Irene Cara
"Greatest Love of All", Whitney Houston cover

3 months ago

Irene Cara
"What A Feelin'"
In Europe in the late 2000s.
Damn, Irene Cara still looks and sounds beautiful.

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Irene Cara
"Why Me", track 02
What A Feelin' (re-released by Unidisc)

4 months ago

Irene Cara - "Why Me?", from her LP "What A Feelin'" (1983).
Available on MP3 and CD at Unidisc:

Irene Cara had a legal dispute with her label, Casablanca Records, over song writing credits for her single "Flashdance What A Feeling". Casablanca Records then shelved her second LP and refused to bring her singles to radio stations or her videos to MTV. As a result, an LP with some pretty kick ass music died a slow death in obscurity. Now, fans of Irene Cara have leaked her videos and online stores like Amazon and Unidisc carry her back catalog of CDs and MP3s.

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Irene Cara
Live performance of "Out Here On My Own" in 1981.
Makes my heart swell.

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Irene Cara
"What A Feeling" LIVE in the 1983 MDA Telethon, featuring The Rock Steady Crew from Bronx NY.
1983 September

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Irene Cara
"Out Here On My Own" LIVE in 1981
1981 January 10th

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Irene Cara
"Out Here On My Own", track 02
Fame Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Irene Cara
"What A Feeling", track 01
Flashdance soundtrack

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After 50 years of never speaking about a holocaust, Irene Zisblatt suddenly decided to tell her diamond story because she feared her son would read Mein Kampf.

Vimeo: Pembroke Pines TV - OCTV78
Special People Extraordinary Times - Irene Zisblatt

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Beautiful Freestyle Love Anthem. Timeless classic.

1 year, 3 months ago

SPIELBERG LAWSUIT Irene Weisberg Zisblatt Caught on Tape Lying about The Holocaust

1 year, 8 months ago