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Go your own way guys...

1 year ago

Jada Pinkett(And Will Smith Reveal) Her Past Affair With August Alsina

1 year ago

#willsmith #jadasmith #jadapinkett #augustalsina #cuck #bangherbackout #affair #hollywood

For the record, I am not going to commit to an answer on this one, it does seem awfully suspicious though, when you hear the way August speaks of Jada, that something didn't happen, it just doesn't add up.

It's trash news and the request of the misses, no joke, lol

As I said though, Hollywood types, I tend to think they are all on the down low in some way but like I said in the video, remember when Will was packaged as some short of action star. Now look at him, sad!

Source: https://archive.ph/eGbG5

Youtube: youtu.be/iZ3ZdNw1yVo
Bitchute: bitchute.com/video/AeU9Pa8gedo3/
Daily Motion: https://dai.ly/x7utuew

1 year ago