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China has a plan to become the world’s next superpower, they already have plans in motion and the president has publicly stated that he wants China to be the leading world superpower by the year 2050. Their strategy has been documented in Chinese literature, published and sanctioned by the People’s Liberation Army for well over 50 years.

One of the bullet points on their agenda is to change our concept of Chairman Mao and to get the world to accept him as a wise, influential leader. They want to break down the perception that the rise of communism in China brought problems and make it seem gentler. And they want to get rid of the idea that the Tiananmen Square Massacre was an injustice.

In order to maintain power one must send out their most experienced spies to gather intel and feed it back to the boss. There is no doubt the chi-com spies are the most equipped, as every country has its share of Chinese population, this being due to families leaving the country as they would like to have more than one child or they are just fed up with the communist system the influenced by the starchy mutated root vegetables.

Going through the list you can see examples of how the system works. However, the honey trap system works quite well for the Chi-coms. Sure, it works well for every country as sex can be the next best bribe after money (depending on who you ask). How many are out there that we don’t know about?

In this scenario Christine Fang is the mysterious woman that was seducing her way to the democratic party. Found an interesting area to target as she slept with democrat Eric Swalwell and mingled around in the bay area (which also helps that it’s the home of the tech giants at Silicon Valley), and was infiltrating the democratic party from 2011-2015.

Now, this can be an in the moment story as the Australia-China tensions are heating up, but there is no doubt that there are chi-com agents donderlingering in Australia. The fact that China is the closest power house country generated big business and also what can an island floating in the pacific with no neighbours be of use to these guys. We have discussed in the past how they have purchased almost all the land, water and commodities in Australia but what else is left. In July 2020, there was a massive cyber attack on Australia and all fingers were pointing to China. China is believed to be behind a major cyber-attack on Australia as Optus & TPG continue to install Chinese equipment in Australian businesses & homes linked with the Communist Chinese Government.

Jack Ma is the co-founder of Alibabagroup, a technology conglomerate in China which we previously touched upon in regards to providing the needed logistical support in the form of hardware and, more crucially, troves of personal data required by the social credit system. This latte has been all over the news lately due to a possible forced disappearance.

It all started when one of Jack’s company’s was going to be placed on the market, however Shanghai Stock pulled the plug. The official reason was “significant change” in the regulatory environment. But according to a later report by the Wall Street Journal, China’s leader Xi Jinping has long wanted to cut Jack Ma down to size. So cross with the Xi, you get the D. He recently appeared in a video saying he hasn’t been kidnapped, but is it all a front for putting people in place?

The Uyghurs are an ethnic minority living in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province. Being predominantly Muslim, Uyghurs are closer ethnically and culturally to other Central Asian nations like Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Uyghurs lived in the Xinjiang region for around 1,000 years before it was amalgamated into China in the mid-18th century.

The Chinese government is expanding detention camps in an effort to suppress the Uighur Muslim minority. At least 1 million Uighurs have been placed in “camps” since 2017. The Chinese government has denied that these camps even exist but after a series of photos that were leaked/released the government back tracked and changed their stance stating that they were “re-education centers” for Uighurs.

Or you can see this as China stomping out religious freedom, if you place your belief in a faith, a religion with a set of ideologies, a set of rules that set a standard of how you live & how you treat other than it is believed by the CCP that you will reject their beliefs and ideologies.

DISCLAIMER: All topics discussed are hypothetical and may or may not be true, it is just a couple of friend's take on the subjects brought up. We advise you to please do your own research and don't just take what we say as gospel. This is all for fun and entertainment. Godspeed everyone.

Also, we don't own any of the clips in the video. All credits go to the original producers/distributors.

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Ogoverno chinês impediu o IPO do ANT Group nas bolsas de Xangai e Hong Kong, causando enorme prejuízo a Jack Ma, tudo por conta de uma crítica ao governo. Misturar capitalismo na economia, mas comunismo na organização social dá nisso. Curiosamente, Jack Ma é um do grandes defensores dessa mistura de livre mercado na economia, somado a grande controle social e da informação, ou seja, mistura de capitalismo com comunismo, do governo chinês. Acabou provando um pouco do próprio veneno. Mas vamos entender isso com calma.

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Aus 2018, aber diese Worte von Jack Ma sind bedeutender denn je

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