’s playground. abolish it

Costa Rica’s money has no references to God or Trust. They are a very religious country.

You should not be paying your taxes with the devils instrument.

Globally speaking, the need to abolish all central banks and excuse all loans as odious.

College degrees are more inflated than dollars.

Unlimited Quantitive Easing, 80 billion a month, that what they admit too.

IRS just to collect taxes for the federal reserve.

You are enslaved to satan’s in debt capitalism.

Can’t put links to prove my case, Boobtube will corrupt the links and ding my account for using Copy right material.
Jimmy Walter, “Money is just shiny stones and fancy paper. “ walden3.org

The man behind in god we trust


dr Meno on FACEBOOK
Twitter @radiopacsur

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Symphony No. 9 (Tul) : H - Mossart Music

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The Lo-fi Sampler is a circuit bent voice recorder with pitch control, volume, pitch switch and retrigg. If you're interested in having one they are available at ScrewedCircuitz webiste and moogaudio.com.
Enjoy and thanks for watching!
Remember, keep it creative 😜

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An instrument of white guilt

4 years ago

So I finally got my first instrument from Boult Guitars. Just making a quick unboxing. Full review soon.

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