1980 ✠ "Iron Maiden" ✠ Live at the Rainbow 1980

"Phantom Of The Opera"

I've been looking so long for you now
You won't get away from my grasp
You've been living so long in hiding
And hiding behind that false mask
You know, and I know that you ain't got long now to last
Your looks and your feelings are just the remains of your past

You're standing in the wings
There you wait for the curtain to fall
And knowing the terror and holding you have on us all
Now, I know that you're gonna scratch me and maim me and maul
And you know I'm helpless from your mesmerizing cat call

Keep your distance, walk away, don't take his bait
Don't you stray, don't fade away, yeah
Watch your step, he's out to get you, come what may
Don't you stray from the narrow way, yeah

I'm running and hiding in my dreams, you're always there
You're the Phantom of the Opera
You're the devil, you're just out to scare
You damaged my mind and my soul, it just floats through the air
You haunt me, you taunt me
You torture me back at your lair

Torture me back at your lair

✠ All rights reserved to the band and record label ✠

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Iron Maiden - Back in the Village 2021

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"As the SUN breaks above the ground
An old MAN stands on the hill;
As the ground warms to the first rays of LIGHT
A birdsong shatters the still . . ."

******** IRON MAIDEN: "The Flight of Icarus" . . . from the album: "PIECE OF MIND" ********

(ICARUS, of course, wanted to fly.
He fashioned himself a pair of wings out of sub-structure, feathers, and wax.

His father told him he should not attempt flight;
"At minimum, my dear SON, do not try to fly too high."
Icarus ignored his learned father's advice, and jumped off a cliff
And flew close to
(and closer and closer and closer to)

Soon, Icarus's wings began to melt, He could not sustain flight, and he plunged back down to Earth;
Plunged on down into certain and permanent death.


Turn it up.
Turn it up: very very very very very very loud.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LYRICS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As the SUN breaks above the ground
An old MAN stands on the hill;
As the ground warms to the first rays of LIGHT
A birdsong shatters the still

His eyes are ablaze;
See the mad-man in his gaze.


Woo ooh ooh

Now, the crowd breaks
And the young BOY appears:
Looks the old man in the eye

As he spreads his wings
And shouts at the crowd:
"In the Name of GOD, my Father:
I'll fly!"

His eyes seem so glazed
As he flies on the wings of a dream
Now, he knows:
His FATHER betrayed;
Now his wings turn to ashes;
To ashes: his grave!















