The Fox News host did an extensive monologue and interview last night as a review of the January 6th DC protest while contrast against the likelihood of FBI organization and coordination. How many of those January 6th "Insurrectionists" were agents of the FBI?

3 months ago

One of the most important battle fronts is to convince people to cut off their TVs and leftist-run internet platforms, from whence are the origins of the lost mind of America. We talk latest Veritas video, vaccine shaming, court packing and more. Fight on with guests Gregg Roman, Clare Lopez and Mark Sutherland.
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5 months ago

Media and Politicians have spent the last seven months telling us that BLM riots which have included private and public property damage in dozens of cities is acceptable political protest. Now, suddenly, they have decided that damage to the U.S. Capitol is an act of terror. We cannot accept this use of language because words have consequences.
Source: Ben Swann

8 months, 2 weeks ago