Dare to question how viruses are not real, being fake particles concocted via toxic scientists practicing lience but never science. The criminal media, medics and politicians are paid or played as corrupted peddlers of lience - they remain in the shadows, being terrified of open public debate.

Dr Andrew Kaufman lays bare the dark frankenscience of making a particle… misnamed as a… ‘virus’

4 months ago

essential viewing for all kind truth seekers everywhere. this video is a recording of the original livestream interview between Ged Power and courtenay-adam-lawrence (aired on 4th March 2021), the content of which was quickly censored and removed from youtube as it exposes the criminal 'covid' narrative.

courtenay lives on the isle of man, british isles and is the author of: The Covid Con; A Wake, and also: From Health Heretic To Common Law Advocate

contact: [email protected]

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The Manx anthem was written by William Henry Gill in 1907 with a Manx translation later by John Kneen. It was performed for the first time that year, yet the melody dates back originally to 1770 and a traditional Manx melody known as “Mylecharaine’s March”. It was given official status in 2003 as the Manx national anthem (“God Save the Queen” also being given official status as the Manx royal anthem at the same time). The first verse is usually sung of the eight verses.

(description c/o nationalanthems.info)

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@ 200mph! PURE ADRENALINE! On Bike POV Lap!
Isle of Man TT RACES

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Todesofer auch in 2018: Der 26-jährige TT-Newcomer Adam Lyon aus Helensburgh in Schottland stürzte auf der dritten von vier Runden zur Supersport-TT schwer. Sein Unfall passierte kurz hinter der 28-Meilen-Marke bei Casey’s. Dabei verletzte sich Lyon so schwer, dass er verstarb.

Lyon fuhr dieses Jahr seine erste TT und hatte sich in einem Schnitt von 122,261 Meilen als 24. für das Rennen qualifiziert. Dort konnte er sich auf der ersten Runde noch auf 122,261 Meilen steigern.


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