By Kyle Hunt:
I have seen Jason Kohne being promoted across the “pro-White” space for a few years now. I didn’t like him and didn’t trust him. I never really listened to him in-depth, given his associations, his MAGA hat, and the whole new lexicon he is always trying to promote. He just seems fake, and honestly comes off as an intelligence or law enforcement agent pretending to be a “fellow pro-White advocate.”

I did not know how aggressively he stands against so-called “jew hatred” until I saw this video uploaded to Bitchute by the unironic “Judaism is Based” channel.

I have seen Jason Kohne being promoted across the “pro-White” space for a few years now. I didn’t like him and didn’t trust him. I never really listened to him in-depth, given his associations, his MAGA hat, and the whole new lexicon he is always trying to promote. He just seems fake, and honestly comes off as an intelligence or law enforcement agent pretending to be a “fellow pro-White advocate.”

I did not know how aggressively he stands against so-called “jew hatred” until I saw this video uploaded to Bitchute by the unironic “Judaism is Based” channel.

How are we playing the villain by standing up for White people and exposing our enemies? Kohne is the real villain for covering up kosher culpability. He is also villainous for telling people to attack and destroy this website, seemingly through hacking or some other nefarious means. Who does that? It seems he (and possibly his masters) are not just concerned with eliminating the expose of Kohne, but also the years of hard work we have put in to exposing jewish supremacists.

Kohne tries to make it seem like only he and his crew have been effectively countering the anti-White agenda, and that Renegade is some kind of new-comer on the scene. The fact of the matter is that I have been an active voice in the alternative media since 2009 and one of the most successful promoters of the “White genocide” meme since 2012, leading the White Man March in 2014, and then exposing the genocidal lies of WWII to millions in 2015 with Hellstorm. I have many other accomplishments I could mention, but I should not need to prove myself at this point. If I was able to be up on popular social media outlets like Kosher Kohne, I would undoubtedly have far more followers.

The last thing I will mention is that Kohne apparently wants me to drive up to D.C. and meet him for a “conversation.” I would honestly rather not, considering all of the important things I have to do on a daily basis. Kohne is really not that important to me. However, I will meet him for a live video debate. If anyone wants to make that happen, I am more than game. I have not done one in a while, but this topic is very easy for me. Also, if Kohne is implying he would like to fight me, I can guarantee his combatives training (I have to assume he has had some in his professional experience) would be sorely insufficient with me. I just must request a ruleset (MMA, submission grappling, kickboxing, etc) and a signed waiver, as I do not want to be arrested and sued for beating this guy into a pulp. Oh, and it would need to be filmed so that you could all watch it too.

Full article: http://www.renegadetribune.com/jason-kohne-tells-his-followers-to-attack-and-destroy-renegade-tribune/

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Originally aired Nov. 14, 2020

Discussing the latest things on people's minds in the wake of the turbulent US election.

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5 months, 2 weeks ago

In this WilmsFront Feature for The Unshackled Tim interviews Jason Kohne from No White Guilt.

Jason's No White Guilt project promotes white wellbeing and white positive aiming to bring purpose, safety, and happiness to Westernkind. He hosts the Going Free livestreams, is a regular contributor to Mark Collett's Patriotic Weekly Review livestream and the author of numerous books on the topic of white wellbeing.

One of the most dangerous developments in the 21st-century is anti-white racism. Many young white people have accepted the white guilt propaganda brainwashed into believing they are responsible for all disadvantage of non-whites.

Jason and I chronicle the advances of the antiwhites, during our lifetimes, we have both witnessed the rise of anti-white discrimination which has now morphed into anti-white violence. It began with the Cultural Marxist takeover of western institutions which has led to the violent antiwhite street movements Black Lives Matter and Antifa. In nations like South Africa, it is now a fully-fledged white genocide.

We debate what it means to be red-pilled on race, what are the signs of antiwhite race self-hate and how to overcome the growing antiwhite presence in western society.

Jason lives in Virginia just outside Washington DC so follows US politics closely. I ask his opinion on Joe Biden's pick for Vice President in Kamala Harris which was based on race and gender, plus what a Biden Presidency would do to the white positive moment.

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Anyone white person telling you that you are obligated to vote for Trump because of something the dems will do is a fraud.

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Originally aired May 30 2020

A grand celebration of Jason’s standalone version of the mytho-poetic Prometheus Rising,

a new narrative for people of the West in the 21st century.

This extended episode featured musicians and artists who’ve done work for the book, prizes,

conversations on the deeper psychological and spiritual aspects of the book, and more.

Please see:


Loralee Scaife


Ezra St. White

Luke Mason of Imminent Reign


11 months, 1 week ago

Originally aired April 28, 2020.

Jared and Jason start by discussing Jason’s recent video (https://theafterparty.tv/2020/04/27/get-rid-of-all-the-whites-in-america-says-doctor-from-childrens-hospital/)

where a doctor in Texas states that eliminating whites would be a better way of ensuring people take vaccines.