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~~~ "I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who---reading newspapers---live and die in the belief that They have known something of what has been passing in the world in their time." ---THOMAS JEFFERSON; 1807

~~~ "Every man has the right to utter what he thinks TRUTH, and every other man has the right to knock him down for It. Martyrdom is the Test." ---SAMUEL JOHNSON; 1780

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BRUCE DICKINSON (lead singer) pilots the IRON MAIDEN jumbo jet. He mainly flies international commercial flights: as a day job. These are NOT stupid people.

The Devil/Satan/Beelzebub/Lucifer/Anti-Christ/The Anti-Christ/Evil/Ha-Satan/Baphomet/The Beast/any spirit . . . does not EXIST, actually. The above are man-made concepts piled upon fears, traced through mankind's ancient need to not disappear after death, and therefore used by Powerful bastards (and, of course, well-meaning people) to---in the end---manipulate mankind. Look for proof. . . . There is no proof of any of the Devil.
There is no proof of any of mankind's Gods.

(It's almost "Satanic.")

God is an ENIGMA. You'll know all about God right after your last breath.
Or else, we won't . . .

LIVE your rather short lifetime---whilst you may. Don't let other people's oft-repeated concepts and fears guide your LIFE/LIFETIME.


************* https://www.ironmaiden.com/ *************


"Whoah, to you: Oh Earth and Sea
For the Devil sends the Beast with wrath
For He knows the Time is short.

Let Him who has understanding reckon the number of the Beast
For it is a human number.

It's number is Six Hundred and Sixty Six." ---(Rev. 12:12)
[Or Rev. 6: 66. I can't remember without smiling.]

I left alone
My mind was blank
I needed Time to get the memories from my mind.

Just what I saw
Were the reflections of my warped mind staring back at me.

'Cause in my dreams
It's always there;
The evil face face that twists my mind and brings me to despair.

****** (Work in Progress)******

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I looked back at the work of Martin Birch.

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INDIA - Check my rare vinyl records here: https://www.casinobillionaire.com/blog/rare-vinyl-records-5020.php

Iron Maiden India fan club -

INDIA - Iron Maiden rare vinyl collection: In this video, I will show you some of my favorite Iron Maiden albums - but only rare bootlegs and limited editions. The official Iron Maiden albums are known by everyone, that's why I decided to list here rare vinyl records of the band.

I'm a vinyl record collector, collecting only bootlegs and limited edition LP, EP, Singles, and 7'. Iron Maiden is one of the bands I have been collecting for many years. I have all Iron Maiden official albums and then started to collect the most difficult to find bootleg albums of the band.

I will try to upload a detailed review of each Iron Maiden album here. Meanwhile, you can visit my blog and check the reviews I have uploaded not only about Iron Maiden albums but also from other rock bands.

The first time Iron Maiden toured in India was during the "Somewhere Back in Time" world tour. The recording of the DVD Flight 666 documented part of the live performance in India.

Curiously, here in this video you can check the "Somewhere Back in Time" world tour bootleg vinyl recording. Double vinyl with excellent soundboard recording and superb graphics.

If you love Iron Maiden music and is part of the Iron Maiden India fan club, check this video! I'm sure you will love it. You will know the rarest Iron Maiden vinyl albums that you probably never imagined exist.

Don't forget to comment and also share your Iron Maiden albums you have!

Up the Irons!!

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These musicians have impressive academic achievements as well!

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I can't believe it's been 6 years since my childhood hero Robin Williams took his own life by hanging. I still miss him to this day. 😔

I thought I'd share this video I did two years ago with a YouTuber named "The Underground Metal Elitist". We checked out a song by Iron Maiden called "Tears of a Clown", which is about Robin.

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Another mashup that popped in my head the other day. Inspired by the brilliant song by Iron Maiden, I got thinking of the Hate Plague from the Return of Optimus Prime, and then of Galvatron and that great Third Seasons episode Webworld. In this video Galvatron saves the day. His madness gives him unique insight into the so-called "Hate Plague".

This was my fourth Mashup video edit project and produced April 2019.
Programs used: Windows Move Maker, Corel VisualStudio

Transformers characters created by Hasbro
Transformers characters developed by Bob Budiansky
Transformers cartoon produced by Marvel/Sunbow Productions
Can I Play With Madness from the epic Iron Maiden album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Clips taken from the following G1 Transformers episodes:
The Return of Optimus Prime Part I
The Return of Optimus Prime Part II
Five Faces of Darkness Part II

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Live at the Marquee 1980 featuring Dennis Stratton.

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Music Video for the Iron Maiden single Women in Uniform realased in october of 1980.
The song itself is a cover made orginally by the Australian rock band Skyhooks.

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Live at the Rainbow is the first live video recorded by Iron Maiden on 21 December 1980 and released in 1981. It includes one of the band's earliest concerts with guitarist Adrian Smith as well as a very early version of "Killers", with lyrics that differ from the album version that would be released in 1981. Paul Di'Anno later admitted writing the lyrics five minutes before going on stage that night.

Due to technical problems, a sound line broke down halfway through the show. As a result, the audience were allowed to stay after the show to watch the band perform "Iron Maiden" and "Phantom of the Opera" again for the recording.

I do not own the rights to this VHS video nor do i try to make a financial gain.
This video is only uploaded for the sake of posterity.

Enjoy, my fellow Maiden aficionados

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Straining my voice to sound like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden in the second song from my apocalyptic set list.

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Maiden Metal Machine performing Fear Of The Dark LIVE @ Bristow VA 2019 Legacy Of The Beast Tour

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UP The Irons and raise those horns. In this episode, MAR delves into the discography of the legendary British band Iron Maiden, counting down his top 12 songs.

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My imperfect instrumental rendition of one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs....The drums and bass were done via Ableton Live and Superior Drummer 2.0.
Up the irons and, as always, thanks for listening \m/

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Hallowed Be Thy Name is the eigth and final track on the British heavy metal band Iron Maidens 3rd studio album, The Number of the Beast. The song describes a man's thoughts just before being sent to the gallows. He begins to feel terror and realizes he really is afraid of dying, despite claims that he's not. At the end of the vocal section, the man gets executed; this is followed by a long instrumental section, culminating in his ambiguous final words, Hallowed be thy name.
Hallowed Be Thy Name begins with a slow tempo and builds up later in the song. Bruce Dickinson showcases his wide vocal range and power at both slow and fast tempo. This song is considered one of Iron Maiden's classics, and is a staple at live concerts. The first guitar solo is played by Dave Murray, and the second by Adrian Smith. Since Smith left the band and was replaced by Janick Gers, Gers has played Smith's solo, even after Smith returned to the band.
The cover depicts Bruce Dickinson being impaled from behind by Eddie, in the form of Satan. The same idea of Eddie killing the departing vocalist had previously been used on the cover of the Venezuelan release of Maiden Japan (with him holding the severed head of Paul Di'Anno). This theme was also used during Bruce Dickinson's farewell performance, during the Raising Hell concert, where horror Illusionist Simon Drake, after seemingly killing Dickinson, gets impaled by Eddie.
The song has also been released as a live single from the 1993 album A Real Dead One and on The Best of the Beast, and has become a live staple for Iron Maiden.

Im waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life and it doesnt have much time
Cos at 5 o clock they take me to the gallows pole
The sands of time for me are running low

When the priest comes to read me the last rights
I take a look through the bars at the last sights
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me

Can it be theres some sort of error
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end not some crazy dream?

Somebody please tell me that Im dreaming
Its not so easy to stop from screaming
But words escape me when I try to speak
Tears they flow but why am I crying
After all I am not afraid of dying
Dont believe that there is never an end

As the guards march me out to the courtyard
Someone calls from a cell God be with you
If theres a God then why has he let me die?

As I walk all my life drifts before me
And though the end is near Im not sorry
Catch my soul cos its willing to fly away

Mark my words please believe my soul lives on
Please dont worry now that I have gone
Ive gone beyond to see the truth

When you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then youll begin to understand
Life down there is just a strange illusion.

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🤘 great tune, Maiden are one the best UK exports
met Nicko last year...top bloke
up the Irons!

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This was a contest entry on YouTube.
1. Show at least 3 Metal Classic Albums. I showed 7,8. I don't know.
2. 3 Albums to avoid
3. I showed 2 Grails I recently got!

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Anime Musik Video
Anime: Rosario+Vampiere
Music: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark ( Hardstyle Remix )
Genere: Hardstyle Remix
Language: English
Cut: Vitium
Content Sensitivity: Normal

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Iron Maiden
Published on Jan 25, 2017
Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group

Hallowed Be Thy Name (1998 Remastered Version) · Iron Maiden

The Number of the Beast

℗ 1998 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company

Bass: Steve Harris
Drums: Clive Burr
Guitar: Adrian Smith
Guitar: Dave Murray
Performed by: Iron Maiden
Producer: Martin Birch
Video Director: Jim Yukich
Vocals: Bruce Dickinson
Composer: Steve Harris

(C) All rights reserved to the artist and their production company
Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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