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This video you are watching was uploaded (but not showed by me until today) prior to my highest watched video failing to upload. I have videos STILL 'processing' 2 days AFTER uploading.

)ewish Warfare v Aryan Warfare. Jan Lamprecht talks of Aryan / )ewish warfare.

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A must watch also is this https://www.bitchute.com/video/rPKqZ5b3Haji/ to bring us all up to higher level of understanding.
Thank you for watching.

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"I went to the white squatter camp the day after there had been violence & shooting. I walked around, filmed & spoke to the leader of the Munsieville White squatters. Hugo showed me what had happened.

This was filmed early in 2016."


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"I introduce people to Rhodesia’s most popular comedian, Wrex Tarr. He specialised in humour called “Fanagalo” or “Kitchen K*ffir”. This was a mixed language, like the Jews’ Yiddish, except it was made up of words from Zulu, English, Afrikaans, etc. It was invented by whites in the South African Gold mines. This mixed language allowed whites and blacks to communicate quite easily
even though we did not fully understand each other’s language."
-- Jan Lamprecht (2015)

This video is by Jan Lamprecht, a man who has done more work towards the memory of Rhodesia than any man alive.
A true gem of a man.

Here is the book referenced at the beginning
Fanagalo: Phrase-Book Grammar and Dictionary by J. D. Bold

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