This prompts a discussion on the twin white traits of freedom (the natural urge to resist tyranny, which perturbs this anti-white doctor)

and empathy (which has allowed the present state of affairs where an official can even utter such poisonous words)–

how these traits have been separated and must be re-harmonized.

Also discussed:

Martin Sellner’s street activism and recent statement

that there’s no action-oriented politics in the Anglophone world,

and some extras that weren’t discussed on the recent stream with Frodi Midjord about The Matrix,

including the notion that “humans are viruses.”

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1 year ago

A special Easter edition or TAP since so many of our people were on coronavirus lockdown at the time.

A mix of serious discussion continuing fro the previous After Hours on the fine lines with being overly intellectual,

questions about how to wake up friend and family,

anti-whiteism in American education,

and laughing over the advent of audience-generated "TAP-isms." Listen to find out what that means!

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1 year ago

Taking questions on the role of intellectualism and keeping it in proper perspective,

white women using sperm banks,

and more...

Originally aired April 7, 2020.
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1 year, 1 month ago

A check-in on coronavirus and also addressing maintaining one's integrity while online,

and women protecting themselves against men posing as love interests online.

Originally aired March 25, 2020.

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1 year, 1 month ago

Originally aired Feb 25, 2020.

Please see:


The TAP 2nd year birthday stream from a few days prior was such a parade of positive activity,

we decided to use this episode of After Hours to assess some of what we and our community had created or supported  in the past year,

roughly from February 2019 to February 2020.

Plus some hints at things to come.

The celebratory list of recent initiatives and victories from us and the wider circles for white wellbeing included:

Launch/growth of new streams: After Hours, It's Late Night Somewhere, and Going Free.

Jason's launch of NWG Collectibles site.

Collaborative Spring Incantation video.

Helping Mark Collett celebrate the 100th episode of TWOTAR and re-boot as PWR.

Jared's bounce back from Vox Adpocalypse, "The Banned" livestream.

Jared's Skits launch.

Help WPQ magazine launch (stream focusing on first issue), published in both issues thus far.

Jared's Red Ice series starts.

Laura and Mark's, We Were Never Asked (TAP stream on this ),Patriotic Alternative (TAP stream on this)

Launch the TAP TV site, break new ground with Entropy, as streams can be watched directly on this site when live. 

White Wellbeing Community vids launch, promoting Überfolk, Volk Dissident collab, promoting White Art Collective.

Jared's Who We Are collaboration video.

Jared and Porridge's Last Message to the West contest.

Jason's publication of Go Free, 2nd edition.

Jared published in New Agora journal, white positive crossovers with new subcultures.

International flyer drops. Past flyers in US mentioned on local news. Initiated by community members, only posted in legal areas. 

Matthew Drake’s video for Jason. 

Groypers, things spilling over into real life, conversation on demographics being pushed towards mainstream.

Upcoming  standalone publication of Jason's mytho-poetic book, Prometheus Rising, and subsequent and artists’ edition (expected Spring 2020).

Jared planning collaborative book project with Tony Vermont of White People's Press (later in 2020).

1 year, 2 months ago

Celebrating Two Years of streaming with some of our past guests! Originally aired Feb 21, 2020.

The amount of ambitious projects coming out from the creators in our circles

and positive testimonies were truly remarkable.


Frodi Midjord
Mark Collett
Daughter of Albion
John Q. Publius
Tim Murdock
James Edwards
Laura Towler
Semigogue (Oliver)
Jeff Winston of White Art Collective
Henrik from Red Ice & Millennial Woes

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1 year, 2 months ago

~On the continuing battle for self defense in Virginia, the Boy Scouts declaring bankruptcy, Salvini’s show trial in Italy, and more~

Please see

1 year, 2 months ago

Originally aired Dec 11, 2019:

Jared asks Jason some revealing questions about the creation and themes of his opus, Born Guilty,

which was released one year prior to this show.

Please see

1 year, 4 months ago

Originally aired Oct 31, 2019:

Please see this link for guest links:

Halloween fun featuring:



~Loralee Scaife~

~Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff of Red Ice~

~Jeff Winston of White Art Collective~


~Phil of Mimir's Brunnr~

1 year, 6 months ago

Originally aired Oct 29, 2019:

Jason tells Jared about a triumphant IRL event he attended and spoke at,

we discuss goings on,

play the Who We Are video live on air.

See https://theafterparty.tv/ for more!

1 year, 6 months ago

Hanging out with the audience and talking about the week where many YouTubers got strikes and deletions, but then YouTube reinstated some.

Connections to politics and community change you can actually effect.

Streamed Aug 28, 2019 on "Jared George" YouTube channel (subsequently deleted).

“It’s Late Night Somewhere” is a show done in the style of old late night radio programs, often featuring spontaneous conversations and more interaction with the audience.

The Great Order:

No White Guilt:

1 year, 8 months ago