The Greatest Race Of All Time! #DaveScott, 6 Time ironMan Trialthon W_rld Champion, from Davis, Ca, is finally challenged by the much younger #MarkAllen from OceanSide, Ca! Most of what i learned to be successful in life, came from training for and racing in the #ironManTriathlon. Although i had already unofficially completed my own non-sanctioned ironMan whilst living in i3Malibu.com @ 16, It wasnt until i turned 18, could i officially register for a sanctioned ironMan! #PrayForMaui #WeThePeople!

1n 1989 I was a personal trainer in #WarnerCenter, WoodlandHills, Ca. It was there i met a contractor name KenRattner, who hired me to build and tile, a guest house bathroom for #GaryBusey's & his son Jake. Having just moved out off my house years before at 16, i was struggling financially. I had an old-fashioned, heavy, steel, Schwinn at the time, and lived in WoodlandHills, Ca, in a tiny room i was renting from a good friend from #ELCaminoRealHighSchool. Home of AmericanPresidentRealityShow.com QPost1776.com = #TheApprentice! :) #PayAttention!!

Every morning i would wake up about 4am, stuff my backpack with my hand tools, clothing, water and food, and head out to Busey's house at the highest peak in Malibu, i think it was Corral Cyn, just off of Pacific Coast Highway. The morning trek was my bike training for the day. I would take Fallbrook to Victory, To Valley Circle to OldTopangaCanyon, to TopangeCyn to PacificCoastHighway ; passing PepperdineUniversity, to Corral Cyn, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up the steeeeep TourDeFrance type incline to Gary's house.

All my heavy equipment, Mk101 tile saw, etc, was already up at the house. Ken trusted me with his old school surfboard hauling truck which allowed me to make my HomeDepot weekly material run. I remember the day i met Gary for the first time, he was a very tall and had hands twice the size of mine. I thought i was a big, buff, bodybuilder type, but standing next to Gary, I was a dwarf! lol Half way through the job, many months late, Jake stopped by to start moving in his personal belongings. He brought an old acoustic guitar and said, "Hey, you wanna hear some songs ive been working on?" Gary had just had that motorcycle accident prior, and was either about to stat the BuddyHolley movie, or had already completed it. Either way, the both of them were musically inclined. We all just sat around and jammed for hours, up in that almost completed guest house. It was one of many neat little moments of my life.

Why do i bring this up in this video? It was this job, and a little help from these three strangers, nor friends, that would allow me to finally pay off my $4000 Kestrel4000 monocoque carbon fiber triathlon bicycle, that had been hanging up at #BikeSport bike store, in Canoga Park, Ca (Home of Lif3Mark.com #RaquetBallWorld where i trained my highschool friend BillyZabka of KarateKid, FaithBaptistSchool & KeithGreen TrumpThinkTank.com) where i had a dream; broke and living on my friend's mom's couch, to buy the greatest ironMan racing bike around. Frank, the store owner had sponsored our #TeamMallibuTriathlon for years. He really believed in me and told me that he promised to keep that bike for me, allowing me to pay it off $1 or more, at a time, no matter how many years it took. Being the bike everyone wanted, he kept his promise to me. I had walked into that store, weekly, for two years and gave him every penny i had. Birthday money, Christmas money, graduation money. You name it. Sometimes, just to go in to look at it, size it to my body type, leg length, etc, i would often bring him $.05! #Goals101

The day i finished the Busey job, Ken loaned me his truck, i brought home all my heavy tools and ran over to cash my final check at the WellsFargo, #Calabasas, Ca; then immediately to BikeSport, where Frank had my 2year old, never ridden Kestrel4000 all polished up, with a big red bow, and a letter that said "Mark, I knew you would keep your word, and finally come to pay off your bike. Your passion for your dreams has changed the hearts of myself and my workers. No matter what the outcome of your race, finish or not, youve already won!" Next to my shiny new, all white bike, was a $500 Zipp disc wheel, which was going to be my next purchase. Probably, the nicest act anyone has ever shown me. I have NEVER forgotten the very few people who believed in me!

More of this story to come! :) i3Malibu.com StayTheCourseFreedomMan.com #NeverEverEverEverGiveUp!
In 1997 i bought #PaulaNewbyFraiser's husband #GregWelch's ironMan race bike. :)

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All money will go to make the movie of my lifetime! Start a trust to protect my story & continue to help others find God's Truth! :) i
i NEVER charged anyone for the Truth. i dont want my family to have to pay .01 for my funeral expenses.


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