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I am who I say I am Mark Alan King is King David Reborn .... I currently live in Arizona .... there is a world wide cover up .... this is the real reason for the world wide lock downs ....

(video credits to MrMBB333 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaVp-iXRPfiSxbkhmi56IHQ)

Legendary Arizona Skies Upon The Star Of King David Return

The State Of Israel Will
Suffer This Time For Not
Recognizing Me Again

Hezronite Royal Line King
David And Jesus Christ

And The Lord Shall Be
Supreme In The Firmament
Even Unto The Nether
Regions Of The Earth

All Of Your Curses On Me
Are Null And Void In The
Name Of Jesus

He Comes In The Name Of
His Father And The People
Still Do Not Believe

God Puts His Prophetess
Through The Furnace Of

King Hazeus And Ra Rule
Forever With Photon
Fathers Guidance

You Really Think You Got
It All Figured Out Dont

They Do Not Know What
Theyve Gotten Themselves

Im Laughing At How Dumb
All Of You Clever
Serpents Really Are

4 months, 4 weeks ago