Rowan Dean (Editor the Spectator Australia, Host #Outsiders on @SkyNewsAust) in a moving and powerful declaration against the Tyrannical Socialist Takeover of the Victorian Political and Justice System, accuses key actors by name of evil in Australia!

4cminews holds the opinion: that Rowan Dean is 100% right on each accusation and that they are all guilty of the crimes accused of by Rowen Dean @rowandean #Outsiders @SkyNewsAust

Rowan Dean Damming Accusations are laid against:
→ Daniel Andrews
→ Government of Victoria
→ Prime Minister Scott Morrison
→ Victoria Liberal Party and Mathew Guy
→ Labour Party and Unions
→ Victorian Police
→ Victoria Media and ABC

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Rick Ruggiero https://youtu.be/4-Dn2iwf2fk

2 months ago